Small Rustic House Plans with Garage

For some owners of small house, creating a plan for their house is a real challenge. It even gets harder when the homeowners want to occupy certain theme such as rustic. If you too are looking for certain small rustic plans with garage, here are some ideas for you:

1. Plan 18743CK

The first idea of small rustic house plan with garage is this Plan 18743CK from

Small Rustic House Plan 18743CK Arkansas

This plan of classic rustic home is able to deliver an effective space use inside and out. If you are using this plan, you will be able to get the views of the back of the main floor that features the bedroom.

What is even greater from this plan is that the great room of this house soars up to the upper level. The door of this house leads the homeowners to the 12-inch-deep back that is covered by the porch.

Elevation Small Rustic House Plan 18743CK

That extra depth can give homeowners the possibility to place furniture there so that they can enjoy the beautiful views. Another detail of this house plan is that there is a longer porch running along the left elevation that expands fully around the front.

Meanwhile, the upstairs of the house which is the loft can be used as the 3rd bedroom. This enables homeowners to look out over their great room. Homeowners will also be able to find their master bedroom along with the closet and the bath.

Besides, there is also a 5-inch knee wall that is located at the left side of master bed and also of the loft. The house’s shed dormer is 8 inch high, the upper level’s right side starts at 0, the closet wall of the bedroom is 6 inch although it can be expanded into 7 up to 8 inch if the homeowners need it.

What is more, this house plan is also complemented with a detached two-story garage that can give homeowners space as big as 624 feet2 to enable them store their tours and vehicles.

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2. Lake Front House Plan 699 – 00011

The next great idea of small rustic house plan with garage is this lake front house plan no. 699-00011. This is a house plan for a rustic lodge in a Craftsman style.

The design of the house carves an impressice setting where homeowners can enjoy a lot of scenic views of mountain, property of serene lakefront, and or front property of golf course. In addition to that, this house also comes with an option of crawl space, slab, or daylight basement. Homeowners just need to consider the possibilities if they want to have another option for the basement.

The rustic materials used for this house plan is like beams and wooden columns, stacked stone, arched windows that heighten that feeling of in the harmony with the mother nature as well as the feeling of beautifully blending with the surrounding.

Lake Front House Plan 699-00011

Meanwhile, the house’s front covered porch turns to be an inviting space that becomes a great spot for the family to greet friends and family members as well as to relax while entering the superb house.

This house plan features guest room, laundry on main floor, master bedroom on main floor, mud room, and study. Besides, there is also a garage and also a porch.

The garage type of this house is side entry and the porch type is front, rear, and screened. The total heated are of this house is 3,126 sq. ft. which becomes the width of the first floor. Meanwhile, the second floor is 732 sq. ft. The size of the garage is 530 sq. ft. that is adequate to store two cars.

The number of bedroom, bathroom, and half bath of the house is 3, 2, and 1 consecutively. The width and the depth of the house is 104 ft.-6in and 84ft. The type of foundation of the house is crawl space, slab, and walk. The framing of this house is 2×4.

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3. Mountain House Plan 8504 – 00085

Coming up next is this mountain house plan no 8504 – 00085. This house plan features additional bedroom down, loft, master up, and open floor plan. The garage type of this house is detached, and the porch type of the house is front, rear, and wrap around.

Mountain House Plan 8504 – 00085

The total heated area of the house is 1,240 sq. ft., with the size of the first floor is 780 sq. ft., and the second floor is 460 sq. ft. The size of the garage is 624 sq. ft. that fits for two cars. This house consists of 2 floors, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.

The width, the depth, and the height of the house are 32ft, 48ft, and 29ft.-3in. consecutively. The type of the foundation is crawl space and the framing is 2×6. The ceiling heights of the first and the second floor are 9ft and 8ft consecutively.

small rustic house plan with 2 car garage included house plan purchase

This design of rustic home is such an ideal option for a serene lakefront property or a scenic mountain property. This house plan occupies wood columns, shingles, and stacked stone, all of which will beautifully blend with the surroundings.

This house also features outdoor design elements and clean lines that will give a different flavor to the home. This house can also function as a home for vacation or even a primary residence as this house contains modern amenities as well as compact size that require minimum maintenance, minimal costs and also upkeep.

It will be such a great place for the homeowners to drive up to their home then see this pretty home that is against the lake or mountains as the backdrop in the house’s natural setting.  Meanwhile, the house’s front covered porch keeps the house’s rustic influence with the wood columns in rough-hewn, stone and railing work.

Small house too deserves the best design and plan. Above is 3 ideas of small rustic house that comes with garage. Homeowners can choose the one that suits their preference and need. Choose the one that can bring the best vibe to the house. Happy designing home!


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