Various Themes for Small Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is not only a working room for a mother to cook but also a comfy place to gather around with the entire families. Most of the discussion and sharing session among the member of the families happened in the kitchen. In brief, you can say that the kitchen is the center of the house. It is not much if you are given special look to your small kitchen to living up the atmosphere of your kitchen.

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There is nothing more than farmhouse style that can give a warm and comfortable feeling to your kitchen. For those of you who want to apply this style into your small house but don’t know where to start, you can find the information about various themes for small farmhouse kitchen ideas after reading this article. MOST POPULAR SMALL KITCHEN FARMHOUSE DESIGN IDEAS

1. The Modern Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse design can be the best choice for fresh style to renew your old kitchen. This style combines the modern design and farmhouse aesthetic value. The art and beauty of the farmhouse present the coziness for anyone who sees it. In order to create the modern farm house design, you have to consider some important points. They are the color, material, and element.

A. Color

The color used in the modern farmhouse design is the neutral colors. You can select white, off-white, beige, grey, beige and more. The use of secondary color such as brown, black or teal also can be used for the furniture or the cooking set. The light and bright colors become the main character of modern farmhouse design.

White modern farmhouse kitchen decor and design ideas

B. Material

Remember to use the natural materials for decorating or furnishing the farmhouse kitchens. You don’t have to use full wooden materials in the farmhouse kitchen. You can limit the use only on the top part of the furnishing base and the kitchen island. The wood creates the warmth to the kitchen’s atmosphere.

C. Element

The last point of modern farmhouse design is the element. The elements mean the accessories and lighting style used in farmhouse design. Choose the antique kitchen accessories as the main part for styling your farmhouse kitchen. Another option is industrial accessories. You may choose between these two styles to decorate your kitchen.

Modern farmhouse chandelier kitchen white

2. The Rustic Farmhouse Design

You can decide to decorate your small kitchen with the rustic farmhouse design. The word rustic means a rural area. It can give a clue on imagining the look of rustic kitchen style. The highlight of this kitchen style emphasizes the use of rustic decorations and furniture. It doesn’t matter even when you have a small kitchen to work on.

A. Rustic Decorations

The kitchen decoration which is made of wooden, glass and fabric can be the best choice to start your rustic farmhouse kitchen. There are many kitchen accessories in rustic styles can be bought through online and offline stores. The wooden kitchen signs can be a great addition for your rustic kitchen. Other decorations are also available, such as burlap tablecloth, glass Mason jar, ceramic table vase, and more.

Rustic farmhouse small kitchen decor ideas

B. Rustic Furniture

The main character of the rustic design is that it emphasized on nature. The natural elements can be the perfect choice for rustic furniture. You can choose handmade furniture which is made of raw wood, stone or heavy wood to be placed in your rustic farmhouse kitchen.

Small space rustic farmhouse kitchen decor ideas

3. The Amber Farmhouse Kitchen

The amber kitchen can be the next theme for your farmhouse kitchen ideas. This theme spots in the use of the orange color and the dark wood as the perfect mix. The orange color and dark wood will remain you with the shade of the rural life. If you don’t like the shade, you can place some modern wooden furniture to create a clean and artistic look for the amber farmhouse kitchen style.

Modern farmhouse kitchen furniture design ideas

4. The Minimalist Farmhouse Kitchen

The concept of minimalist farmhouse kitchen is on the use of simple accessories and decorations. This is a way to give simple look to the small farmhouse kitchen style. Try to choose the plain accessories with soft color to decorate the farmhouse kitchen. You can place the paneled floor as the accent of the kitchen. Don’t hesitate to place your wooden kitchen utensils in the wooden basket that covered with the linen cloth.

Minimalist Farmhouse Kitchen decor

5. The Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen

For those of you who want to a special theme for our farmhouse kitchen, maybe you can try the Mediterranean farmhouse kitchen style.It is a style in the interior design which takes the mix of Italian, Arabic,Venetian, and Spanish arc. Most of the Mediterranean style uses blue and white colors as the perfect combination. It can make your kitchen looked elegant yet fantastic.

The use of pattern ceiling as one character of Mediterranean makes people falling in love with this style. Another style of Mediterranean is seen on the use of the wood element in the kitchen. It will make a harmony with the farmhouse kitchen which spots on the use of wood as the main kitchen’s furniture. You can use the brick for the wall and parquet for the flooring.

Mediterranean Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

6. The Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

Classic is classy. If you want the original farmhouse kitchen design for your small kitchen, you can start it with the white color.  Nothing goes wrong with white color. Choose the white color as the highlight of the color of the furniture. It can be a good starting point to design your classic farmhouse kitchen. Don’t hesitate to choose light yellow as the color of the wall to make it bright.

The use of fabric in front of storage also can be used to sign the classic farmhouse style. If you love to make handmade quilts, don’t be shy to show it as the table decorations for the dining set.

Classic vintage farmhouse white kitchen design ideas

There are various themes for small farmhouse kitchen ideas that can be picked as a guideline to give style to your kitchen. Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t apply various themes to your kitchen. Choose one idea that can make your kitchen as the heart of your comfortable house.

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