Spots to Put Floating Shelves for a Small Kitchen

Many houses are built in a minimalist way recently. Therefore, it is possible for you to have small rooms in your house. This condition allows you to think more about how to manage and set your household furniture especially for your kitchen. There is a way to overcome it. If you have small kitchen, you still can put all of your stuff neatly and beautifully by creating floating shelves at these five spots:

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1. Above the Stove

The most frequently thing you do in your kitchen is cooking. Therefore, there will be a lot of things that you need during your cooking process. If you have a small kitchen in your house, it is possible if you to put all things right on the cabinets only. You will need more spaces to put it all. In this case, you will need a floating shelf to give you more places to put all of your utensils.

If you want to feel comfortable when you are cooking, you can set a floating shelf on the wall which is right above the stove. This will be really helpful since it can make you easier to get the utensils you need when you are cooking.

You just need a medium size of the floating shelf to put, for example, small pan, spatula, etc. Besides, you can also put some seasoning jars on it. It can help you to get what you need easily in the cooking process. You just need to take it right in front of you.

Floating shelves above the stove for small kitchen

2. Above the Sink

The second spot that you mostly visit in your kitchen is the sink. Almost every kitchen activity ends there. After using the utensils, you usually will wash it. You want your stuff still in a good condition.

However, sometimes, you need to put some things like mugs, cups, knifes, spoons, and other small things near there before they are placed to other places after dry. If it is too far, it will make you to move here and there which can make you more tired in doing the washing activity.

Therefore, you need the dishwasher, but it is often not enough. Sometime you will find your stuff scratch one another. In this case you will need additional places to put your utensils; you will need some floating shelves.

You can put two small floating shelves on the wall which is right above the sink. One should provide some potholders to hang the mug, small pan, etc. The other will be for the plate, spoons, etc. Those floating shelves can fasten the draining process of the utensils you have washed.

Besides, you can avoid them from the damage as you place it on a narrow place. Moreover, you do not need to use many dishwashers which can consume a lot of space there.

Small kitchen floating shelves above sink

3. Above the Kitchen Counter

When you are preparing the ingredients and materials on the kitchen counter for your cooking process, you will need some equipment like bowls, cutting board, knife, etc. Therefore you need to make sure that they are close to you.

A floating shelf, again, can help you for that. This can make you easier to get the equipment you need in the preparing process. You do not need to go anywhere and it can make your cooking process faster.

Besides, the floating shelf you have on this spot can help you to maximize the use of the space on your wall. The floating shelf not only helps you to manage your equipment but also beautify your kitchen if you can set it well. You can add some decorations on it if you want. This can make you happy and trigger you to have great cooking moment every day.

Floating shelves above counter top for small kitchen

4. At the corner

In your small kitchen, there will be, at least, an empty corner. Actually, you can manipulate that empty space become something useful.  You can add a letter-L floating shelf at the corner. You can us it to put some bigger equipment.

You can also use it as decorations for your lovely kitchen. By adding these floating shelves, you add some other space for your stuff. You also give another beauty in your kitchen so that you will not feel bored looking at an empty space on the wall.

Besides, the placement of the floating shelf at the corner will be beneficial since it will not disturb your movement around the kitchen counter. You can put some fragile equipment there. You don’t need to be worry to place it there. It will be safe from any touch.

However, you should pay attention on this spot, because there will be some spider net that can make your floating shelf along with the equipment there dirty. You should clean it regularly so you can use whatever on the floating shelf anytime you want without being disturb by the dirt.

Floating shelves corner small kitchen

5. Along the Widest Wall

In the kitchen, there must be a wall which is wider than others. Here, you can add a longer and wider floating shelf. You can use it to put some larger equipment there, for example big bowls, plates, trays, blender, etc. However, you have to make sure that the floating shelf is attached strongly so you do not need to worry about it. Besides, make sure that it can hold the burdens from all equipment there.

On this spot, you can also add some vases or other decorations to make it nice. Besides, you can also use it as a place to put your watch, wallet, or jewelry whenever you need to cook or wash the dishes immediately. It will be really helpful for your daily activities in your kitchen. You will feel comfortable to stay in the kitchen to do all activities there.

Reclaimed wood floating shelves for small kitchen ideas

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Having a small kitchen does not mean that you cannot put many equipment there. We can modify our kitchen by adding some floating shelves. They will not only give you more places for your equipment, but also beautify your small kitchen.


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