Omg! The Best Storage Options For Small Kitchens Ever!

Considering that space comes as luxury in a small kitchen, your storage need to be smart and efficient. Every space is an asset and you need to use it the best way possible. If you need ideas in how to maximize your small kitchen storage usage, copy these recommendation of storage options for small kitchens below:

1. Toe Kick Drawer Kitchen Storage

Never waste a space. It is your highest rule in a small kitchen. If there is a gap between your floor and the lower part of your cabinet, transform it into a drawer. It can be small enough, but it is useful for smaller things like cutting boards and lids.

This small solution actually cleans up a lot of clutter and mess in your countertop. Enhance with drawer organizer if need to so you can store more items in order. You’ll appreciate how such small drawer can free up a lot of space.

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Extra kitchen storage cabinet
Extra storage for small kitchen

2. How to Organize Small Kitchen with Vertical Pull Out Shelf

This kind of shelf is becoming more and more popular. It occupies only a narrow space and often just a gap, but it caters a lot of storing needs for being deep enough. If it is tall enough too, you can divide it into multiple tiers of shelves. If not, it remains efficient too.

Considering the storage capacity and shape, it will be a great place to store wide but thin stuffs like your baking sheets, cutting boards, pan lids, and others of a kind. No more awkward shaped stuffs clutter on the countertop.

Kitchen storage for small kitchens
Storage tips for small kitchens

3. Storage Options for Small Kitchens, More Hooks!

Even the kitchen wall in front of you can be a space for storage. It doesn’t have to be cabinet, and it can be organizer with hooks. And, it will come in handy when you need to store a few cooking utensils near you. So, it offers instant accessibility while storing back is a piece of cake.

Make sure you know what things you are going to store here so the gap between each hook will be enough, and the height will be sufficient too. Plus, don’t limit yourself. Add as many hooks as you can possibly need. 

Storage options with hooks for small kitchen

4. Kitchen Drawers with Organizers

Drawers, however small they may be, are still storage possibilities. You can use them to store smaller things. However, smaller things tend to get messy far easier. You often need to searh and dig before you can find one particular item.

To solve this problem, use drawer organizers. It basically groups your items so finding one will be instant. Plus, it helps in creating neat system so one drawer can store more items without the mess.

Small kitchen maximum storage
Small kitchen maximum storage

5. Aim High with Your Kitchen Cabinet

Often, there is an awkward gap between your ceiling and upper cabinet. This is totally a waste of space in a small kitchen. Instead of leaving it that way, it will be wiser to use it as storage too. Build your cabinet high so it touches your ceiling, or at least almost.

Store items you rarely use but you still want to keep in this cabinet. It will enhance your efficiency down there, and the lower cabinet can be maximized for items you often use.

Small kitchen with lots of storage

6. Open Shelves Storage Options for Small Kitchens

Open shelves are always welcomed. They provide enough storage space with convenient accessibility to the items as well. Open shelves are best added on your vacant wall vertically, and you can never be wrong with the number of tiers.

This kind of shelf is best for things you need every day, like your spices, daily cooking supplies, pasta, and more. Make sure to store things in this shelf with the right containers too so you can spot one item in an instant. You may also need extra enhancement to secure the containers.

Open Shelves Storage Options for Small Kitchens
Open Shelves Storage Options for Small Kitchens

7. Under Shelf Cup Hooks

Cups and mugs can create a major problem in a small kitchen. Because, there is not much space for storing, and their awkward shape makes it hard to stack them. These hooks will be the solution. Instead of storing them in a shelf, just hang them outside.

Add several hooks under your shelf or cabinet, and add as many hooks as you need it. It will be fast to get a cup any time you need it, and it will be an instant to store after washing them clean too.

Kitchen storage under shelves cup hooks
Under Shelf Cup Hooks. Image:

8. Fresh Goods Basket Storage Options for Small Kitchens

There are several items that don’t need to be stored inside your cubby or inside your fridge, like your fresh goods supply. Meanwhile, your kids may want fast access on the fruits, and you want an instant access on the onions and more. So, store them outside.

To prevent storing them on the counter top, it will be smarter to store them on baskets, and hang the baskets vertically on one of the vacant kitchen walls. Being vertical, it is space saving and you can use either wire or woven basket for this.

small kitchen storage cart
Fruit storage small kitchen

9. Wheeled Pull Out Drawer

This drawer is more popular today than ever. It is tall enough so you can add tiers of shelves on it to store more of the smaller items in it. Although it is desperately narrow, but it is enough for small goods like spices and packed goods.

This wheeled pull out drawer can be added in any available gap in your kitchen, and it will be convenient to store and grab things here for being wheeled. So, it can be the storage where you keep goods that you need every day for fast access and neat storing system.

Wheeled Pull Out Drawer
Small kitchen lots of storage

10. Corner Cabinet Storage

This awkward space is often left unorganized, and it is totally a waste of space. Even though, your corner cabinet makes a great storing space. But, if you find it hard to use it well, transform it into pull out drawers if you need too.

Pull out drawers provide better accessibility, and enhanced with the right organizers for the right item, it will store more than you know. Plus, getting one particular item will never be a hustle anymore. You can make deep drawer or a shallow one but in several tiers. Make sure to adjust the design so it caters your particular storage need.

Corner cabinet storage for small kitchens

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