10 Gorgeous Small Wooden Cabinets with Doors

Adding a cabinet in a room is always an advantage. You can always use the storage space, and if it looks good too, it will make a nice interior accent as well. If you are thinking about adding a small one in your space, you should consider taking one of these small wooden cabinets with doors. You can adopt the design and put one in your small kitchen. Check it out.

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1. Red Beadboard Small Wooden Cabinet

This cabinet will give you an instant farmhouse look. While it is possible to change the finish color if you prefer, this red finish is absolutely brilliant and stunning. The finish makes a perfect fit to the beadboard material, giving it an up level final look.

In addition to finish, this cabinet features two hinged doors on one part, covering the shelves within that should help you organizing clutters. On one of the ends, there are three open shelves. You can always add baskets on them to make a more covered storage while adding the aesthetic. 

Small cabinet with doors
Small cabinet with doors

2. Rustic Small Wooden Cabinets with Doors with Pale Shade

At glance, we already know that this cabinet is narrow but it is also tall enough to offer enough storage in it. The cabinet has two hinged doors at the middle part, protecting the shelves and stuffs you will keep inside.

Right under this part, there is a huge drawer which makes a practical and spacious storage too. This drawer is double the size of the other drawer at the upper part of the cabinet, and the feet just add the gorgeous look of this rustic piece. It looks pretty while it stores a lot at the same time.   

Rustic Small Wooden Cabinets with Doors with Pale shade

3. White Cabinet with Wine Storage

This cabinet looks nothing but simple yet elegant at the same time. It is finished in one single white shade, and it features several compartments for storage. From the bottom, this cabinet has a large shelves covered by two doors. This is where the whine storage is.

In the middle, there is a small drawer to keep smaller items like the accessories. With a little additional organizer, this drawer can reduce a lot of clutters. On top, there is this unique drop down storage for bigger items like your books and maybe other collectibles.

White Cabinet with Wine Storage

4. Contemporary Industrial Cabinet

There is a lot of storage space offered in this cabinet. The table top allows you to put some accents and decoration items on display including several frames and small potted plants. Under the table top, there is an open shelf that offers flexibility in addition to the space.

Of course, it is also completed with two drawers which are perfect for storing smaller items and valuables. Then under all that, there are two doors covering the three tiers of interior shelves. This cabinet offers strength, storage, and style all at the same time.

Contemporary Industrial Cabinet

5. Small Wooden Cabinets with Doors Tall and Slender

Due to the shape, it is hard to categorize it as a small or not. However, it isn’t big either. It is narrow and tall, which means it can offer just as much storage space as the other. The cabinet features only one hinged door that covers several tiers of shelves inside.

It should fit a small corner which is an advantage for a small space. It should also fit easily with the rest of the interior because it has an elegant classy shape with perfect white finish. You can’t go wrong with this cabinet.

Small Wooden Cabinets with Doors Tall and Slender
Small tall cabinet with doors. Image: Pinterest.com

6. Bright and Warm Farmhouse Small Wood Wall Cabinet

This wall cabinet can be an option if you need a small one that stores many and looks good. From the surface, it is finished in plain white that makes it bright and light without overwhelming the warm feeling of a farmhouse style piece.

The top shelf is an open one which offers flexibility for a storage, and the three level interior shelves are covered by two hinged doors. Looking from the size, you can store much stuff inside and on top, especially if you add some organizers too.

Bright and Warm Farmhouse Small Wood Wall Cabinet
Small cabinet with doors for kitchen

7. Small Wooden Cabinet with Three Doors Distressed

This small cabinet may look old but it looks lovely and very welcoming as well. This small distressed styled cabinet looks just perfect in a farmhouse or rustic kitchen and spaces. It has the perfect height and dimension, and it should fit any small space you want to fill.

Under the top, there are three small drawers with cute knobs on it to pull it out. It should store smaller items perfectly. Meanwhile, bigger items can go into one of those door covered shelves. There are three of them, and on each one, you should find two tiers of interior shelves.

Small Wooden Cabinet with Three Doors Distressed

8. Modern Rustic Small Cabinet

This cabinet is a combination of a pale solid pine wood frame and bold and dark metal cabinet and mesh doors. The lines are sharp and simple, making the piece a good looking modern yet rustic piece. The top will great for decor items, and the interior shelves will be enough to store many items. The open shelf below just adds the storage capacity on this one.

The best part though is that the mesh is environmentally friendly in which we can repurpose it again after used, and that it looks super stylish in its simplicity.

Modern Rustic Small Cabinet

9. Small Wooden Cabinets with Doors with Wonderful in Grey

Finished in matte dark grey, this cabinet looks instantly modern and contemporary. It shows style while it is actually an efficient piece for a storage cabinet. It has the perfect width and height, and it is small enough for a room where space is luxurious.

The four interior shelves are covered with two doors in symmetrical accent, while the middle part is functioned as a mini wine storage and two small drawers for accessories. The top is wide and strong enough, and perfect for prep whenever you are serving wine.

Small Wooden Cabinets with Doors with Wonderful in Grey

10. Tiny Cabinet with a Bonus

Look at this tiny cabinet. If you have a gap between your fridge and the wall, this can be a perfect cabinet to insert in it. It is small enough for a practical storage, but it actually is more than it looks. It is finished in bright white, but it still looks a little like a farmhouse piece.

The cabinet features a narrow but deep shelf and the shelf gets a hinged door. On top of the shelf, there is a small knob. If you pull this knob, you will have a hidden tray for an extra surface. It should come in handy during the time.

Tiny Cabinet with a Bonus

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