Amazing 10 Small Kitchen No Pantry Ideas That Actually Work Efficiently

Why you need small kitchen no pantry ideas? We all know that a small kitchen desperately needs a pantry because of the limitation of space. But what to do if we don’t have any pantry truly? Don’t worry. These are several tricks and hacks that will help you organize, making sure your small kitchen doesn’t have clutters. You won’t miss the pantry.

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1. Kitchen with Plenty of Upper Cabinets

To find one cabinet as a pantry replacement, you may need to transfer several items somewhere else. In this case, upper cabinets will help in storing items and goods you rarely use. For example, you don’t always use those fancy dish wares, and those wine bottles can go up too.

Complete your kitchen with several upper cabinets to store all items, goods, and utensils you use not very often. It frees up some space on your lower cabinets which you can transform into your kitchen pantry effortlessly.

Small Kitchen no pantry upper cabinet

2. A Kitchen with Secret Nook

A secret nook is commonly built inside your kitchen wall. You can choose one of your wall but it should be thick enough for this despite the location. Enhance the nook with shelves to help you use the available space efficiently.

Hide the nook with sliding door, so no one will know about this secret pantry nook you built. While sliding door is a lot practical than the other options, it is actually space saving too. If you design it carefully, you will store more than enough without you realizing it.

Secret nook for small kitchen no pantry ideas

3. A Kitchen with Well Used Walls

You have two problems here that are your kitchen is small and you have no pantry. Both problems can be solved with only one solution. You need to use your kitchen wall efficiently. Don’t leave any wall vacant and add your storage options with cabinets and shelves.

Then, go to items can be stored near your food prep area, and cooking utensils can be stored close to your stove top. Rarely used items can go to the upper cabinets, and shelves should store your pantry supplies. So, now both problems are solved.

A Kitchen with Well Used Walls
Small Kitchen No Pantry Ideas with Well Used Walls

4. Small Kitchen No Pantry Ideas with Rolling Wheeled Drawer

If you don’t have a pantry and you can’t possibly spare a room for one, you should consider adding this rolling wheeled drawer into your kitchen. It looks like a narrow but tall drawer, and it commonly have several tiers of shelves.

Besides, with careful organization, you can store food supplies, spices, oils, and other pantry items in this. While it helps in storing well, it also makes sure everything is totally within your reach every time. Plus, it stores more than you think which means more space in the cabinet and no need for a pantry.

Small Kitchen No Pantry Ideas with Rolling Wheeled Drawer

5. Small Kitchen No Pantry Ideas with A Supply Section

It is hardly a pantry but with carefully designed organizing, it can store enough for the household need. You can try to add open cabinet or floating shelves like in this one. Then, store your supplies in jars, containers, and even basket for better space usage.

Considering that your kitchen is small yet you need to store a lot, make this section a vertical one. As the shelves get higher, store more rarely used items in it. While it solves your no-pantry- issue, every item is highly accessible this way. 

Small Kitchen No Pantry Ideas with A Supply Section

6. Bookshelf Pantry

You can build a small stand alone pantry in your small kitchen with a bookshelf. This repurposing strategy has been recommended a lot of time, and it is a perfect fit for a small kitchen no pantry. You can choose a bookshelf that is tall but narrow enough.

Place this bookshelf in a vacant spot in your kitchen. If you don’t have the space, you can always attach it on your wall. Then, store your pantry items with the help of jars, containers, baskets, and other possible organizers. You’ll be surprised at how many you can store in this bookshelf pantry.

Bookshelf Pantry
Bookshelf Pantry

7. Side of Cabinet Shelves Small Kitchen no Pantry

This side of the cabinet can be used as a small storage too. Before you can use it, add floating shelves in it. Several tiers vertically will provide enough space. While it is a little unusual, it is actually efficient. Don’t waste any space.

Then, store items that you often need, like the spices, pasta, snacks, utensils, and other similar items. It makes you more organized, it offers better access, and there are free space in the cubby to store other things. Consider adding as many tiers for more capacity.

Small kitchen no pantry with Side of Cabinet Shelves

8. Additional Open Cabinet for Small Kitchen No Pantry Ideas

You don’t need a whole pantry if you can organize your stored items. In case you need additional space, you can always add a tall open cabinet at the end of your existing ones. If it is tall enough, it can offer several tiers of shelf and it means more storing capacity.

While items you need daily should be here, several appliances, dish wares and cooking utensils can be stored here too. So, you can free up some space on the other cabinets while you give yourself a better accessibility.

Additional Open Cabinet for Small Kitchen No Pantry Ideas

9. Stand Alone Pantry

You can always opt for a standalone pantry. There are many options when it comes to shapes, designs, and sizes. If you kitchen can only allow a narrow one, don’t hesitate to get one. A standalone pantry commonly comes with shelves and drawers.

These shelves and drawers can be enhanced with organizers, and you will be able to store a lot in there. Make sure to use every space, and add shelves on the back of the doors too. Choose a vacant space on your kitchen, and you will love how it helps a lot.

Stand Alone Pantry

10. Island Storage for Small Kitchen no Pantry

This idea is also a great fit for a small kitchen no pantry ideas, if you happen to have a kitchen island. Your kitchen island has a lot of space. Then, you can enhance the island with cabinets, open shelves, or tiers of baskets.

While you get more space for supply storage, it actually offers you great practicality and easy access to your stored goods. When you can use the entire space efficiently, you hardly need a pantry after this.

Island Storage for Small Kitchen no Pantry
Island Storage for Small Kitchen no Pantry. Image:

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