The Most Recommended and Popular Small Kitchen Design Ideas

For some people, having small kitchen is something to regret at. They may think that they cannot really do much with the limited space available in their kitchen area. Little do they know that the tiny space can let them utilize lots of creative design ideas. The following is out recommendation on the popular small kitchen design ideas.

1. Build a Breakfast Zone

Craving for a special nook for having breakfast with your loved ones in the limited space of your kitchen? Well, don’t worry! Here is the perfect idea! You need shelves that are adorned with bits and bobs that are matching. How about the dining table then? Well, go with a slim dining table.

Although slim, such dining table can still be roomy enough for you, your spouse, and your two children for having a dine together. However, if you really want to save up more space, you can go with fold-up dining table. If you wish to have a vintage touch to your kitchen, add a letter board with wise words written on it. Show that although the space is limited, you can still go unconventional.

Small kitchen breakfast zone with fold up dining table


2. Install one Window Shelf or Two

Another recommended design ideas for your small kitchen is by installing a window shelf or two. This design is adopted from the design of ravishing boho-bistro kitchen. The main piece you will need is shelves that are made from wood. Install the wood shelves skirt across the kitchen windows.

Install the shelves just where the kitchen’s patchwork tiles suit the classic subways. By doing so, you could get a beautiful effect. What is even the point of this shelving? Well, it is for not making the shelves restricted to the kitchen’s wall.

Window shelf for small kitchen

3. Cooktop in Countertop

Do you think you are a chronic cook? It will surely way nicer if you face your guests than facing your kitchen wall. Look at what the kitchen design of Lindsay, a food blogger from Pinch of Yum. She rejigged the layout of her kitchen.

She installed the cooktop in her kitchen’s countertop. This will create a nice dine with beloved friends! This kitchen design idea will be a perfect idea especially when you have limited space in your kitchen. Besides, this design idea is a great alternative if you have a bulky oven. Simply put the big oven on the cooktop installed in a large space whenever you need it.

Cooktop countertop for small kitchen


4. Occupy Bold Artwork

Do you know that graphic artwork has been blowing up Pinterest? It blows up Pinterest of course with good reason. The increasing interest in graphic artwork shows that you can actually embellish your kitchen wall without the need of breaking any bank. You can get an inspiration from Tiffany Leigh’s design.

She has an unexpected choice of combining graphic artwork with oven in her kitchen. The combination really infuses inviting and fresh vibe to her apartment. What is even greater from he design is the rental solutions that are smart! She decides to mask the kitchen’s tile using a colorful and gorgeous rug.

Wall art decor for small kitchen


5. Glass Means Class

Do you know that utilizing glass in your kitchen cabinets can add class to your kitchen? That way enables you to brag your beloved dishware collection. Don’t keep your collection closed! Show it off! To do such design ideas, refer to the small design idea by Toronto loft.

The designer involves glass that echoes the nearby armoire used by the homeowners to stash ends and odds. Besides, the designer occupies paned windows for the kitchen’s adjacent living are. One more thing that is so interesting from this kitchen design idea is the use of grey as the wall paint instead of simply white.

Glass door cabinet for small kitchen

6. Shelfing!

If you like shelfing, you must love this idea! Go to the internet and find 1930s cozy cottage in Cobourg! If you are flea market fiends, you will surely love it. The design of the cozy cottage involves a smart solution for small space by installing open shelves along with blingy hardware in a certain area of kitchen.

This design idea really provides great eclectic treasures display! In installing the open shelves, the designer made the L-brackets that look like a brass. However, they are actually painted in gold, while the shelves are made of walnut that is old.

Shelfing ideas for kitchen small spaces

Shelfing ideas for kitchen small spaces. Image:

7. Use Smart Storage Seating!

Do you know what is so great from scramble eggs to start your day in the morning? It is the marble in large format that is lookalike the porcelain tiles, a shiny apron sink and lacquered cabinetry for a special glamorous spot to enjoy breakfast in the morning. It is all about floating shelves!

Such shelves could make your kitchen feel more youthful and modern. Floating shelves are also space-spacers. Such shelves are just like the banquette that has storage underneath too. If you wish to occupy such design, you might need to think glitzy accessories, reflective surfaces, and also built-ins, don’t you think?

Wooden floating shelves for small kitchens

8. Find the Smart Plan!

When you think that everything in your kitchen is already aesthetic, you only need to work with a smart plan so that your kitchen, although small, can serve you many functions. You can even use your kitchen as a hardworking space. How can it be done? Easy!

You can try tucking your washing machine underneath your kitchen’s cabinetry to get the most efficiency. Then try to rearrange the dishwasher, microwave, and other kitchen appliances. To go through the arrangement of that stuff, the key is the planning.

Make sure you are working precisely with measurements. Always opt for streamlined and smaller kitchen appliances so that you can make most of the available limited space in your kitchen. Don’t go with big appliances because they can make your kitchen cramped, way smaller, and not comfortable.

So, who says that homeowners cannot do much with small kitchen? Limited space in the kitchen doesn’t mean limited ideas to have the best kitchen design ideas. Know your preference and need for your kitchen and choose the design idea that suits you best. Happy designing!


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