The Best Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

Trying new ideas of small kitchen organization can be very challenging. One of the reasons why organizing things in your tiny   kitchen is pretty hard is because when you fail to make the best of the limited space, you can end up making your kitchen appear more cluttered than making it more organized. Therefore, to help you find the balance, we’ve got some best small kitchen organization ideas for you:

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1. Magnetic Spice Jar

Getting the best organization ideas can sometimes need a lot of times. We sometimes forget that the best organizing ideas for a small kitchen can only be the simplest one. If you are wondering what the simplest thing to get the best organization in your tiny kitchen is, you can start considering the use of magnetic spice jar. The use of this stuff can be a smart way to save on the storage.

What is more, the spice jars can be an additional accent to your tiny kitchen design. You can arrange the magnetic spice jar on magnetic surfaces like on your fridge. You can also pick up some magnetic paints and then place them anywhere you like in your kitchen.

Magnetic spice jars organization ideas for small kitchen


2. Kitchen Pegboard

Coming up next is kitchen pegboard as a great small kitchen organization idea. Why bothering adding another shelve in your kitchen to store your kitchen utensils while you can hang them on a kitchen pegboard? If you are currently looking for an idea for small kitchen organizer, going with a pegboard can’t get you wrong. A pegboard can perform many functions while at the same time it can be so stylish too.

A kitchen pegboard can be a great storing place for your pans and pots. However, you cannot just install any pegboard. Make sure that the kind of pegboard you are installing is the one that is strong enough to hold pots and also pans.

Therefore, find kitchen pegboard organizer storage and pegboard organization kit for the best strength. Don’t use any traditional pegboard as such thing cannot really afford the weight of pans and pots from a long time.

Pegboard organization kitchen ideas for small spaces


3. Under Sink Storage Shelves

You may have been lamenting how  the useful storage space located under your kitchen sink is wasteful. Lament no more! You can turn those unoccupied area to be a great space for your kitchen organization.

All you need to do is constructing an organizer under sink that can organize, manage, and store your kitchen utensils neatly. To build such organizer, make sure it expands and also adjusts to suit the dimension of the sink cupboard you have in your kitchen.

If you think you don’t have enough time to make the organizers, you can grab them online by checking on the online shop.

Under Sink Storage Shelves organization for small kitchen

4. DIY Drawer Dividers

A drawer can be a savior in your tiny kitchen. If you have been wondering what you can do with a tiny drawer in your tiny kitchen, you may have been known conventional drawer dividers. Go to the internet and find DIY drawer dividers founded by Flavia at Neat House Sweet Home.

Such drawers dividers are exactly what your tiny kitchen needs. Such drawers can be a problem solvers for the issues of your counter clutter because you can get a perfect place to manage and store all of your oversized utensils.

You don’t need to buy the dividers as you can make the dividers by your own. Make the dividers with the right size so that they can accommodate your storage need.

DIY Drawer Dividers for Small Kitchen Organization Ideas


5. Kitchen Measurement / Equivalent Conversion Chart Decal

How if using decal for your small kitchen? A decal too can be so gorgeous when you can get the right design. Insert a decal that can look perfect on particular bare space of your kitchen walls. Alternatively, you can also place the decal on one part of the cupboards, the inside one.

One of the ideas of this decal is using the inside part of a cupboard as those parts are kind of a waste of the available space. This idea is surely neat and super functional. This idea can also be a double whammy for your small kitchen. If you later decide to use this decal, make sure you choose the right color that can suit the other tones of colors that already exist in your kitchen.

Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart Decal Set

6. Dish Rack turned Counter Organizer

Here comes dish rack turned counter organizer that can be a perfect organizer for you small kitchen counters. Don’t let the tiny kitchen counters hinder you from finding the gear that you can use for working double time.

What is so great about this dish rack turned counter organizer is that this piece can serve genius functions: being a dish rack and also being a counter storage. This piece is surely a game changer for your small kitchen.

Moreover, if you are able to find a dish rack that looks stylish and suit the overall interior design of your kitchen, this dish rack turned counter organizer can be additional decorative item for your kitchen too.

Rack dish turned counter organizer

7. Canned Food Shelf / Gap Storage Shelf

Are you lovers of canned food shelf? How do you usually store them? Don’t you think the cans are space consuming? Are you looking for a new idea to store them? Well, you can try this canned food shelf or gap storage as a great and smart organization idea for your small kitchen.

Such shelf canned food shelf can even be greater when you are not able to build any pantry in your tiny kitchen or when you simply need an additional space in your tiny kitchen.

Such shelf or storage can be put in the area next to you fridge so that the awkward space there can be occupied. While providing you with extra storage, this shelf can also fill the awkwardness of the space next to a certain furniture piece in your kitchen.

Canned Food Shelf or Gap Storage Shelf

So, small kitchen too deserves the best organization. There are just plenty ideas of organizations for small kitchen. Pick the one that suits your need and preference best and go get them!


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