Most Popular 10 Spice Rack Ideas for Small Kitchens

In a small kitchen, space is luxury so we need to use each wisely. While using wisely is strongly recommended, adding efficient organizers is solely needed too. Among many that you need, a spice rack that is space saving will be helpful, and these spice rack ideas for small kitchens are actually great options if you look for one:

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1. Wall Mounted Metal Spice Rack Ideas for Small Kitchens

This metal rack surely is strong enough to handle many of your spices and oils bottles and jars. It is compact enough but it is completed with several tiers of shelves for organizer. While strong, the wire construction keeps it light at all times.

You can hang it on your kitchen wall or just over the countertop for even nearer access. The shelves will keep the jars on its place while you have no obstruction at all whenever you try to find a specific spice. Plus, it looks very contemporary and stylish.

Wall Mounted Metal Spice Rack Ideas for Small Kitchens
Spice rack ideas for small spaces

2. Countertop Metal Tiered Spice Rack

Instead of leaving the spice jars cluttering, you should consider adding this rack on top of your countertop. It actually is compact enough, and it doesn’t take a lot of the available space. It also has tiers, so you can actually store several jars at once in this rack.

You can place this small rack on your countertop or next to your stove top so you can reach them anytime while cooking. It keeps your countertop cleared of clutters while it is still easy for you to get the right spices all the time too.

Countertop Metal Tiered Spice Rack
Spice rack for small spaces

3. Creative Magnetic Spice Rack

Magnetic rack is on hot today that everyone seems to want it too. There are several kinds in terms of the design, but this one is a fridge magnet one. As hinted on its name, this rack is to be attached on your fridge, most likely on the side of the fridge.

It is commonly a small one and it stores three up to four jars. There are wider ones too of course. You can buy several of this rack and set it vertically on your fridge. It frees up some of your space in the kitchen, and don’t worry, it is going to be strongly attached.

Creative Magnetic Spice Rack

4. Small Spice Rack Floating Shelves

Small floating shelves like these one are great options too. They are easy to add, and you can attach several of them vertically on your vacant kitchen wall or over the countertop. You can store many of your spices collection in a very small area with this.

The shelves have barrier that will keep your jars on spot all the time. However, these barriers will not block your view so you can always find the right spice every time. Plus, these small spice rack shelf look so cute and stylish at the same time. 

Small Spice Rack Floating Shelves
Small spice shelf

5. Simple White Spice Rack for Small Kitchens

This rack truly looks simple. It is finished in bright white paint and it has several tiers of shelves to store your spices. The dimension isn’t so big, so it can fit even in a cramped vacant wall. You can attach it over your cooking top to make it even more practical.

The rack shelves aren’t open shelves, so the jars should be safe on its place. There is no risk of them tumbling down. However, it is still possible for you to look and find the spice you want. It is efficient and stylish in its simplicity.

Simple White Spice Rack for Small Kitchens
Spice rack for small kitchen

6. Clear Modern Spice Rack Ideas for Small Kitchens

This is like Cinderella glass slippers in the shape of spice rack. It looks simple, pretty, and it does its job nicely. This is basically like open shelves. You can add as many tiers as you need it. But to keep it space saving, it will be best to set them vertically.

Being clear, you don’t have any obstruction at all in terms of finding your spice jar. Plus, when you look at it, it looks chic and modern. It has style while it remains totally helpful in your small kitchen.

Clear Modern Spice Rack Ideas for Small Kitchens
Nice ideas for storing spices in small kitchen

7. Wooden Finished Spice Rack

If you look for something with simple and homey style, this spice rack is actually a very good idea. This rack, for example, boasts five tiers of shelves which also means that you can store a collection of spices if you want to.

It doesn’t take a lot of your wall space as it is narrow, but it surely stores a lot for being tall enough. However, it may be a little challenging to put it over your countertop. Consider a vacant wall with no upper cabinet over it for best placement.

Wooden Finished Spice Rack
Wooden spice rack ideas for small kitchens. Image:

8. Wine Storage Styled DIY Spice Rack Wood

This rack can bought at the store, but DIY it is also highly possible. It is made of wood so it naturally has the rustic look. The design is pretty uncommon for a spice rack but it is what makes it special. It looks more like a wine rack but not deep enough.

In one shelf, you can store several jars of spices at once. It means you can organize many here and not cluttering your countertop. Just make sure to label your jar lid so you can always tell which spice is what.

Wine Storage Styled DIY Spice Rack Wood
Small wooden spice rack

9. Chicken Wire Spice Rack Ideas for Small Kitchens

This spice rack is a similar option to the other spice racks in open shelving concept. You can attach it on your wall and you can set several tiers vertically to save some space while being storage efficient.

It organizes your spice jars neatly so it actually spices up your kitchen a little bit with the many colors, and the chicken wire details allow you to have unobstructed view of the spice jars. It is efficient and nice to look at.

Chicken Wire Spice Rack Ideas for Small Kitchens
Small hanging spice rack

10. Pull Out Hidden Spice Rack Ideas

This rack is small and cute while it is actually an effective spice rack at the same time. Basically, it is like a common shelf organizer made of metal wire. The difference lies on the pull out design. It makes this rack a lot more practical, so it will be easy to store and take them out.

This rack is small enough but it should store around 15 jars all at once. As it will be hidden in your shelf, your counter top will be free of clutters. 

Pull Out Hidden Spice Rack Ideas
Small cabinet spice rack

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