Cabinets in the kitchen take an important role in organizing stuff you have. The way your guest see your house will also depends on how your cabinet looks like. There are so many kinds of cabinet, depends on what you are looking for. There are different design, size, and material that will vary the kind of cabinet that might suit for you and your family needs.

Among all designs available in the market, there are some popular styles that many people choose for their cabinet. It can be modern or traditional, tall or short, elegant or functional. Those factors will form the design that will fulfill your preference for the cabinet. If you are stuck in getting an inspiration, the browser is never too far away to help you get inspiration for your cabinet.

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1. When The Land is Too Full, Use The Sky As The Cabinet for Light Stuff

If you are running out of land space to install a cabinet, you shall no worry. You still have the upper part of your kitchen that you can use to install the cabinet. Having extra storage is not always on the floor. You can install this style of cabinet above your counters or cupboards inside your room. It will help you organizing more stuff and keep the house neat.

Since the location is in the upper part of the kitchen, you might consider putting light stuff inside. The heavier stuff will shorten the life-long of the cabinet. Also, you would better put things that you barely use inside this upper cabinet. The location is too high and it might not be easily reached by everyone in the house for having this sky high cabinet inside the kitchen.


2. Install A Unique Cabinet With This Metal Grate Design; Mixture of Closed and Open Cabinet

Traditional cabinet usually uses wood or glass to as the door. Wooden door will block the vision inside. Instead the glass will let everyone easily see all food ingredients and dry food inside the cabinet. Having glass door will build minimalism vibe. However, you need to make sure that everything is always neat, so people will not be annoyed for what they see inside.

If you want to be in the middle of those two styles, you can use this metal gate fronts. It is a mixture of open and closed storage. You don’t need to worry that much about storing stuff properly. People will not see it through, but simply get a peek of things inside the cabinet. Also, this design will add elegance on your kitchen.


3. Hide Your Exposed Cabinets By Making it Skirted (DIY Design)

Let’s say that you already have a cabinet in the kitchen where you put some important stuff yet unpleasant to be seen. Even worse, it is an exposed cabinet, so people will see it no matter what. Rather than trying to installing an extra cabinet, there is a better way you can do to solve this problem, even you can do it by yourself in the simplest possible way.

You can make a curtain for the cabinet on your own, make it skirted. It is recommended to use the café curtains since it has better looks and high durability. Choose the fabric that you like and cut it as long as the cabinet. As you have done measuring it, you can simply hang the curtain with a road. You solve the problem of exposed cabinet and change it into skirted one.


4. Display Cabinets Will Create an Extra Space Illusion for Limited Space Kitchen

Not every house is too big for a space kitchen. Therefore, you need to find the right trick to solve this problem. Having display cabinets in your kitchen will not take up much space. Instead, it will help you create an illusion of extra space and make your kitchen way more spacey than before. You can put either food ingredients or kitchen ware inside this cabinet.

Display cabinet will let people easily see what is inside. Therefore, it is recommended for you to organize everything regularly, so it is pleasing people who see inside the cabinet. You don’t need to have the complex maintenance for this cabinet. Simply use the soap water and towel.


5. Keep the Roof and Upper Space Clean By Installing Lower Cabinet

Some people prefer to keep the upper space and the roof clean, so they put all things they have in the lower area. Then, they will install cabinets in the land and store everything they need in the kitchen down there. It does not take much space, so it will not bother the movement area on the floor. Installing a lower cabinet will protect the wall from any cluttering in the long term.

Not only grounding the whole kitchen, installing lower cabinet will also manage the storage needs in the kitchen without taking much space. Limited space of kitchen can be tricked by having the right storage to put things you need in the kitchen. This lower cabinet is recommended to store your kitchen ware, dry food, or anything you need while you are in the kitchen.


6. Keep The Stuff in A Locked Cabinet to Keep Them Safe and Sound

Cabinet is usually used for storing daily stuff such as food ingredient and kitchen ware that we often use. Therefore, you will barely find a cabinet that has lock. However, some cabinets are made with lock feature. Having lock feature on your cabinet will be useful if you put fragile stuff inside. It will prevent possible damage such as falling or being hit accidentally.

It is also useful for a family that already has children. Children have a high curiosity and sometimes they can be careless. Having your cabinet locked will keep children safe as well as the stuff you put inside the cabinet. You can install a cabinet that has a lock feature, or you can simply install a lock feature on the current cabinet that you have inside the kitchen.


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