What Color to Paint a Small Kitchen to Make It Look Bigger?

Sometimes, it can be tricky to choose the right paint color for a small kitchen. A few colors turn the atmosphere darker, which results in a cramped feeling in a small space. Plus, we also want trendy color for the space to elevate the appeal. So what color to paint a small kitchen to make it look bigger? These are the colors.

1. Basic Black and White Paint Color to Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

These colors will stay on trend for the next three years. However, the application can be a little different now. The alternative will be finishing your cabinetry as well as most of the walls with bright white color to give airy and more spacious feeling.

And then, Combine with black metal from the appliances and a little wooden hue to add balance and natural touch for fresh atmosphere. While the floors, they can be the combination of all with gorgeous pattern too to divert the attention from room size to the stylish look.

How to paint a small kitchen to look bigger
How to paint a small kitchen to look bigger. Image: familyhandyman.com

2. Wall Kitchen Paint Color with Light Grey Rocks!

This kitchen is well designed and planned. Its white wall makes a subtle choice that matches well with those grey cabinets. It makes the impression as if the kitchen is bigger than it actually is. It feels airy, light, and spacious, which are beneficial points a small kitchen can have.

In alternative, wood stain cabinet will look great with colors like cream. Pale blue or green as well as grey for the wall are great ideas to try too. It helps in reflecting more natural light which makes a room looks bigger.

What color to paint kitchen to make it look bigger
What color to paint kitchen to make it look bigger

3. Light Brown Hues Small Kitchen Paint Color

Light brown will make an excellent paint color for your small kitchen. The best thing about this color is it offers calm atmosphere, it feels relaxed, and it is organic and earthy. It makes a small space seems more airy and it is totally a benefit for a small kitchen.

You can practically pair this wall color with other bright hues like the pastels, and white. If you want bolder color for the cabinetry, you should consider using the lightest brown so it keeps the combination in balance.  

What color to paint a small kitchen to make it look bigger

4. Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Wall Color for Small Space

This color has been secretly a favorite pick when it comes to a kitchen. For a small one, it brings the outdoor atmosphere, airy ambience, as well as bright look of the space which is great to create a bigger room impression.

Then, for traditional feeling, match it with dark wood flooring and wooden countertop. For a modern touch, which is also great for a small kitchen, pair it with white cabinetry and probably add a little yellow accent here and there. It will divert your attention to the decor instead of the size.

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Wall Color for Small Space

5. Cobalt Blue in White Color for Small Kitchen Painting

This mini kitchen doesn’t look cramped or anything alike thanks to its brilliant finish. First, it gets the best and bright canvas, white hue. White makes it so easy for us to match it with any other color plus it reflects the sun light so brilliantly and creates airy atmosphere.

Next, Second, the entire cabinetry is then finished in powder coat in cobalt blue which is bold, vibrant, and eye catching, diverting the attention to the room styling instead of the size. The combination makes this kitchen a vibrant and stylish room with fresh feeling in it.

Small kitchen paint color with cobalt blue in white color

6. Dark Grey, Forest Green, and Flamingo Paint Color Ideas for Small Kitchen

This is probably the best recommendation to those who fail to decide on one or two colors only. Finish your cabinetry with dark grey color for subtle base of the kitchen, creating firm and bold feeling on the small space. Finished the backsplash in green and add this white hue to glue them all.

As a cherry on top, paint the upper cabinet with flamingo pink for a contrastive look and just because it is fun. While all those colors aren’t necessarily light, they actually divert the attention from the room size. Plus, it is bright enough to deliver a bigger room impression.

Color ideas to paint small kitchen to make look bigger
Color ideas to paint small kitchen to make look bigger

7. Lilac and Marigold Color Idea to Paint Small Kitchen

O this kitchen will be a lovely room to add in every house and apartment. It is small but it looks stylish and vibrant plus it looks spacious too somehow. The entire cabinetry is finished in lilac which is bright and light, a perfect fitting for a small kitchen that needs to look more spacious.

This color is then paired with marigold for one of the kitchen appliances for a contrastive point, which is effective in diverting the attention more to the decor. Both colors are bridged by terrazzo backsplash that adds the fun feeling in the room.

Lilac and Marigold Color Idea to Paint Small Kitchen

8. Pale Mint Green Color Ideas for Small Kitchen

This kitchen looks like coming from the mid century modern show room but somehow it looks chic as well as modern too. The kitchen uses mostly pale mint green which is a wise pick. It looks light and bright, making the small room seems bigger. This color alone is really nice to look at.

For deeper finish, the room also uses copper for accent, making it a little bit vintage and antique too. The kitchen looks stylish and the crisp lines make sure you get all the best space for manoeuvring every day.

Small Kitchen Paint Color Ideas

9. Honeybee Yellow Paint Color Ideas for Small Kitchen

This kitchen feels like summer, and while it is actually small, it feels airy and more spacious. The cabinetry is finished in bright yellow that reminds us on the delight of being at the outdoor. In an instant it makes the room seems more airy.

These white cabinets are then paired with backsplash dominated in blue hue and white, which reminds us on the beach and the blue sky. This room now feels fresh and we won’t mind on the size at all. To be honest, there is still so much space in the room with this setting too.

Yellow paint color ideas for kitchen small space

10. Pale Light Green, White, and Gold Color Ideas for Kitchen Small Space

This is actually a designer kitchen. It is very small with not much space left, but no one ever complained about the room size. The base cabinet is all finished in very pale light green and this color is the paired with sleek white hue.

While the combination is already light, airy, and bright, this kitchen also features gold color finished cabinet door and drawers handles. This color adds sophistication and exclusive touch on the entire concept, making this kitchen looks more spacious and classy.

Green, White, and Gold Color Ideas to Paint Small Kitchen to Make it Look Bigger

Finally, How? Do you have new inspiration? From here, you may have no more problems answering questions, what color to paint a small kitchen to make it look bigger? Hope this article can help you.

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