Small House Ventilation Design for Better Indoor Air Quality and Style

For a small house, the role of ventilation is crucial. It is actually the reason how a small house can have quality indoor air. Meanwhile, today’s designs allow you to have an even more advanced touch. You can have ventilation that looks good too. Check out the following options for ventilation with styles.


1. Vent Screen

This is the most important ventilation option you shouldn’t miss. This makes the first choice when you need proper ventilation for the entire day and night. It should be placed as usual, on the upper side of the wall near the ceiling. Open it 24 hours during the summer, and close it a bit during the winter.

If you want to add some style, you can choose other frame materials for wanted colors. White makes a safe option while mosaic glass will make an excellent touch too. You pick.

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2. Top Hanging Window

This is the most popular option when it comes to modern and minimalist design. You should expect square window on the wall about your sight height. It gives you enough light while it makes a perfect ventilation when you open it. Your options will be to tilt or to turn it.

The best thing about this window is how it matches a lot of interior design and you can repaint the frame color. The size is perfect for a small house as you may only need one for a room.

Roof top hanging window

Roof top hanging window. Image:

3. Wall Length Window

This window is always the best option when it comes to contemporary and modern design. Instead of hanging on the wall, it is actually built almost as tall as the wall. It means more lighting and whenever you open it, you get the outdoor feeling.

This window makes a small house looks roomier and taller while it improves your indoor air quality in an instant. In addition to that, it improves your interior look into stylish indoor. If you want ventilation and style at once, this is your answer.

Wall Length window for small house

4. Ceiling Screen

Even though it isn’t a popular option, many stylish houses have this screen. Especially for a small house, this ventilation makes sure you get the air circulation well handled while you get the lighting as well. In many ways, it improves your architecture value as well.

Today, you get to install the manual or the electric one. It affects on how you open and shut it. However, if your house is built to feature this ventilation, you may not need to use the electric one.

5. French Doors

This is a popular option for almost any houses in US. It actually works even on a small house. While it makes a great entrance for the house, you can always open it to improve air circulation. While it helps in ventilating the air, it adds value to your interior as well.

You may think this isn’t an appropriate option for a small house, but in fact, it is. It makes your small house looks bigger and taller for being wall height. In addition to it, you can always adjust the size so it fits your small house space.

French doors for small house

6. Sliding Doors

The idea of sliding doors is to give you a big opening for a room or a house without using too much space. If your wall isn’t wide enough, you should consider installing narrower door instead of the full size.

It allows you to have the same door and gain the benefits without forcing the door to your small space. This door will add lighting into your house, help the ventilation, and give roomier impression of the room.

Wooden sliding doors for small house

7. Screen Doors

Screen doors are almost as familiar as the sliding doors. The difference is it doesn’t always slide. Most of the time, you need to tilt or open it like usual. This door can help in ventilating your indoor air without too much hustle. Open it when it is hot, and close it when you need it warmer.

It also adds light into the room, giving it a roomier atmosphere. Many people prefer one that can be turn right from the middle. It gives more modern touch while it allows you to let the outdoor air in.

8. French Windows

Like the door, French window has the same shape and design. It is just a window this time. It is usually installed on the wall right on waist high. You can open and shut it anytime you want while it allows the light in all the time. It is why it makes perfect choice for you.

In addition to making good ventilation, the French window is perfect for a more dramatic touch in your house. It makes your small house a lot more idyllic and inviting.

9. Accordion Windows

You may not be familiar enough with it, but this window looks actually stunning. It almost looks like the ordinary wall hanging window. Yet this time, you slide it and it looks like the screen is folded. It is perfect for a small house with small rooms.

When you slide it, the indoor air gets out and the outdoor air gets in. It is a perfect ventilation. It allows light to come in while the opening doesn’t take much space.

Fold slide Accordion Windows

10. Double Hung Window

This window is extremely popular especially today. It is featured on houses to office buildings. The window looks like hung window we know, but this time, it has double screen. You can open one or both to enforce your ventilating system. Like the other modern windows, it allows a lot of light to get in.

The best thing about this window is the modern design. It looks tidy and neat while you can customize the frame color to match your interior look. It is easy to clean, and it looks simple and stylish at the same time.

Double hung window

Double hung window

Of course, you need to get proper ventilation system in the house. For best result, use one or two of the ideas above to enforce your ventilation. The best thing about those options is it works in both ways, effectiveness and style.

Small house ventilation ideas

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