How to Make Efficient and Space Saving Tiny Pantry Organization

Organizing a tiny pantry is often a difficult challenge to finish. There is too little storing space and there are too many items to store. But, it is still possible to do it successfully actually. If you need some tips on this situation, you better read along here for some tiny pantry organization guide.

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Tiny pantry organization
Tiny pantry organization

1. Organize Your Supplies

There are several kinds of supplies in a pantry, and it ranges from canned products to fresh goods. All of them come in different size and shape. This variation can be overwhelming so you need to sort it out and make them more storable.

Canned goods will need to be stored as it is of course. However for items like pasta, grains, flour and other items are possible to be stored on container. Cans and bottles are possible to be stored without using too much space using its own organizers or holders, and smaller items can be store in drawers with dividers.

You will need the right help of organizers to sort this out. Several items are popular and you should consider using them. Clear containers are often stackable so it should be space saving. You can also use cans container that actually pile them with easy access to the can too.

You can also use other containers like bins and baskets to store goods with awkward shape like the fresh goods and snacks with bags. There are organizer options as well like wire baskets, spice jars, and wall hooks to hang items. Use them.

Organize Your Supplies
Tiny pantry organization ideas. Image:

2. Assign Your Supply

Now you have your supplies on its organizers. Before putting them into the pantry, you need to assign them all. Assigning your supply needs to be done in a few ways. First, you should categorize the items. Which one is more frequently used? Which one is needed on daily basis?

Soon, you will find your items into groups. You have items you rarely used. You have items you need to use every day. And there are items that you use occasionally. Leave them in this group and examine if there are other kind of categories that you may need to add.

Tiny Pantry Organization Ideas Assign Your Supply

3. Sketch Sections for Your Pantry

This is also a necessary step you have to do. You can’t just put everything inside the pantry to get over with. To decide wisely, you should look at your possible storage space, and draw a sketch or compose a list on what goes where.

Normally, people will put most frequently used items in shelves that are within easy reach. Choose shelves that are on your height. It makes sure the items are at most convenient access and it reduces your daily hustle. Sometimes, you also need to expose them more.

You can put items you rarely used or need on the higher shelves. It makes sure shelves that are within your reach store stuffs you have to find fast. Plus, it should be fine to reach into the higher shelves every once in a while. It isn’t very often though that you have to make the effort to climb.

As a tip, kids’ snacks are often stored on the lower shelves where they can reach them easily. It makes sure they don’t have to ruin your system, and they don’t have to deal with items like small appliances that can put them into danger. 

Sketch Sections for Your Pantry
Tiny pantry organization

4. Put a System

Yes, even a pantry will need a system. On each shelf, you need to consider its accessibility. It is often the most problematic issue in a pantry. You may put your items on an organizer, but without a good system, it is often beyond your easy reach. You need to prevent this from happening.

Examine on your organizers and the available space. You need to decide how many containers should be placed, and where the lazy susan should be put. Can you pile high or should you use riser and under shelf to help? What items should be in front, and what items can go to the back?

Many people find it hard to invent the system. To make it easier and faster for you to decide, you should try reenacting the system. Put them as you design, and try if you need to revise some part of it. Remember, a tiny pantry often comes with narrow access too.

Your system should provide you the best access in which you don’t have to bump into items and make them fall from your storage. This access should allow you to store back easily and get items fast without a hustle. It takes a while to work on it but it is worth the effort.

Tiny pantry organizing ideas

Tiny Pantry Organization Ideas

It is maybe hard at first to imagine how to do those steps. If it is helpful, you can look at several tiny pantries that are well organized and well systemized. It doesn’t only help in storing and getting item, it actually empowers the entire kitchen system. Take a look at these ideas:

  • Next to the Laundry Pantry

This pantry is really tiny as it comes only with four shelves and three drawers. The shelves are wide and tall enough while the drawers are shallow. The drawers make the best place for smaller items, while the shelves are great for bigger supplies.

Next to the Laundry Pantry
Tiny pantry organization
  • Pull Out Drawer Pantry with Extra Bin

This tiny pantry has the best system and organizing. First, each item has its own containers if it needs be. They are put in a good system where everything important is within reach. This pantry also features a large bin on the bottom where you can toss everything that you need later or items with awkward sizes and shapes.

Pull Out Drawer Pantry with Extra Bin
  • A Tall Tiny Pantry

Located conveniently next to the fridge, this pantry is a picture of efficient and effective organizing and system. There are four shelves that are enhanced with organizers to store the items, and it has three drawers in different sizes to cater the needs of storage space size. Plus, it is finished in gorgeous tosca shade which makes it stunning.

Tall Tiny Pantry

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