The Best Furniture for Tiny Kitchen You Should Know

Feeling annoyed by your small kitchens? There is no wonder that many people always imagine having comfortable and spacious kitchens. Many interior designers have asserted that choosing the right shade of colors will definitely make small kitchens look spacious. However, there are many other ways which can help to transform the small kitchens into larger rooms. One of the ways is by choosing the right furniture for tiny kitchens.


1. A Small Kitchen Hutch

People usually add a kitchen hutch as a decorative stuff. However, you can also use such a kitchen hutch as a functional storage. By using a kitchen hutch, you can use the space on the empty wall to display many kitchen stuff.

The top part of a kitchen hutch is usually fifty none inches wide, thirty-six inches high, and eight inches deep. Those spaces will be readily accommodating a beautiful view of the displayed stuff in the kitchen. As a suggestion, it will be better to arrange the kitchen stuff based on the uniformity. Meaning to say, you should pair the stuff with similar characteristics together.

As an example, you are supposed to put the rows of stemware, bottles of wines, and serving trays behind glass-front cabinets or open shelves. All of the arrangements should depend on the styles or characteristics of the stuff.

In addition, to keep the impression that the kitchen is spacious, it would be better to paint the piece of the hutch by using the same color as the color of the cabinets. By doing so, the piece will be likely the extension of the cabinets. Another way, you can also maximum uniformity by painting the unit of the cabinetry to match the color of other kitchen furniture such as the kitchen table.

Small Hutch Furniture for Narrow Kitchen

2. Consider the Kitchen Table Style!

An enjoyable dine usually needs a small table. The small table can be either rectangular or round. In this case, you should avoid the stocky and sturdy pieces. By avoiding such stuff, you can enhance the feeling of spaciousness in your kitchen.

Small kitchens are usually more suited to be completed by round tables. It is because such round tables will be able to provide more spaces to let more guests in than rectangular-shaped tables.

It is better to ensure that the table in your kitchen will be at least thirty inches in high. Further, you also need to make use that there will be enough sliding clearance among the edge of the table and the seating.

Another way of the tip which can try is by utilizing the counter space. The counter space may be either a center island or a peninsula. By involving such a counter space, you can create a modern dining atmosphere. The kitchen countertops usually need for about more than a row of bar seats to set a casual dining.

There is no doubt that such counter space table can be a great answer for a more spacious kitchen since you will be able to transform the small kitchen by being center or front and also turned into an empty spacious corner.

Another idea for the small kitchens. You may also consider using a table of casters. In the matter of versatility, it is indubitably that the table of casters will be very useful for small kitchens. You may use the table of casters whenever you need them and you can also roll them out when you do not need them. Not to mention, such stuff will be able to create a mobile kitchen island.

Round kitchen table and chairs for small space

3. Choose the Right Seating!

After talking about the suitable types of tables for small kitchens, you also need to think about the right chairs to complete the tables. It is inevitable that choosing the right chairs are very crucial pertaining to the overall designs and functions of the kitchens. As an example, you need to avoid choosing a bulky armchair to be set to the dining table.

It would be better to choose Lucite chairs or slender bistro chairs to lessen the space that the chairs will take. Moreover, a backless bar stool is also a great idea to be placed in such small kitchens since it will be easily tucked under the kitchen table.

Best furniture set for small kitchen

4. Choose Versatile Furniture!

The main point to make small kitchens feel larger is by saving the room as much as you can. One of the ways is by choosing kitchen storage furniture which can multitask. As an example, you should avoid placing heavy kitchen chairs.

You can replace those heavy kitchen chairs with a long wooden bench which also includes a hollow space. The hollow space will be perfectly useful for keeping kitchen stuff such as cloth napkins, tablecloths, placemats, and kitchen towels.

As stated before that choosing a kitchen hutch can be a great idea for small kitchens, such kitchen hutch can multitask. Besides being able to hold extra appliances and dishes in the small kitchens, the kitchen hutch can also display beautiful decorations or paintings to enhance the visual interest of the kitchen room. By applying such kitchen hutch, you may enjoy your time happily in the kitchen.

Moreover, you also need to have a compact kitchen cart or other kitchen storage furniture with the similar characteristics. By having such versatile stuff, you will be able to store baking supplies, spices, pans and pots.

Versatility folding kitchen table with storage

5. Downsize the Kitchen Appliances!

Another tip to creating more spaces in small kitchens is by downsizing all of the appliances which are placed in the kitchens. Despite the same functions and performs, the model of Europeans appliances is usually smaller than American appliances.

An under-counter refrigerator drawer is the best thing to have in order to save more spaces of the kitchen rooms. In addition, a freezer or refrigerator combo drawer which is installed in the cabinets of the kitchen is a very great idea for small kitchen solution.

Those are several items of furniture which are able to save more spaces in small kitchens. By having that furniture, you will be able to transform your small kitchens into more spacious rooms.


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