Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas That You Can Adopt

Small kitchen lighting is very important. This is to make your kitchen room look wider, not gloomy, and not feel boring.

Here are some lighting tips and ideas for your small kitchen. Adjust to your own conditions and needs.


1. Small Kitchen Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is perfect for narrow kitchen spaces. This keeps the room spacious.

Don’t use too many lights. Use just enough. You can put 4 to 6 LED lights. The most important in this case is positioning. Get the right place for your lights.

Small Kitchen Recessed Lighting

Recessed light under cabinet over countertop is good, but it won’t save you. The solution, complete with an affordable switch. Turn it ON when in use, and OFF when it’s not needed.

2. Small Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

The most widely used kitchen island lighting is a hanging lamp. That make light closer to kitchen island surface. So, you can work with maximum lighting here.

The type of hanging lamp varies greatly. This is your chance to decorate your small kitchen with right hanging lamp or chandelier.

Small kitchen island lighting ideas with hanging lamps


3. Above Sink Lighting Ideas

For small kitchen light above sink, you can use pendant or chandelier.¬†Complete with flower pot decorations nearby, so you don’t feel bored while doing the job, washing.

Small kitchen light above sink and decoration ideas

4. Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Kitchen Small Space

In this case for small kitchen ceiling lighting, in my recommendation, you should use recessed lighting. That make our small kitchen look relieved and clean. But if you want, you can use other type of lamps, like chandelier, pendant, or others.

Small kitchen ceiling lighting ideas with recessed lights

5. Kitchen Fan Lighting Ideas for Small Spaces

For narrow spaces, small kitchen fan lights is okay. Sometimes, a narrow space combined with a little kitchen smoke, that will make the area rather hot. A fan will be one solution.  Now, there are many models of fans that become one with lighting.

Small kitchen fan lights

6. Small Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Small Space

For those of you who like vintage, rustic, and unique decoration style, it seems that pendant lighting will appeal to you. Choose a pendant design that fits and you love. The tip is to choose mini-sized ones. A mini pendant will support your small kitchen lighting.

Small Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Small Space

7. The Tips for Small Kitchen Hanging Lights

Some ideas mentioned above are hanging lights, including pendant. So, important to know these tips about hanging lamps here.

First, for 8 foot ceiling, hang the pendant or lamps 12-20 inches below. It is only example. You have to know the right size for lighting in your eyes, and how the height will be comfortable and good looking in your kitchen.

Second tips, hanging lights should be hung over your work surfaces like over your kitchen island or kitchen countertop. Try nothing blocking the light from this hanging lights.

Third tips, use dimmers and switches that can adjust the light level, turned ON or OFF easily, and adjust to your mood.

8. Small Galley Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The important things is keep light it up and stick on ceiling. Don’t use hanging light such as on kitchen island lighting or pendant. It will be great decoration and lighting for galley kitchen design.

Small galley kitchen lighting ideas

Image: Tessa Neustadt, via

9. Lighting Over Small Kitchen Table

If you have open small kitchen with dining room, you need also to put lighting above your dining table.

The trick is same as lighting above kitchen island. Choose an attractive hanging lamp design, and use light level that suitable and comfortable when you enjoy your dinner.

Lighting over small kitchen table


10. Overhead Lighting Small Kitchen with Modern Farmhouse Style

The other ideas for small kitchen lighting is farmhouse modern style. Use unique design chandelier for this design.

Overhead Lighting Small Kitchen with Modern Farmhouse Style

Image: courtesy Dabito, via:

11. Small Kitchen Pot Rack Lighting Ideas

This idea is also interesting. Maybe a little unusual, but this is unique. You can try it.

12. Small Kitchen Rooster Lamp

For decoration, it will be good ideas. Small kitchen rooster lamp will make rustic impression more dominant.

Small kitchen rooster lamp

13. Small U Shaped Kitchen Lighting

Generally, this kitchen design will match using recessed lighting ideas. This makes the room simple and clean.

Small U Shaped Kitchen Lighting


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