An island in the kitchen could be a big help; you could prepare the vegetables and other ingredients before cooking it in the stove station. In addition to the functional benefit, you will also have extra storage and a pretty center decoration. That is valid only when you build the island properly in your small kitchen. What are some good rules to follow and mistakes to avoid? Here good and bad practice building small kitchen with island. Check it out.

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Good: Measure Size Properly

Too big or too small island is not good. You have to find the proper size for the kitchen. Otherwise, the kitchen will look odd and every cooking time would be a big nightmare. Imagine walking around a tiny island that is too small for all your vegetable baskets. Reverse it and you will get an island that occupies almost the whole kitchen. You cannot walk without bumping to the edges.

For comfortable walking, give 1,060 mm to 1,210 mm space surrounding the island. Creating a simple sketch is not a bad idea, but you need to use the real measurement. Put everything you need in the sketch: the island, the sink, stove, storage rack, refrigerator, etc. Even if you could afford the largest island for your space, it will be useless when you need to omit other stuffs.

Using the measurement provided, see the available space for the island. If it is less than 13 feet, then you need to give up. It will be too small to be a kitchen island. Try to find table with lots of storage and customized top instead. Squeezing the island to the cramped kitchen would give claustrophobia effect.


Good: Find Comfortable Seat

In some occasions, kitchen island is used to have a quick bite. For this reason, you might have the urge to provide chairs for the island. This is a good sample of multi-purpose tool. Once the dishes are ready, you could put them on the island and the family members could enjoy their meal. Then, you need to pick comfortable seat for them.

Most kitchen islands are 900mm high. The ideal gap between the top of kitchen island with the chair is 300mm. Some islands are built higher than normal, around 1000mm. The choice is yours; it is about style, taste and preference. Considering the common height, the proper seat’s height would be 700mm.

Another problem might arise when you pick the seating: how many chairs you should buy? The thumbs up rule says three, because the kitchen island is not meant to be a dining table; it is just a quick stop. If you plan to put more, make sure to provide 24 inches space between the chair. Less space will force people to bend their elbow while eating.


Good: Think Thoroughly About the Purpose of The Island

You must’ve seen many kitchen island ideas online. There are many types of island, right? Some are made with build-in sink or storage. You might wonder which kitchen island style will fit best. The answer lies on the functions you expect from the island. There is no right or wrong; be firm and practical when planning the island.

For example, you want the kitchen island to be the preparation station. It means that the island must have a sink and an electric socket. Think carefully about the plumbing and the cables. Would it be better to have hidden or open socket? How to connect the pipes? Also, you will need garbage can to throw away the waste. Will you have separated or attached bin?

The space for your island might be wide enough to accommodate stove. Since the island is located in the middle of the kitchen, you definitely need a cooktop or range hood. Otherwise, the smell of your cooked ingredients will linger longer than it should. Also, think about the space to keep cleaning agent and cloth.


Good: Make It Pretty

It is hard to decorate a kitchen simply because this is a functional corner. You cannot really put up decoration. Luckily, you still have the island; it could be the focal point in the room. All you need to do is dressing it up. One, try to paint the island and cabinet with different colors. You might try different hue or go wild with full-contrast.

Two, think about the lighting for the island. Good and proper amount of light is essential to prevent any accident while cutting the vegetables or meat. Since the island will install the light anyway, try to pick the stylish one. It might be helpful to have lighting with dimmer. This way, you could set the mood in the island.


Bad: Pick Any Material for Countertop

Various options are available for island countertop; which one you will choose? Even though they are all made for kitchen island, each material has its own strength. For example, concrete or cement material is the sturdiest and most durable of all. You might take it if you aim for extraordinary look. For a better look, try to see the marble. It is the prettiest but get scratched and stained easily.

If you are the type that will make a mess while cooking, then take stainless steel. This surface is the easiest to clean, yet the easiest to catch stain and dirt as well. Probably the safest option for island countertop would be granite. It could resist heat and stain pretty well.


Bad: Spend Too Much

There is no obligation to build the best kitchen island with the best material. You don’t have to borrow some money just for the island. Make sure not to go over budget: try to find alternatives! Items from thrift store could be the option. You could also pick some materials with lower price.

One item that will cost you the most is probably the countertop material. You might aim to purchase the marble or granite. Without doubt, they are the best investments. If the budget doesn’t allow it, then consider the laminated surface. Later when you have enough saving, replace it with marble or granite.


Bad: Ignore the Storage Capacity

You could do many activities in the kitchen island, but you forget to provide the storage for the cooking tools. For now, this mistake might not be harmful. When the cooking start, you need to run here and there just to fetch the spatula, bowls, plate, spices, etc. For an island made for cooking, prepare a spice rack. If you use it to prepare vegetables and meat, make space for knifes, cutting board and bowl.


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