Tips on Arranging Tools in a Small Kitchen, Turn It into Smart Kitchen

A small kitchen can be a nightmare if it is not well arranged. The small space left will not be enough to cook. Too many tools and ingredients in a non-organized way will make you feel that your kitchen is getting smaller. So, is there any solution for this? There are so many creative ways you can try to organize your small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Arrangement Ideas Spaces

1. Store the Goods

  • Baskets

The easiest thing that you can try to organize your things in your kitchen is baskets. You can put similar things into one basket and then arrange them into your shelves. This will make your small kitchen neater and you can also get the thing faster if grouped like that.

  • Use Your Front and Back Door

If you install a kitchen cabinet in your kitchen, it is a good start. However, to maximize the space, you can use the front and the back side of the cabinet’s door to save things. You can put small shelves there and organize some light-weighted things such as small mason jars for spices.

  • Hang or Stack the Things

Start to hang things to save some more spaces. You can hang the pans and also the cups. By hanging them, you have more space under the things that you can use as another saving-space.

Besides of hanging, you can stack the pans or anything that can be stacked out. In stacking the things, you may find the difficulties in getting the thing when you need it. You should undo the stack, take the one that you will use, and put the stack back on. To make it easier, you can install dividers between each thing.

Wall store hanging tools organizing small kitchens


  • Glass Canisters

To make it easier for you, put the spices, sugar, salt, coffee, tea or any small things in glass canisters or mason jars. You can take them by just looking through the glass. Furthermore, you can get a nice decoration if you put them on a shelf.

Canister sets for kitchen counter tops

  • Neatly Separate the Cutleries

Put the cutleries in one place will make it looks untidy. Neatly separate your cutleries and you can take the one that you need in no time. Maybe it seems that you need more space for this, but actually, you use the same space as if you don’t separate them.

  • Magnetic Bar

You can put the tools made of iron in a magnetic bar. Don’t just put them randomly but arrange them by type and size. For example, you can organize the knives from the biggest to the smallest, then you can put iron ladle, spatula, and anything iron-based.

  • Put Some Hooks

You can save more space by putting some hooks on your wall, cabinet door, or even the side of your cabinet. Then you can hang everything you want including towel and cutting board.

  • Pegboard

You can turn kitchen appliances into a nice decoration by hanging them in a pegboard. Just arrange them in a way that artistically seen. However, don’t forget to put the most-used tool in the part that you can reach easily.

Pegboard for small kitchen organizing


2. Creatively Maximizing the Space

  • Use Kitchen Sink Drawers

This is an ultimate way of saving space, especially in the area of your sink. Don’t put the cleansing sponge just near the tap. Make a small drawer right in front of your sink then, put the sponge there along with rubber gloves and dish soap. This way will keep your sink clean.

  • Put a Board Over the Sink

You can take advantage of your sink by putting a board over it. That way will give an extra place to chop your vegetables. If you want, give a little drain space over the sink so you can directly put the vegetables after wash it.

  • Trash Can and Pocket Organizer Under the Sink

The space under the sink is usually just left like that. You can put a small trash can there so your trash can will not be accidentally kicked because of your small walkway. You also put pocket organizer to store washing suppliants such as dish soap, hand soap, and some brushes.

  • Rolling Shelf

When you have a shelf that a little bit deeper, you may find the difficulty to reach the thing that is pushed far to the cabinet wall. To solve this, you can use a rolling shelf inside the deep shelf. Then, you can just pull the shelf. Take the thing you want, and push it back.

  • Shelves Under and Over

Put other shelves inside your shelves and you can get more spaces to put your things rather than just one shelf. How about hanging shelves? Yes, you can put more shelves over the hanging shelves and also install the shelves under that hanging shelves.

  • Lazy Susan Cabinet

This cabinet can be installed in the corner of your kitchen, whether it is a small or big corner. This cabinet will have a turning door so you can maximize the cabinet to save more things.

  • Use Rolling Tray as Storage

If you have a rolling tray, don’t just put it there. You can use it as an extra space for keeping your things. You also can put some hooks in some sides of it to hang napkin or anything that can be hung.

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3. Stay Beauty

  • Group Based on the Colours

Group the things based on the colors so you can fell extra space in the kitchen. Not only that, you can have some decoration with the arrangement of things in the same colors.

  • Well-Lighted

The key if you want to give your effort of organizing small kitchen success, you should make the kitchen well-lighted. This way will make everything brighter and roomier than before.

Whatever the way you want to choose to organize your small kitchen, just remember the most basic rule about it. Don’t overstuff your kitchen because although the kitchen is well organized, to many things will make your kitchen feel smaller. Get your creative brain ready and arrange your kitchen now!

Small kitchen organizing tips to look bigger


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