Small Ranch House Living Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating a small ranch house living room can be pretty challenging. There are so many unique and different ideas out there and putting them together is very hard to do. Well, you don’t need to fear decorating. The following ideas are easy to follow while decorating includes style here.


1. Urban and Modern Ranch Living Room

This decorating style comes from the design you often see in modern lofts at the big cities. Many times, this style looks well paired with contemporary style. Of course, when we talk about contemporary, we will also look for minimalist line in the entire detail for perfect set.

In alternative to contemporary, you can also consider adding industrialist touch on the room. However to achieve urban style in this living room, you should also add softer touch. It can be achieved by using items like bright and soft colors for accent, furniture items that are more inviting and more comfortable, and plush rug.

As for the furniture, it is best to use items that are simple in design. The lines should be clear as well. Modern furniture tends to be big and it often sits closer to the floor. Choose your living room seating set with these principles in mind.

Small Modern Ranch Living Room Decoration Ideas


2. Industrial Looking Living Room

Just as its name, industrial look is inspired how interior look back in the industrial era. Your ranch house will work well with this style as long as you keep the key points. Those key points include wood and brick, leather, and steel. Bare and worn look are also crucial to create this style on your decoration.

When you decorate your ranch living room with this style, the color should be around neutral and rustic colors. It includes colors from natural blue and green to brown and metal. However, brighter colors like pastels are usually off limits in this style.

Choose furniture that gets dark metal legs or finishing. Unfinished wood and leather are also great options to add on the decoration. For example, living room sofa finished in brown leather will look perfect with metal coffee table near to a wall with exposed brick accent.

Industrial style small ranch living room decor ideas


3. Nautical Ranch Living Room

This theme never gets tired across trends and it is not hard to add this decoration style to a ranch living room. The key points of this style lay on the color options. Your color should include neutral colors like wood and white. Then, you can add layers of blue for accent.

You should consider using rustic or vintage looking wooden furniture for the living room. The wooden material gives the impression as if it was taken from an old boat. It gives you the nautical feeling while it delivers targeted rustic look at the same time.

If you don’t want to go soft on the blue, you can add darker blue to the more neutral colors. You can use patterns too. As long as it gets the combination of blue and neutral, you are on the clear. In addition to those all, consider adding accessories like the use ropes on mirror, nautical trunk for coffee table, maps for wall décor, and those sorts of accessories.

Nautical Small Ranch Living Room Decor Ideas


4. Farmhouse Ranch House

The good news about decorating your ranch house living room into this style is that you don’t have to cover all parts. Similar to the previous decorating style, this style includes neutral and wooden finishes for the finishing. Now, we have points to start with then.

For furniture, you should consider adding wooden legged sofa and coffee table. Farmhouse tends to have furniture with many seating capacities for a large family. Do the same thing for your living room sofa. For the surface, choose white for combination. As for the design, you can prefer on retro style furniture that are humble and comfy at the same time.

As for the accessories, you should consider covering your in-wall cabinet with sliding barn doors. In addition to it, you can also add accessories like rustic signs, chalkboards, old ladder displays, mason jars, as well as wooden stuffs around the room.

Farmhouse Ranch House Living Room Decor Ideas


5. Ranch House Living Room with Craftsman Touch

The best point about adopting this style to decorate your ranch house living room is the fact that there is nothing competing between the two. It means craftsman style can be added smoothly in your ranch house living room. However yes, you have one major key point to mark which is wooden detail.

If you are up to it, you can change your living room floor with hardwood, which is typical when it comes to craftsman style. In alternative, you can use wooden trimming and moldings for the door, doorways, as well as window frames.

As for the furniture, you should consider using oak wood furniture in which the pattern is still visible. Built-in cabinetry is a great thing to add in your living room. In addition to it, a reading nook under the window is a great idea especially with those throw pillows in patterned sheet.

Ranch House Living Room with Craftsman Touch

6. Mid Century and Modern Look

This style is making a serious comeback. It comes from the same period as ranch house, so it shouldn’t be too hard to create this style while decorating your ranch house living room. Combining patterns is smart to try while combining wallpaper is also recommended for this decoration style.

For furniture, choose items that are on simple and clean lines, while it also exposes wood pieces on it. Commonly, you will find rather puffy surface for the furniture while the legs are made of sleek wood. In this style, furniture can be the focal point while vintage art will make perfect accessory. Be wild on patterns and colors combination for strong decoration finish.

Mid century Ranch Living room decor ideas

In sum, never fear the challenge. There are more than enough ways to decorate your small ranch house living room. Those style above aren’t too hard to follow while several of them are actually aligned well with ranch house style. Choose one that fits you best and work on each detail fully.

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