Tips and Tricks for the Small Kitchen Wall Painting

When you are building or renovating a house, the kitchen becomes the most important besides the bedroom and living room. All house usually will have a kitchen whether it is a small or big. When you have a small kitchen, you may want to have the kitchen looks bigger and not cluttered. There are many tips for making your kitchen looks big, one of them is the painting.

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1. Use White Colour

The white colour is always believed can create an optical illusion in the room and make it look bigger. It also makes the kitchen looks more clean and brighter. The white colour is always associate with light, cleanliness, and softness. It is also could enhance the natural night and make it looks like a larger space. If you don’t really like white-white, you could use an alternative colour such as ivory.

Small kitchen wall white color painting

2. Make it Less Boring by Combining Other Colours

So, you have decided to use white colour for your kitchen, but you don’t want to be too monotone only using one colour. The combination of colours could be applied for the kitchen cabinet, countertops or backsplashes. Try to combine the white colour with only one or two other colours to avoid too busy feeling for your small kitchen.

What is nice with white colour is that you could combine it with any other colours that you want. But there are some recommendations if you want to combine it with other colours for a small kitchen. You could combine white walls with off white for your countertops or backsplashes and add the touch of other natural colour to your wood furniture.

Another calming combination will be white walls with mint green cabinets and turquoise colour for the floor or rugs. If you want to have a standout kitchen, you could combine white wall painting and add yellow or green as the colour for the cabinets. Monochromatic kitchen style could also be applied in the small kitchen, combine white walls with black cabinet and furniture to create this style. Add bold colour such as red stove or microwave to give more dimension.

Small kitchen design ideas with wall painting natural wood furniture and green cabinets

3. Anything but White

Do you want something different for your kitchen since you feel white is just so ordinary? You can try other colour combinations that will make your kitchen looks lively yet bigger.

  • Grey tones.

Grey is considered a neutral colour and uses to give a calm atmosphere to your kitchen. Paint your furniture cabinets to light grey colour and combine it with a darker shade of grey for your backsplash. Use a lighter shade of grey compared to those two shades for your countertops. You will have three different shades of grey colours that make your kitchen doesn’t look boring but give more space dimension.

  • Combine Grey with Other Colours.

The kitchen is believed as the busiest room in the house. You do lots of activities in the kitchen such as cooking, having your meal, or even going through to the bills. To make the kitchen looks calm, grey colour is one of the best options. You could combine with other colours such as yellow, navy blue, pumpkin or raspberry to make your kitchen look bold and chic.

Grey and combine with other color for small kitchen

  • Use earthy colour.

Nowadays, people are also interested in earthy colour for their kitchen design. You could apply the limestone colour for the backsplashes combine it with the blue granite or light brown marble countertops and add the light brown cabinets to get this earthy colour combination look for the kitchen. For the wall, you could apply beige, pale or light khaki or grey-green colour to match with the earth tone palette.

  • Red, orange and light brown.

It’s not always safe neutral colours that you could choose for your kitchen. So, don’t be afraid to play bold colours for your kitchen. Use the light brown marbles countertop and combine it with red cabinets for upper and lower part. Give a little bit of orange colour in the window frame for the dramatic effects.

A pale colour palette is one of the best tips to be applied in the small kitchen. Use the pale palette for the wall and cabinet to trick the eyes since it is reflecting the light and make space look brighter and bigger.

Another tip for the colour combination is to choose the colour tone that still in the same family which means not too contrast. Huge contrast colour combination sometimes can make the boundaries of the eyes and make the kitchen look smaller. Use a combination of soft grey and add shades of green for a soft look kitchen.

Red cabinet for small kitchen white wall

4. Apply the Same Colour for the Trim and the Walls

Applying the same neutral colour for the trim and the walls will create the effect of a taller ceiling and it will make the room looks spacious. However, you could also paint your walls trim and crown moulding in lighter colours than the colour of your walls.

Always make sure that the colour that you use still in the same family colour palette and avoid any huge contrast colour. If you choose white for your colour tone, don’t be afraid to add the colour for your crown moulding. You could still use the neutral colour such as light grey as the highlight.


5. Keep It Light and Bright

Natural light always makes the room looks spacious and airy. The ceramic tile for the backsplash or floor, shiny marble or stainless-steel countertops will reflect the surfaces and strengthen the natural lights in the kitchen. If you have a window, always maximize the light by installing the blinds that will not block the light.

If you don’t have any window in your kitchen, the suitable lighting could be the solution. You could put pendant lights at the kitchen island to add the ambience. Or try adding light at undercabinet which not only will help you more to see clearly while cooking but also make the room feels larger.

Decoration the small kitchen is not as difficult as it seems. The right colour combination, the perfect lighting and the efficient furniture are important to make it appear larger. Use these above ideas and have fun to decorate your kitchen!


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