Amazing 10 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas on a Budget

Every small kitchen deserves smart storage to maximize space usage. However, storage organization can be expensive too. If you need smart storage with budget, the following small kitchen storage ideas on a budget will fit best. Plus, they all look stylish so that you will love your small kitchen storage even more.

1. Cheap Kitchen Storage Ideas with Wall Wire Rack

This wire rack can play a great role in your kitchen. The material is totally affordable and you can practically DIY this rack by yourself and enhance it with hooks. It fits best on almost any vacant wall in the kitchen.

The hooks will help to hang your utensils so accessibility on these items will be wide open. You can store neatly, but the system makes sure you face no difficulty later when you cook. Being very affordable, you can add as many racks as you can possibly need. Plus, if you need small galley kitchen storage ideas, I think using wall wire rack will more help and efficient.

Clever storage ideas for small kitchens
Clever storage ideas for small kitchens

2. Storage Ideas for Small Spaces on a Budget with File Holder Shelf

Your old file holder can be used as an organizer in the kitchen cubby. Take one and attach it on the back of your cabinet door for example. You can also attach this on the side of the cabinet, on the wall, or on the side of the fridge.

Once attached, it makes an ideal storage for items like plastic wrap, foil, or other items that come with small boxes. There is no more messy stacking, and getting one item out will be really easy from now on, not to mention less clutter in your storage.

Small kitchen storage ideas on a budget
Very small kitchen storage ideas

3. Small Kitchen Storage Ideas on a Budget with Ceiling Rack

Pots and pans come in many different sizes and shapes, and it can be pretty tough to store them all together in one shelf. One of the best ways to solve this problem is by adding ceiling rack to hang them. As suggested on its name, the rack will be attached to your ceiling.

It means you will free up a huge space in the cubby that you can use to store other thing, and it also means accessibility one your pots and pans will be a breeze. Plus, displaying them is always a valuable accent in a kitchen.

Small kitchen extra storage ideas
Small kitchen extra storage ideas with ceiling rack

4. DIY Kitchen Storage Cabinets with Trash Bag Roll

To make one of these, you only need a low profile towel rod, or maybe remaining pipes. Then, attach them inside one of your kitchen cabinet shelves. But, if you are struggling to find a spot, the cabinet under the sink is always a good idea.

Attach the rod on the side, and store our trash bag roll on it. It offers you easy access to take the trash bag anytime without the need to store it back with hustle. It is a lot more practical as it is far tidier.

Trash bag roll kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens
Trash bag roll kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens

5. Small Kitchen Storage Ideas on a Budget with Gap Storage

The idea of this storage is to maximize every space and practicality. The storage can be built to match any gap you find in your small kitchen. It can be very narrow, yes, but it can always be deep as well. This way, you have a big storage space you never imagine before.

The storage should be enhanced or completed with shelves, and maybe some organizer to keep it neat and tidy. The shelves will help you to organize the items, so taking and storing will be easy jobs. Then, complete with wheels under to reach best practicality and accessibility. 

Gap storage ideas for small kitchen organization
Gap storage ideas for small kitchen organization

6. Unique Kitchen Organization Ideas with Pegboard Backsplash

Leaving your backsplash vacant is totally a waste of space. To use the space ultimately, replace your usual backsplash with peg board, if not other storage options. Peg board can do double duty, and you will love how it reduces your countertop clutters tremendously.

Pegboard is practically very cheap so you can cover the entire wall with this. Hence, you need hooks to hang your things, from pans to utensils. Making sure your pegboard is in matching finish to the rest of your interior to put some style in the room.

Unique Kitchen Organization Ideas with Pegboard Backsplash

7. Small Kitchen Storage Ideas on a Budget with Kitchen Cart

A wheeled kitchen cart makes an ideal option when you need just a small portion of storage space. The cart alone is available across brands and stores that you can buy the most affordable one. It will come in handy in a small kitchen.

This kind of cart is usually used to store spices and other items that you need in daily basis. You can pull it near when you need to, and push it into a corner when you need the space more. Make sure to get one with several tiers to store more items.

Kitchen cart for small kitchen storage ideas on a budget

8. Wire Riser and Under Shelf

Riser and under shelf will come in handy when you have an awkward space in your shelves. The riser will help to stack more items without the risk of being too high and falling apart. So, you can stack two groups with different shapes and sizes with this.

Meanwhile, under shelf will help in maximizing the under shelf space usage. It is high enough but available. Now you can store items on that space too, not wasting any storage space, and being efficient in each of your kitchen cubby on budget.

Wire Riser and Under Shelf Kitchen Storage

9. DIY Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens with Corner Shelves

When you need an affordable storage, a DIY floating shelf is always a good idea. You can use any scrap wood you can find and attach it on your wall in any method you find convenient and you have a brand new storage to use.

The corner space is an important spot you shouldn’t miss. Making L shaped shelves enables you to use this space for storage, and it often helps a lot. So, two or three tiers will make a huge impact in reducing clutters in your kitchen and DIY project is totally cost efficient.

Corner shelves kitchen storage on a budget ideas

10. Small Kitchen Organization Ideas with Cups Rack

Our glasses and mugs are considered awkward in shape. Often than not, it is hard to store several kinds in one shelf. If we can store them, it takes so much of the space. In this case, we should consider taking them all out and hang them outside.

A steel rack can be custom made by yourself, or you can buy it in a cheap price. Several tiers of hangers will be enough to store your collection of glasses and cups you use every day. This way, you free up some storage space in the cubby while organize these cups in an affordable way.

Pinterest small kitchen storage ideas
Pinterest small kitchen storage ideas

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