Awesome Top 10 Tiny House Pantry Ideas That Actually Fit a Lot

Having a tiny house is a lot of fun, but packing supplies and trying to fit them all in a pantry can be tough. There seems to be too little space to store in the house. It is true until you learn the trick. If you need some inspirations, these tiny house pantry ideas should change your life.

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1. Vertical Pantry with Wheels

While it actually works so well in any size of kitchen, this vertical pantry is actually a perfect fit for a tiny house kitchen. It fits in a small gap, and it offers enough storing space at the same time. It is completed with several layers of open shelves where you can store your supplies.

To make it easy for you to store and to access the supplies, this pantry is provided with wheels. You can pull it out and push it in back again anytime without a hustle.

Vertical Pantry with Wheels

2. Slender Pantry with Many Shelves

This slender cabinet makes a perfect pantry for your tiny house pantry ideas. It is narrow enough to be put in a small space, but it is tall enough too to offer more than enough storing space. When you open the cabinet door, you will find six layers of interior shelves.

With the help of the right organizers and containers, you can store a lot in here. Meanwhile, storing back and taking out items don’t need a lot of space too, thanks to the door dimension. Plus, it looks really good too.

Slender Pantry with Many Shelves
Tiny house pantry ideas. Image:

3. Small Wall Cabinet

This cabinet isn’t only narrow enough for a tiny kitchen. It is also shallow enough so it won’t make your space felt cramped at all. The three layers of shelves should be enough to store your supplies, and it can contain more if you use the right organizers.

To maximize the space usage, it is also a great idea to use the back of the cabinet door area, especially if there is a gap between the door and the shelves. You can add hooks or organizer set, and you can even store your cooking utensils there then.

Small Wall Cabinet
Tiny house pantry ideas

4. Old Crate Shelves

This tiny kitchen doesn’t only look neat and tidy, but it is also a lively one. Instead of using the usual pantry cabinet, this tiny kitchen uses crates and attaches it over the kitchen windows. It makes a decent storage for the fresh goods and it can be used for other things too.

With a little addition on it, like a reel or a kind, it should be safe enough to store your spice bottles and jars too, wine bottles, as well as other pantry supplies. It is cheap enough and it gives you a gorgeous rustic look.

Tiny house pantry ideas

5. Open Shelves Here and There

This tiny kitchen has one of the best looking pantries. Instead of the usual cabinet, this kitchen is enriched with many open shelves. Several are added on the kitchen wall and the rest is over the kitchen cabinet supported by several small poles.

These open shelves will store many supplies nicely. You need to secure them with organizers, but accessibility will be totally nice. Once you fill the shelves with supplies, your kitchen will look even more alive and you won’t possibly need any décor.

Open shelves tiny house pantry
Tiny house pantry ideas

6. Horizontal Tiny House Pantry Ideas

This horizontal pantry cabinet is also a good idea to try. It can be fit into any space or room you can possibly have, and it doesn’t have to be big or anything. While the shelves should store your supplies nicely, you can use the top as an open shelf.

The other great thing about this pantry is that it is actually provided with easy access for the supplies stored. You only need to pull out the clear shelves to take out the supplies, and you only to push it back in to close the pantry.

Horizontal Tiny House Pantry Ideas

7. Pantry in the Stairs

If you are trying to add some supplies on your tiny kitchen, your cabinet is probably off limit. It is mostly because your small appliances are already there. For a pantry, you should consider using the space available beneath the stairs. It is still a potential spot for a pantry.

The highest stair can be transformed into a pull out pantry with tall but narrow shape. It should cater several layers of shelves for storage. Make other stairs space into cabinet or open shelves. They will be highly accessible while it is safe enough and neat too.

Pantry in the Stairs

8. Wall Open Shelves with Rectangular Container

This kind and shape are actually one of the best options for a tiny kitchen. Open shelves are a flexible one. You can add it in any available space. If the space is narrow enough, the shelves should be made to fit.

To fit your supplies and secure it from falling around, it will be best to contain them with boxes, baskets, or any other rectangular organizers. It keeps your tiny kitchen neat without obstructing the access to your supplies.

Wall Open Shelves with Rectangular Container

9. Side of Cabinet Shelves

If you don’t have any more room, or if you already use your wall for something else, it is a wise idea to use the side of your kitchen cabinet. It is still considered a potential storage space anyway, and there are several ways to use it.

Hanging your supplies containers is a possible alternative, while adding shelves on it is also a great idea too. It gives you more space which also means more items to store, and it doesn’t make your tiny kitchen cramped.

Side of Cabinet Shelves

10. Above and Under the Cooking Top

Of course, this is the most logical spot for a tiny house pantry ideas. Add shelves or cabinet just above your cooking top, and complete it with storage under as well. It doesn’t only allow you to have a convenient access to your supplies, but also to sum up your kitchen in one spot only. To keep it clean and organized, get some containers like baskets to jars and other things. It gives you clear sight on the supply while it is space saving too.

Above and Under the Cooking Top

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