The Reasons Why You Should Prefer to a Small Kitchen Design

The Reasons Why You Should Prefer to a Small Kitchen Design

Having small kitchen doesn’t mean you cannot make most of it. Having small kitchen also doesn’t mean the limited space means nothing. On the contrary, tiny kitchen lets you understand how important every inch of the small space is. Don’t ever regret the tiny space of your kitchen because there are some great reasons you should prefer to a small kitchen design.

1. Less Wasted Food

The first reason to why you should prefer to a small kitchen design it there will be less food wasted. As the kitchen is small, you will not have plenty of space for the food storage.

That then results in making you occupy more space in your cabinets and also refrigerator. As the foods make their way into the refrigerator and the cabinets, the foods also finds their way out quickly again.

This is of course different from what happen in large kitchens. The large space available in such kitchen enables you to have big fridges and pantries.

You are then tempted to store more and more food as you know you have plenty storage to occupy. You are then more likely to end up forgetting the food or misplacing to go bad and to spoil.

A must ingredient for every small kitchen that should be known by the owner is the careful thought of: What will I utilize it for? Where can I probably fit this stuff? How long will this stuff occupy the space? Asking yourself those questions means you are making sure that nothing in your kitchen will get wasted, unused, and forgotten.


2. Every Kitchen Appliance Has a Purpose

As you have limited space in the kitchen, you have small counter space, tight cabinet space, and sometimes nonexistent space. In other words, you don’t really have lots of room to store dishes, food, let alone the kitchen appliances. Therefore, what you let to stay in the kitchen really has to get a spot.

Food processors, slow cookers, and many other appliance staples are of course necessary.

However, there must be useless kitchen gadgets such as garlic peelers, avocado slicers that never really make it into your kitchen at all.

Living in a tiny kitchen means that you need to edit the appliances of your kitchen as often as possible. It is surely intended that you always keep the most useful kitchen tools and discard the less beneficial ones in order to give enough space for others.

Editing the kitchen appliances also means that your kitchen will be less cluttered, cleaners, and of course more purposefully curated. Although the space is limited, every square inch of it is effectively occupied.

The Reasons Why You Should Prefer to a Small Kitchen Design Ideas

3. Tinier Kitchen Means Cleaner Kitchen

When you realize that you only have limited space in your kitchen, you cannot afford to let your kitchen unorganized or messy. Your kitchen countertop is really precious and you surely don’t want to clutter it with dirty dishes, mail, or any of your personal items. Cluttered kitchen countertop is surely not the view you want to have in your kitchen.

Meanwhile, the cabinets in the kitchen are also limited. This limitation can urge you to be able to organize the food, dishes, and kitchen appliances well.

This means that unorganized cookware and messy groceries will not be your choice. Also, the limitations of the kitchen size and the logistical challenges create a certain force to you to keep a more organized and cleaner space.

Even more, when it is the time to deep clean your kitchen during the season of flue or after a party, as the physical space that is available is smaller, it just requires less time to get back your desired spotless state. Having small kitchen is a blessing in disguise, isn’t it?

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4. There Will Be No Room for To Many Cooks in the Tiny Kitchen

Cooks must appreciate when their friends or family offer a hand in preparing the meal. However, having too many cooks in the kitchen is not a good idea.

In tiny kitchens, the space is really limited and is not able to accommodate too many cooks, maybe just one cook or two. This then makes the available space to be easier to control as well as to take charge during the preparation of the meal.

So, when later in the preparation of your Thanksgiving dinner you have many relatives or family members offer a help, you could just be honest and let your guests know that there is not enough room in the kitchen.

This also means that your tiny kitchen could fully be your domain. It is just another blessing in disguise, right?


5. You Can More Focus on the Specific Needs of Your Family

Every family, including yours, has certain preference and needs when it comes to designing kitchen and the utilization of the spaces. Therefore, you really need to ask yourself and also your family members about what you and they really want in the kitchen.

Is it more space to move around? Is it less cabinets? Is it tiny island only? Is it important to have a huge American Style refrigerator in the kitchen? While you are collecting the data of the preference and needs, you could start listing the most important things that you should have in the kitchen.

While you are trying to accommodate the preference and needs of you and your family members’, you could be more focus as you only need to manage small space you have in your kitchen.

You don’t need to do lots of measurement as needed in a large kitchen. As the result, you can also save up some time in doing the design for your kitchen. Therefore, small kitchen is never a problem because it provides you with this benefit instead.

After reading the reasons why you should be grateful for having small kitchen above, what is going to be your plan in designing your kitchen? Never underestimate the power of limited space in your kitchen. You can even benefit more from the limited space in your kitchen.

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