The Best Choice Cactus Arrangements For Small Home Decorations

Putting big decoration in a small room is a disaster, except the decoration has more than one function. Small house matches well with tiny decorations. No wonder, people easily point to cactus. It is a complete package: small, colorful, cute and beautiful. The only question is: how to choose and arrange them?

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A. Choosing the Cactus

Before starting the brainstorming about cactus arrangement, think about the types of cactus first. Even for new comers, at least they know that cactus has lots of varieties, right? The tiny plants have different height, size, complexity and colors. Make sure to buy the ones that could match to the overall ambiance.

1. Agave Blue Glow

For those who want a cactus that has complexity and vibrant color, this is a perfect catch. Being a hybrid of agave variant, this cactus variant is dominated in blue-green colors on its leaves. Another unique trait is the borders. On the tip of its leaves, there is red or yellow line.

Cactus Agave Blue Glow plant pot

2. Zebra Cactus

As the name implies, the house owners will see white stripes on the dark green leaves. The interval for the stripes are symmetrical. It would an eye candy for those who love perfect lines. Don’t be fooled with the shape though! Zebra cactus looks like the mini version of aloe vera!

Zebra cactus plant pot indoor

3. Burro’s Tail

While some cactus have long leaves, Burro’s tail is popular for its short but multiple leaves. They look like small chubby thorns. The color is light green with powdered look. Keep in mind that this plant will keep growing and the stem is not strong enough to support the leaves. If the house owners want the cactus, make sure to put it on hanging pot.

Burro’s Tail Cactus

4. Echeveria

Feeling a little romantic? Don’t worry, Echeveria got your back. This cactus has pinkish shade on the leaves, which make it more popular than the other rosette types. The shape of the plants resembles blooming rose, hence, the rosette.

Echeveria types succulents

5. Lithop Cactus

If the sellers mention something about “living stone”, then it refers to Lithop cactus. Unlike its other brothers, Lithop looks nothing like a normal cactus. It resembles colorful pebbles instead. People love it for the vibrant colors and beautiful flower.

Lithops cactus succulent plants

B. How to Arrange Them

Instead of placing the cactus in a pot given from the shop, there are better ways to arrange this tiny plant. It might take some effort to replant or re-arrange things, but the result won’t be disappointing.

1. Plant in Multiple Pots

Small plant that stands along makes it looks lonely. Grab several same size pots and put the cactus in them. The house owners could choose different colors for the pots, too.

Cactus pot ideas decoration

2. Make a Terrarium

There is one popular trend that includes cactus: a terrarium. The final product looks like a miniature of garden or even forest, with cactus as the center. The pot used is not just any other pots, but a glass bowl that has been cut diagonally.

Cacti terrarium diy glass bowls

3. Create a Cactus Platter

Even a small house, the corners might be too big for small cactus but too small for the normal plant. In this case, the house owners could grab a platter that could fit into the space. Transfer several cactus to the platter. Don’t forget to add small pebbles on the bottom of the platter.

Cactus platter small home decoration ideas


4. Line Them near The Window

Cannot find a place to put the tiny plant? Take a look at the window and see if there is extra room. Make sure the window is closed permanently. If the house owner constantly open and close the window everyday, it won’t be good for the cactus. Make a simple wooden pot and line the cactus in it.

Wood cactus pot near window for small home decoration

C. Some Guides for Better Decoration

The perfect cactus have been chosen and it sits prettily at the corner. The house owners steps back and take a look at the final arrangement. Something is off, but they are not sure in which part. The following suggestions might be the solution for better arrangement.

1. Combining Height and Shape

Believe it or not, people tend to choose one shape repeatedly if the think the shape is pretty. As the result, the plant looks monotonous. Try to have a sense of mix and match when buying cactus. Instead of stuffing the bag with tall cactus only, take some shorts and complex ones too. When arranging the plant, contrasting tall and short or plain and complex cactus will add texture to the pot.

2. Considering the Safety

Succulent plants’ popularity raises last year. There is one solid reason for people to keep their distance: the thorn. Unless people see and experience how harmless the decorative cactus, only few people will voluntarily take it home.

The problem with decorative cactus is its high vulnerability. A house with baby, children under five and pets are the major threats, as they tend to break the leaves or the pot. The safest location for the cactus would be up high; on top of shelves, cupboard, hang to the bar, etc.

3. Avoiding Sharp Spikes

As mentioned above, several cactus have thorns or spikes. Any of them could pierce the skin. If the thorn or spikes is long enough, it could draw blood from the cut. For house decoration, choose cactus with soft and round leaves. Based on Feng shui law, the round shape will help the flow of positive energy. Having cactus with spikes, on the other hand, will break the energy.

4. Adding More Plants

If the corner still looks dull to the house owner, probably the missing point is another plant. Not all cactus has flowers, so how about adding small flower plant next to the cactus? The different color and texture will brighten the space. Before buying the additional plants, mention to the sellers that the plant will go next to cactus. Some names cannot grow well near cactus.

Never give up the decoration just because the limited space. Be creative and think a way to make the room looks pretty but not stuffy. Consider the advice above. Remember: don’t back up before giving a try. One among those will work for your space. It is your job to find which one!

Cactus arrangement decor guides

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