Things to Consider for choosing the Best Tile for a Small Kitchen

Decorating a small kitchen is a tricky thing to do. There are many factors need to be considered to make a small kitchen look larger than its real size. Some people don’t think about the details when it comes to the kitchen. In fact, it is a kitchen that makes a family gathering together to eat and talk to one another.

Therefore, you need to choose a special design and bring it into your kitchen. The right selection of tile will contribute a huge difference to the interior kitchen design. There are things to be considered for choosing the best tile for a small kitchen:

6 Tips to Choose Tile for Small Kitchen

1. Choosing the right size

Choosing the right size of the tile will give a big influence to the kitchen. It makes a small kitchen look bigger than the real size. Most people think that the small kitchen won’t look so good with the use of large tiles installed on the wall and floor. You don’t have to stick on that rule!

The use of huge tiles can give an advantage to the kitchen’s look. It will give fewer nat lines on the wall which will make the kitchen visually enlarged.

If you are falling in love with the small tile for your kitchen, you can have it by limiting the use only in the backsplash. A small space in your kitchen which you don’t expect a standing look for that area. You can use a mosaic tile for the decoration purpose. The mix of the right-size tile will give an amazing look to the kitchen.

2. Color concept

The color can make a kitchen alive. It plays an essential part to give a new look for the kitchen. You can choose different color tiles for the walls and the floor. But remember to choose the safe colors to create a bigger space for the small kitchen.

You can have natural colors and soft colors like white, peach, beige, or pastel for the wall. If you like a difference for the floor, you can consider to have light brown, silver or metallic, but not dark colors. You can think about the vice versa, the soft for the floor and the bright ones for the wall.

It is important to note that the lighter color will add of a spacious sense of the small room, so make sure you choose the light colors since it can give cleaner and brighter effect to space.

Colorful Tile for a Small Kitchen

3. The Materials for the Tile

There are many types of tiles. The range is so various in materials and textures. The selection of natural stone will add the elegance of your kitchen style. The natural stones, like marble, granite, slate, travertine, and limestone can elevate the atmosphere of the kitchen instantly.

If you are looking for natural materials for your kitchen that has a modest level of infiltrating, the option will go to the slate. The marble, granite, travertine, and limestone are the right chosen for the shining finish-look. The natural stone may cost a little bit higher than another material, but in the end, it is worth it.

The other tiles materials, such as wood, mosaics, glass or ceramic can be another option to view. Porcelain and ceramics are well-known choices which popular for its price and easy installment. As said before, the combination of mosaic and ceramic can give a spectacular ambiance for your kitchen style. Use the mosaics only for a small area and not for the major area in the kitchen.

White polished marble tile floor small kitchen


4. Tile Pattern

How is the best way to put the tile into the kitchen wall? Maybe this question crossed in your mind? You can lay the tile in the diagonal or horizontal pattern. Avoid laying the tile into a horizontal pattern because it will make the room looks bigger and fuller.

It will create an illusion for the eyes. It creates a bigger space than it should be. The diagonal or horizontal pattern will draw the longest dimension for the room. Choosing the tile design that can go along with the whole concept of your kitchen and floor tiles is the best rule of all.

Nice pattern archivo bakula tile for small kitchen walls

5. Backsplash tile

Adding the backsplash tile into your kitchen will make a perfect focal point for the look. Backsplash tile is installed on the back part of the oven or cooker. The function is to protect the wall from splashes of oil when cooking. Nowadays, the function of the backsplash become wider and most people love it as the decorative part for their kitchen.

Once you see the pattern and color, you will know why people love it as the decorative part for their kitchen. The backsplash kitchen is various in types and materials. You can choose it from the wide selection of ceramics, glazed tile, marble and more. The most favorite choice among all of the type will be Moroccan and Herringbone tile for its classy design.

You can choose another type of backsplash tiles from online stores or visit the offline store in your neighborhood.

Nice backsplash glass tile for modern small kitchen

6. Kitchen tile flooring

Kitchen tile flooring also contribute a great aspect to make a small room to be more spacious. The tile flooring comes in four basic options. They are porcelain, ceramic, wooden, and stone. Of course, the homeowner can choose one among these variations used as the tile flooring for the kitchen.

To add the dimension into the small space you can choose the large-size tile flooring. It can give a large illustration to the eyes. For those who love to add some art to the tile flooring, you can choose two-toned tiles in hexagon and combined it for the installment.

Small kitchen floor tile ideas


There are many things to be considered for choosing the best tile for a small kitchen. Don’t hesitate to conduct a little research before jumping into a conclusion. You can find many references as many as possible through the internet or home décor magazines. Things to be considered for choosing the best tile for a small kitchen are the size of the tile, the color of the tile, the materials used, the tile pattern, the backsplash tile and selection of the kitchen tile flooring. Hopefully, this information can help you to solve some problems in decorating a small kitchen to be the one of the most comfortable space for your family!

Tips to choose best tile for small kitchen

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