How To Make Spice Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Having many spices containers while your kitchen is small can be tough. You want them to be in store all the time, but the clutters though. It takes so much of the counter top. Don’t fuss. You can still become the avid cook of the house while you get your spices organized with the following spice storage solutions for small spaces ideas:

1. Tube Spice Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

From the shape of the container alone we can tell that this storage is efficient. Tube is definitely smaller than jars or containers. It means the entire system requires smaller space of your counter top. Yet, it doesn’t stop there.

These tubes are then placed in an organizer with multiple tiers. The clear glass tube gives you the advantage to find a specific spice fast, while the tiers allow you to store and display more in one spot only. It is just the appropriate solutions for your spices containers.

Tube Spice Storage Solutions for Small Spaces
Tube Spice Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

2. Spice Storage Jars Magnetic Organizer

This spices organizer can be a great addition to your small space. Basically, it has spices jars with magnet sheet on the lids. When it comes with its own board, you can attach the board practically anywhere including the wall near your cooking spot.

In alternative, you can attach the jars on to the fridge door. This way is also popular but it may not be a good idea with kids around. Still, the magnet helps in freeing up some counter top without losing a great system to store your spices. 

Spice Storage Jars Magnetic Organizer

3. Spice Storage Hacks with Drawer

Instead of putting your spices jars all on the countertop, you should consider placing them somewhere else like the drawer right on your cooking area. Your drawer can be a great storage and it also helps in providing more countertop for other things.

To make sure your drawer is fit for spice storage, enhance the storing system with drawer liner. It makes sure each jar gets a place, and it prevents them from rolling and spilling. Label each of your jar, and you can get any spice any time without a hustle. 

Spice Storage Hacks with Drawer

4. Wall Mounted Spice Rack

If the problem is your small space, then the solution is space saving. Instead of your countertop, think more on the wall. Your wall is a potential storing space too, and you can always go vertical to store more in a limited space.

For spices, wall mounted rack is a great idea. Get one that offers multiple of tiers because it allows you to store more spice jars in it. To make sure it is within your reach, choose a vacant wall that is closest to you, like at the end of the counter.

Wall Mounted Spice Rack

5. Spice Storage Ideas with Drawer

This product can be a huge help as well. This is basically a drawer that can be placed on your countertop but it still saves more space than ever. The drawer comes with several tiers, and on each tier, you can store several spices jars. Simply slide it out to get the spice you want.

If you have more spice jars, simply stack two or more of this drawer and you have your own system near you. There is no more clutter on the countertop, and there is no more rolling and spilling accidents.

Spice Storage Ideas with Drawer
Spice storage ideas for small spaces

6. Spice Storage Solutions for Small Spaces with Floating Shelves

This kind of shelf is always a great solution to your space problem. Floating shelf can basically be added anywhere on your vacant wall, so you can make sure it is close enough to you while you are cooking.

Floating shelf makes sure you can see and access your spices fast, and storing back is totally a breeze. Yet, you will see a significant change on your countertop, where many space is suddenly available. Just make sure to attach the shelf right so it doesn’t fall or drop down. 

Small kitchen spice storage

7. Wooden DIY Spice Rack

This spice rack is just cute but efficient. Made of wooden, it is then finished with white paint to make it neutral, light, and more modern than rustic. It has several tiers, and each tier already offers you a lot of storing space.

You can add the rack on one of your small kitchen vacant wall. If you place it high enough, it will be safe from your kids’ reach so there won’t be spilling problems anymore. Plus this time, you can store even more spices vertically which a fresh air for your small space.

Wooden DIY Spice Rack
Spice storage for small spaces

8. Sliding Spice Rack Small Kitchen Storage

This rack is one of the best solutions there is. It comes with wheel so you can slide it out and in again whenever you need to. It is super easy to find your spice and it will be instant to store them back.

The best thing about this rack is that it actually uses very narrow space while it can be deep for more storing spot. It can be placed near your stove, next to your fridge, or just next to the wall at the end of the kitchen.

Sliding Spice Rack Small Kitchen Storage

9. The Hooks to Make Spice Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

This is actually a brilliant idea too considering that it is efficient as it is good looking. Your spices jar will be off the counter top because they will hang on the hooks. This storage is actually available to buy at the store so it won’t be complicated to add one in your kitchen.

It’s best place near your stove or other area where you need them most. It can be under your cabinet too, so you save more space and it actually works like wonder. It is a great way to spice up your kitchen a little bit.

Hanging Spice rack for small cabinet

10. Spice Carousel Kitchen Storage Ideas

Have you ever thought of this idea before? This spice rack will remind us on lazy susan but it is way more modern. The rack has two or more tiers, and we can store several spice jars in each tier.

We can spin it to find a particular spice and store it back, and it actually use only a half if not a quarter of space you use to spend for spices only. If you have a huge collections of spices, get one with many tiers.

Spice Carousel Kitchen Storage Ideas
Spice Carousel Kitchen Storage Ideas. Image:

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