Small Kitchen Decoration Ideas You Should Know

Bigger doesn’t equal better, including when we are talking about kitchens. Bigger kitchens don’t always have more benefits for homeowners. Small kitchens can even be more efficient workspaces compared to the larger ones. What is essential is not the size but the decoration ideas. Here are some great decoration ideas for small kitchens:


1. Bright Kitchen

Dark creates a feeling of small, meaning that dark room feels smaller. Therefore, you need to brighten up the walls of your kitchen using a fresh paint or coat in light shades. If you favor dark and rich cabinets, you need to add various types of lighting.

To work with the lighting for small kitchen, there are some tips so that the decoration for the small kitchen will work best.

Small kitchen decor with light under cabinet

You can install the lighting under your kitchen cabinet. That way can brighten the working area as well as give accent to your cabinets. Right lighting can make your kitchen appear larger, regardless of the color. If you lack of lighting ideas, here are some ideas:

  • Install LED strip lights under your kitchen cabinets and kitchen shelves to let you illuminate the counter space. What you need to do for the installation is as simple as peeling, sticking, and plugging in.
  • Uninstall the incandescent light bulbs and install the most recent versions of energy efficiency.
  • Opt for pendant lights to be clipped on the existing systems of track lighting to provide layers to the room’s lighting.
  • Replace light fixtures that are outdated.
  • Add mirrored backsplash or simply a mirror to reflect the existing light in the kitchen.

2. Involve More Wall Storage

Apart from lighting and light paint for your small kitchen, you can get a bright decoration idea for your small kitchen from some of the busiest and most crowded restaurant kitchens. Such kitchen usually uses industrial racks and hardware for storing utensils. The following are several ideas for storing tools and utensils on the wall:

  • Hanging rack for kitchen utensils: install a simple bar along with few hooks that can hold your kitchen tools with a hole or loop in them. Besides, add baskets hung on the rack so that you can hold various smaller items.
  • Hanging pegboard: you can also paint and then hang a pegboard for giving yourself wall storage in your kitchen. Such storage can be used for hanging your kitchen tools. You may also paint the pegboard in many different colors to indicate different items to store. Organize and store the items by use or color.
  • Wall magnet: magnet can even do a great job in a small kitchen. Use small kitchen to store spice jars and knives. Installing wall magnet can both provide you more storage in the kitchen and keep the tools within reach so you can grab it easily whenever you need the tools.
Hanging rack for small kitchen decorations


3. Hideaway Furniture

For maximizing the functionality of tiny kitchen, you can try using a creative approach. You can use a decoration approach that creates a multipurpose space using furniture items that are practical and are useful at the same time.

Yet, those furniture items should also be easily stored out of the way. Such decoration approach is essential to let you have any furniture item you need in your kitchen without worrying too much about the space. Those ideas are as follow:

  • Kitchen tables or cabinets that are roll out
  • Cutting boards or tables that are wall-mounted or drop-down
  • Tuck-away backless bar stools

Those hideaway furniture pieces are always there when you need them to work in the kitchen but they can be made invisible so that you can have more space in the kitchen. Small kitchen like yours can benefit a lot from such furniture pieces.

Kitchen table roll out Hideaway Furniture for small kitchen decorations

4. Be Smart with the Counter Space

If you wish to have a contemporary kitchen, one of the most essential design elements that you should have in your kitchen are is uncluttered and minimalist kitchen counters. Such kitchen counters will not only make your kitchen appears modern, it will also increase the counter are so that it can make you easier to prep and thus to cook.

To have such kitchen counter, the first thing you need to do is putting away all countertop items along with all small appliances. Here are some ideas to increase the counter space in your kitchen:

  • A ceramic cooktop that is low profile. The electric cooktops that we usually see today are modern and sleek. Those cooktops are now complemented with the advantage of being flush with kitchen counters so that homeowners can place other items such as a cutting board on it when it is not being used.
  • A cart of rolling butcher block as an extra counter space. But butcher block that comes with wheels or simply add a set by yourself so you can wheel the block out when it is not being used. Also, add some simple stools to the rolling butcher block to provide yourself with instant breakfast bar.
  • A cooktop cover. If you happen to have gas range, you may need to buy a cover for the gas range so that you can always safely work on the stove when it is not being used. The covers of the stove may come as butcher block surfaces made from wood.
Counter space decor ideas for small kitchen


5. Involve Pot Racks

Lastly, you may need to involve pot racks in your small kitchen. Most of small kitchens may not have space for rectangular and large pot racks. However, there are some options for the smaller spaces. Chances are pot racks do not have to be hung from your kitchen ceiling. Some pot racks can even be mounted on the wall like how homeowners do to pegboard.

There are just plenty ideas for decorating small kitchen, just as many as the ideas for decorating the larger ones. So, decide your preferences and needs in your kitchen and choose a decoration idea or two from the list above you that suit your preferences and needs the most!

Small kitchen decor ideas with wall mounted pegboard


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