There are so many storages you can find in any parts of the house, including the kitchen. Even an elegant yet minimalism kitchen still has storages to store all things and make them handy. There are many kinds of pantries you can find in the market, such as walk-in, butler’s style, freestanding, build-in, and a combination of some of them. Any kinds offer you the storage feature in the kitchen.

It must have been a great deal for every family to put everything in the right place. Therefore, having enough storage in the house can help the owners. In the kitchen, the function of storage is done by the pantry. There might be many food ingredients, seasoning, and so on that you have in the kitchen. It will be great if you have right pantry to keep them all on-hand whenever you need it, yet organized.


1. Limited Space of Kitchen Does Not Matter. You Can Make a Vertical Pantry to Save Space

Nowadays, it is not easy to find a big house with enough space as what your dream house looks like. Only small houses are offered and of course, it will cut the space in the kitchen. However, it should not be any reason not to install a pantry in the kitchen. As what has been said, pantry takes an important part in storing stuff in the kitchen. So, it is a must to have one in the kitchen.

Vertical pantry is designed to fit into limited space of kitchen. You shall not worry about the space since this pantry is wide vertically. It has around 14-inch depth for the cabinet, so you can put stuf inside this spacey area and make them organized.


2. If You Enjoy Organized Things, This Neat Pantry is Recommended for You

As you organize things, sometimes they will be messy and make it look bad visually. This pantry comes with pure color to highlight what you have inside the pantry. It also has wine rack made of wooden to keep the wine together with other stuff such as appliances, dry food, and cookware. Those stuff will be easy to find because the pantry has many parts to divide each kind.

The more you open and close the pantry, the sooner it might break. The good thing of this pantry is it is made for a long-term usage. So, you shall no worry if you often open and close it. This pantry’s design is walk-in, so you can grab what you need as you pass by. Comes with white shelves, this pantry is neat yet sophisticated.


3. Pantry Does Not Always Have to be Big; Small is Okay As Long As It is Efficient

You might think that a pantry must be big, so you can store many things inside it. The fact is after you put many things inside, you will realize that not all of them are useful and they are supposed to be placed in other places. A big pantry suits a big family. If you live alone or in a small family, small pantry is better to provide storage feature in the house.

This pantry is best for storing daily snacks and dry foods such as pasta, cereal, chips, and so on. Simply portion them into clear plastic, so the family members will recognize it easily when they open the pantry. You can purchase a wire rack over the door if you think you still need extra small storage to put small stuff inside.


4. Gather All Food in One Place Using This Central Pantry

It may waste much time when you differentiate food ingredients in different pantries and different area. Even though it is for sorting the food, it is important to keep the efficiency of the storage. Rather than installing more than one pantry in the kitchen, you are suggested to consider about having a central pantry to keep everything organized in one place.

You will no longer need to go and back, just for taking different food. You may consider it as an extra fridge that is used for storing your dry food. It has narrow cabinet that will slide out to show the wide shelves, so you can always have extra space inside this central pantry. It comes with a few shelves inside, so you can differentiate the food on your own.


5. It is Never Enough to Have A Small Pantry; Cabinet Pantry is The Best Idea

If you happen to live in a big family, small pantry will not be enough to store the food. Even, if you happen to live in a small family but all of you enjoy cooking and grabbing snacks, small pantry still is not the right idea. Cabinet pantry can be considered as the storage in your house. Thank for its huge dimension, you can store almost everything you can ever think about.

You can store ingredients, dry food, seasoning, chips, and so on in one place. The height begins from the floor and ends up in the ceiling. As you can see, it has a lot of spaces to store the kitchen ware. It is easy to access as well once you install it between the kitchen and dining room, so you will not spend much time to take your food.


6. Enjoying Snacks All Day? You Must Try Open Shelves Pantry.

Keeping stuff inside the pantry is necessary to keep the stuff safe. However, opening and closing the door over and over again can be something annoying for other family members. Therefore, rather than installing a pantry with the door that always cracks, it is way much better if you consider for having a pantry which has open shelves.

You don’t need to always have business with the door. Whatever you want to take, you can simply take it as you walk by. Either foods, beverages, snacks, food ingredients, or anything, you can put it here.  However, you would better consider to put dry stuff here, so there will be no ants around to take over your stuff.


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