These Small Kitchens with Open Shelving Will Make You Want to Try the Same

Open shelving for small kitchens is often not preferred because people find it exposing their clutters. Sure, the chaos is real and terrifying, but it probably happens because it hasn’t been done right. Open shelving can look stylish, chic, and more real. Before you judge, let’s see the following small kitchens with open shelving and get inspired.

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1. Industrial Metallica Small Kitchens with Open Shelving

Metal material has been a great hit today, and it is featured heavily on industrial, modern, and contemporary interior styles. It will look great in your modern and simple kitchen. This kitchen, for example, is finished mainly in bright white and pale grey to make it looks bigger and more spacious.

It is then combined with metal handles on the cupboard, and black finished metal open shelving too on the wall. The storage space is more than enough, and you can consider adding good looking dish wares to put on it. Then, you have storage and décor in one item.

Industrial metallica small kitchen floating shelves
Industrial Metallica small kitchen floating shelves. Image:

2. Fun Wooden Kitchen Shelves for Small Kitchen

O this kitchen corner looks just right. It is casual, easy, and fun, while it actually helps in minimizing clutters on the worktop. Open shelving is added on the corner to maximize the space usage, and there are two tiers of it.

It stores the recipe books, pretty bowls the house owner likes to use a lot, other kitchen utensils, and even decoration items too. Its wooden shelves add the relaxing and warm feeling in the bright room, and it is actually an efficient storage too.

Fun Wooden Kitchen Shelves for Small Kitchen
Small kitchens with open shelving

3. Simply Chic Kitchen Shelving Ideas for Small Spaces

This small kitchen looks a lot bigger than it is, thanks to the simply white finish in the entire surface. The open shelving is also finished in sleek bright white to match the kitchen look. There are four layers of the shelves and it adds significant of storage space.

While you can make it efficient and use additional organizers to store your essentials, these shelves are perfect spots to display your pretty dish wares, trendy small appliances, small potted plants, and your spices collection. It is efficient while it is so stylish at the same time.

Simply Chic Kitchen Shelving Ideas for Small Spaces
Small kitchen open shelving ideas

4. Rustic with Steel Accent Small Storage Shelves for Kitchen

Just with one look, you know that the kitchen will be warm, welcoming, and very homey. The open shelves are built with thick wooden slate supported by steel structure finished in metal black. The combination of these two shades is just so right.

It will be strong enough even if you keep your small appliances on the layer. Meanwhile, it will make a cute display for your dish wares and other kitchen accents. Just an idea, keep your small potted herbs on this shelves to create a utilitarian look.

Rustic with Steel Accent Small Storage Shelves for Kitchen
Kitchen shelves for small appliances

5. More in Minimalist Small Kitchen with Floating Shelves

This minimalist shelves are just the best to add on this modern chic kitchen. It is simple and humble, it doesn’t attract the attention off the centerpiece of the kitchen. While the look completes this kitchen interior, it is actually a great storage for your kitchen essentials.

The wooden material only makes it even better. It is strong and sturdy, but these shelves also give a minimalist look. It adds a warm and soft touch in the kitchen, making style is side by side with this room efficiency.

Minimalist Small Kitchen with Floating Shelves
Small shelving unit for kitchen

6. Bold, Masculine, and Modern Open Shelving Small Kitchens

While most kitchens look chic, this one actually looks more on its masculine side. It features darker shade and sharp lines to create bold design on its details. The open shelving is a horizontal one, with only two layers of shelves added.

It is enriched with organizers to store the items in consistent style, offering a pleasant final look on the entire kitchen. It goes just great with brass accents below, giving the kitchen a subtle sense of glam and efficient storage at the same time.

Bold, Masculine, and Modern Open Shelving Small Kitchens
Small kitchen storage shelves

7. Paint It Black Open Shelving

This simple open shelving is quite out of ordinary. Instead of going on layers, it only features one layer with fence to keep items on their spots. It is added right above the backsplash, creating a border like setting which is nice and firm.

The shelf structure is made of steel finished in black, giving a consistent modern and industrial look in the kitchen. The base is layered with wood to make it even stronger. This wooden material is finished in dark grey for the same look purpose as well. It’s awesome.

Paint It Black Open Shelving for Small Kitchens
Paint It Black Open Shelving for Small Kitchens

8. Small Kitchens with Open Shelving Grandma Cottage Look

This small kitchen looks really adorable, and it reminds us on grandma’s kitchen that smells like pie all the time. The open shelving is just humble and rustic. It is made of wooden slate and it is supported by wooden structures too.

It is efficient when we talk about storing potential, but it is also very good looking. Instead of vintage, it is more like a farmhouse or grandma’s cottage style. It has a nostalgic old and super simple look, and it makes a very subtle display for your kitchen essentials.

Small Kitchens with Open Shelving Grandma Cottage Look
Small shelves for kitchen cabinets

9. Classic Rustic Small Kitchens with Open Shelving

Instead of looking narrow, this small kitchen looks really charming and it gives us the vintage and rustic look instantly. The open shelves are made of repurposed or reclaimed wood. To create a layer, each slate is supported by two vintage feet made of steel and finished in rustic black.

It offers storage spot of course, but it also contributes in creating a super rustic style in this kitchen, especially with that brick wall on the background. It transforms a plain and simple kitchen to a space with super inviting atmosphere we will fall into.

Classic Rustic Small Kitchens with Open Shelving

10. Small Kitchen with Open Shelves Glass and Glam

This shelving is really unique and super pretty at the same time. The shelving is a suspended one, supported by metal poles finished in gold brass finish that gives the glam touch. While the design is strikingly stylish, the shelves bases are actually glass.

It gives your kitchen an airy atmosphere while the glass and glam details are too superior to ignore. It should give you more than enough storage space while it deserves the title of the centerpiece than anything. This is when efficiency meets style, and it is how you upgrades your small kitchen total look.

Small Kitchen with Open Shelves Glass and Glam

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