The Most Inspirational Tips on Setting the Dining Table in a Small Kitchen

Kitchen area can be described as the warmest area in the house, no matter what the size is. Why so? The answer is because all the family member should need to enjoy their time while relaxing during dinner, breakfast or lunch time. Always consider that there are lots of inspirational ideas regarding placing a small dinner or kitchen table around your kitchen area.

1. Choosing a Small Kitchen Table with Folding Design

There are some great ways for the idea of placing a small kitchen table in a limited kitchen space. You may try the folding table design which can be more practical to move everywhere around your dining room or kitchen area. For the small dining area, it is also possible to choose a dining table which comes with easy installed ledges design for the concept of the compact dining table.

Folding kitchen table small spaces


2. Dining Space with Slender Style

What you will need to have a concept of dining space with the slender design is by preparing some materials: the L-brackets and piece of wood. The steps: you need to have the empty wall installed with the ledge. Furthermore, the ledge should be paired with the stools, bear in mind the stools have a special design that will be neatly tucked and the position is under the bar.

Floating dining table for small kitchen

3. Put the Folding Table

The creation of a folding table usually comes with an ingenious design. A folding table can be completely folded against the wall, and it comes with other feature of storage to keep the keys. This design allows you to have morning coffee comfortably while the floor space is clean.

Folding table with storage for small kitchens

4. Choose the Rounded Shape Dining Table

When talking about dining table with round cafe design, it is about a dining table with small size; furthermore, you can make your dining table look stunning by setting it up with classic design as if you are having a cup of coffee in Paris. The choice of tables and chairs with petite size can be a good choice to save more space in the dining room area.


5. Save More Space with Drop-Leaf Table

For small space of the dining area, the choice of drop-leaf table can be a good suggestion since this kind of dining table with always save more space. Usually, it comes with more addition of counter space and the leaves feature that can be adjusted depending on how many people joining in the room.

Drop leaf kitchen table for small space

6. The Pedestal Table as a Good Option

Pedestal table can be a good choice for you since this is the table which has a design to allow more chairs because of the absence of corner legs space. There are various choice of the pedestal table ranging from the wooden center table with traditional style, or the modern pedestal table that comes with tulip style. The good point about this pedestal table is about how this table can be suitable for all kinds of kitchen design.

Pedestal table with drop leaf for small kitchen

7. Improve your Dining Room with Rounded Metal Table

The rounded metal table sized around 24 inches has lots of beautiful color designs. It made from metal as the main material and the price is quite affordable usually, so it will bring advantages for your small kitchen area since it will surely save more space with stunning design. The best recommendation for color choice is sunny yellow.

8. The Tripod Table in Your Dining Room

The classic bistro table with finishing touch of modern style will always become a great option for you since it has the leg design. For the color, you may choose warm walnut or lacquered white. The kitchen island can be a great choice for just a breakfast time, usually, this table comes with warm walnut or white colors;

Classic Bistro Breakfast table sets for small kitchen

9. Dining Room with Glam Look

If you think that farmhouse is your favorite thing, the choice of Cordova dining table in your dining room will be awesome, since it comes with the French country style and glam look. The main material is wood and it will surely make your dining room look stunning. You can have a great dinner during your dining time with your entire family member, or just simply spending time together by sipping coffee.

10. Dining Table of Zuo Olympia

Another great choice of the dining table is Zuo Olympia that will always match with your modern dining table style since it has a sleek appearance made from metal and stainless steel. That would be a great choice of your dining table to complete your dining table with an amazing style.

Zuo olympia dining table for small kitchen

11. Adding Dining Table of Eiffel

This dining table of Eiffel is another great concept of the dining table for your limited space of dining room. The table name was taken from Eiffel tower name since it has a wooden base and distinct metal as the main materials. The design is also completed by the circular top in white that will make your dining room looking bright when you place this dining table.

12. Bistro Look for Your Dining Room

The dining table of bistro can be a suitable choice of small-sized dining room since it made from metal and stainless material that has two options: gunmetal and galvanized. This dining table can also be used on your patio if you have a patio in your house.

13. Improve your Dining Room with Unique Style

If you want to have a unique style in your dining room, the choice of Mykah dining table is always right. It has a functional design and gorgeous style. Mykah dining table is a handcraft made by Indian artisan; the main materials are mango wood and iron. This table will surely look stunning when you place it in a corner of your dining room or when put it against the wall.

In short, as Sara Gilbane said “Dining room should be treated as a multipurpose room, especially for the homes with smaller space”. So, the layout and the setting of kitchen or dining area that comes with the most suitable dining table is always important to improve your kitchen and dining area.


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