These Tiny Home Kitchen Storage Ideas are Brilliant!

Tiny home kitchen can be a real challenge when you think about the storage. At first, we don’t think we have enough space for a proper storage, but it actually has a lot! You only need the proper storage and the proper setting to do it. Steal the following superb tiny home kitchen storage ideas to work it out:

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1. Tiny Kitchen Organization with The Cube Shelves

This shelf is the answer for so many things in this tiny house kitchen. It houses 18 cubes for your dry supplies from pasta to everything in your mind. It also has LED strips on it on the under part, and it houses the electrical outlets.

To add even more of the charm, this shelf is strong enough to store your small appliances, dining wares, and even more décor to keep the space alive. It reduces your need for a pantry, it looks good, and it works like wonder in this tiny space.

Tiny Kitchen Organization with The Cube Shelves

2. Above Windows and Doors Floating Shelves for Tiny Home Kitchen Storage Ideas

When it comes to tiny space, you can’t waste any available spot at all. It means you must include the space above those doors and windows. It can be a little awkward before, until you get the right size of floating shelf for each of the space.

Now you can store stuffs you don’t need everyday like spare towel, tableware, and other knick-knacks. It will be easy to store and reach those stuffs, but your space will be neat and tidy. Plus, it isn’t hard to add these shelves. 

Tiny house kitchen storage ideas

3. The Pegboard Trick for Tiny Home Kitchen Storage Ideas

This old little trick still works to today. Lay out a sheet of peg board right on the back of your kitchen door or just above your stove if you still have the space. Add some hooks on it and hang your cooking utensils, paper towel, measuring cups, and more.

It gives you an easy access to those stuffs while you can actually clear up some space in your tiny home kitchen. If even Julia Child approves this trick, you will too. So, give it a try.

Tiny kitchen organization ideas with the pegboard trick

4. Storage Ideas with Full Shelves Above the Kitchen

This super tiny home kitchen storage ideas has everything to be efficient. If you look closely, you can see that they add a full cabinet with shelves in it above the stove. If you open the cabinet, there will be shelves in it and on the back of the door.

You can keep your cups and plates and more in it. Once you are done, you can close the cabinet back. So it is clear, the cabinet offers even more space you can imagine so you can keep your kitchen clean more than you know. 

Full Shelves Above the Tiny House Kitchen

5. Wire Basket Above the Tiny Kitchen Cabinet

Look up and find this space. Commonly, there are available gap between the upper kitchen cabinet and the ceiling. Don’t let this space goes wasted. You need to use every space, so this will be your next spot for storage.

You can always add woven, wooden, or wire baskets on top of these cabinets. You can fill the baskets with towels, cooking books, wines, soda bottles, and more. It is preferable to use wire basket so you can see what is in where, or you can label these baskets. 

Wire Basket Above the Tiny Kitchen Cabinet
Tiny home kitchen storage ideas

6. Tiny Home Kitchen Organization Ideas with Corner Storage

Even in a tiny house, there is always this wall space in the corner of the kitchen. It is impossible to add a shelf in it, but it isn’t impossible to transform it into storage space anyway. All you need is several metal bars and hooks.

Lay out the bars vertically, and add the hooks on each bar. Now you can hang your pots and pans, which are often too awkward in shapes to store them in a cabinet. It will be easy to grab them and it will be easier to store them back too. 

Tiny Home Kitchen Organization Ideas with Corner Storage

7. Wire Racks in Drawers Tiny House Kitchen Organization

Yes, even if you have many drawers in your tiny kitchen, you still need to enhance it. One of the most powerful ways is to add wire racks or organizers in it. It makes the most suitable organizer for dining ware drawer so you can store more plates and all in one drawer.

You need to custom built this, but it is totally worth the effort. It makes sure every space in the drawer is used ultimately so you clear up some surface in the kitchen.

Wire Racks in Drawers Tiny House Kitchen Organization

8. Pull Out Mini Pantry Ideas for Tiny Home Kitchen

Considering that your tiny home only has a tiny kitchen, this mini pantry will fit well. The size enables you to add it on a small gap between everything, and the storage space it offers is actually enough.

Add tiers of shelves on this mini pantry and make sure to consider the height of each tier carefully. It helps in maximizing the use of the space so you can actually store so many things inside it. Don’t worry, getting items will be a piece of cake here.

Pull Out Mini Pantry Ideas for Tiny Home Kitchen

9. Tiny Home Kitchen Storage Ideas with Campervan Booze Rack

There is no reason why you can’t have fun in your tiny house, including storing wine and all your favorite drinks in the tiny kitchen. This rack is originally for a campervan, but it is totally great to add in your tiny house.

It is just a small rack with space to store your bottles on top, far from reach and safe enough so they won’t tumble down. As for the glasses, you have custom built hanger for them right on the under part. It is efficient and safe just as it looks wonderful.

Tiny kitchen space saving ideas with Campervan booze rack

10. Every Vertical Matters for Kitchen Storage Organization

You may say that you already use all of your tiny kitchen walls, but when you still have more to store, this idea will solve it. Every vertical space, like this cabinet side, is actually an opportunity. You can use it for storage space too.

Add floating shelves to the top, paper towel roller, and maybe wire baskets too. You can store your important spices and ingredients for day to day cooking here, and make sure to use the under shelf part too. While it clears up more clutters, it actually makes your kitchen looks alive and aesthetic. 

Every Vertical Matters Ideas for Kitchen Storage Organization
Organization trick to adopt in tiny home kitchen storage. Image:

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