Awesome 10 Small Kitchen Island with Sink Ideas

Even a small kitchen can get a decent island and with sink too. You may think the options are limited but it actually isn’t. You have unlimited choices for the island as well as styling. If you don’t know where to start, the following small kitchen island with sink should give you appropriate inspirations.

1. Elegant Urban Small Kitchen Island with Sink

This urban kitchen is dominantly white with the same color for the countertop. To make a contrastive touch, the island is finished in dark ash paired with marble cook top on it. The dimension is small but it should do the job well. It makes a perfect fit for a small kitchen.

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The marble top adds the elegance and the sink is finished in matching color to keep the look consistent. We should love the black matte faucet bringing the modern atmosphere. It can never go wrong, even when paired with those rustic breakfast stools. Small kitchen island with sink and seating is an interesting combination worth considering.

Urbant Small Kitchen Island With Sink and dishwasher
Urban Small Kitchen Island With Sink and dishwasher

2. Industrially Farmhouse Small Kitchen Island

Look at this kitchen island with small sink. It looks gorgeous and it makes just the right center point of the kitchen. The base of the island is finished in matte soft blue hue to add the romance and outdoor feeling, which is a benefit for a small kitchen. It is matched with sleek white top to make it pops out.

Its bronze handle on the cabinets and drawers add the industrial touch, giving this small island with sink depth and definition on the entire look. It looks fresh and clean, your small kitchen will definitely look even bigger than it originally is.

Farmhouse Small Kitchen Island With Sink
Farmhouse Small Kitchen Island With Sink

3. Small Kitchen Soft Grey Island for Charm

Every small kitchen needs an island like this. It isn’t that long as space is premium here, but it is a complete one. Finished in soft grey, the entire island is actually a perfect fit for the Quartz cook top. The sink shares the same finish hue as the top, which is nice to look at.

While it has everything for an island, it is also enriched with a bookshelf on one side, making it possible for you to keep your cook books nearby. It’s bright and nice, and it is just stylish on point.

Soft Grey Small Kitchen Island With Sink for Charm

4. Little Bright Farmhouse Sink in Kitchen Island

This small kitchen with sink in island is awesome. The island isn’t placed in the center of the kitchen due to the limited space, but it looks just great where it is with the breakfast bar. The entire surface is finished in light grey which makes the entire surrounding brighter. This is a beneficial point for such small kitchen.

The base of the island is very farmhouse in style so it adds a simple and homey feeling in the kitchen. The sink looks great with its pull out faucet finished in satin nickel, and it only makes the modest feeling even bolder.  

Little Bright Farmhouse Sink in Kitchen Island
Small Island with Sink

5. Small Kitchen with Sink Timeless Rustic Island

Look at the beautiful kitchen island. The structure is enriched with wooden support here and there, which is very contrastive to the light grey finish of the island base. The cook top is white marble and the combination of both makes a bright feeling in this small kitchen.

The island is also completed with a sink finished in fireclay hue, which is very bold, adding vibrant feeling on the entire setting and nice to look at. While it looks modern somehow too, it is actually a timeless look that you don’t have to update if you don’t want too.

Rustic small kitchen island with sink

6. Small Kitchen Dark and Bold Island to Admire

While most small kitchen avoids dark color, it can actually work out well too. This small kitchen has consistent finishing for the island. They finish the bases on dark green which is bold and vibrant at the same time.

The island has the same finish and gets the white marble top as well. Its dimension isn’t so big, so it is a great idea to put the sink on one corner. The faucet is even finished on the same marble white to create matching look upper.

Dark small kitchen island with sink

7. All White Like the Bride Island Sink

The house setting is actually rustic and farmhouse, which explains a lot on the small island sink styling. However, the white sleek finish gives the island smooth surface and adds a touch of style in the room. Everything you see in this island is all white.

Yet, it has the fun touch. In the middle of this snowy looking island, the sink gets bronze finished faucet in vintage style, which is just super delightful. And it feels like something blue on the bride’s white outfit for the wedding. It is subtly fantastic. 

White small kitchen island with sink

8. Masculine Rustic Small Kitchen Island with Sink

This island shows us how you don’t need to work it too hard to get the masculine touch. The kitchen isn’t so big, but it looks bigger to its grey finish for the cabinets as well as the island. It is then paired with white cook top for neutral touch.

While this combination is great enough, it gets wooden hue on the sides, which is very surprising and nice to look at and the sink look matches the dishwasher, adding masculine and modern feeling to the whole concept. Personally, I like the small kitchen island with sink and dishwasher.

Rustic style small kitchen ideas with kitchen island and sink

9. L-Shaped Small Kitchen Island with Sink

Yes, a small kitchen can use one island like this. It gives you the ultimate use of the remaining space without cramping the room. This island is finished in even dark color but the size isn’t a big one. We need to appreciate this setting.

A small sink in kitchen island is placed right in the center of one side, freeing more surfaces for cooking top and serving breakfast. Each side isn’t so wide, but combined, it should provide more space, even more than the usual shape. 

L-Shaped Small Kitchen Island with Sink

10. Make Square Island with Sink

The last inspiration is derived from this square island. The styling is totally rustic in a modern setting which is very fabulous. The island places the sink on one corner of it, making sure there is no space is wasted.

The metal hue finish on the sink and top makes this very modern and clean, which is a wise choice for a small kitchen. Its black faucet only makes this island a sophisticatedly modern piece in this clean and effective setting.

Small kitchen square island with sink

Finally, That’s an interesting idea about a small kitchen island with a sink. Actually, there will be more ideas that you can get. It really depends on the creativity of each of us in choosing a suitable design.

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