Small Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

When it comes to decorating, it is completely allowed to set a budget on it. Never fear. You can still decorate your small home with big style without spending too much money on it. You’ll be surprised how small ideas can result in big impact. Check out the following small home decorating ideas on a budget inspirations below.

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Small Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

1. Add an Amplifier Mirror

Mirror is always part of decoration, and you don’t have to go expensive on this item. In fact, you will be able to find even large mirror in cheap price during sales or in pre loved sales. You can refinish or replace the frame if you want to.

The idea is to put it right in a tight space or in a small room. You can just put it there instead of hanging it on the wall. It will amplify your room as if it is roomier or bigger while it adds style in your home.

Wall mirror decor living room ideas

2. Display Your Collection

There are days when you don’t need your fireplace. During this time, it is best to use your fireplace to display your collection. For example, you can display your vases collection. Choose various heights while sticking on simple color palates.

While it covers the unused item in the room, you actually improve the interior look by adding decoration. It doesn’t have to be floor items as well. You can try hang things on the fireplace or put your collection on it.

Small bedroom decor on budget

3. Color That Pops!

In many cases, a room looks too dull and uninteresting. If you share the same issue, you only need a simple solution, color that pops. You should consider adding colors like green, bright yellow, or orange. These colors are known to be effective in adding accent in a dull room.

You can work the color by repainting one wall, or adding blossoms with one of those colors. It is simple and it doesn’t take a lot of money to do it. Just make sure to add color at the effective place.

Wall color painting living room ideas

4. Repurpose Some Furniture

You don’t need new things all the time you try to add some decoration. Instead, you can repurpose several of your furniture items. For example, you can use your rickety seat as a table, maybe bedside table for the best.

Put the back side against the wall and add a rattan tray on caning. Now, you have an antique bedside table where you can put your alarm clock, novel, and reading lamp. In addition to being cheap, it is stylish and fully functional.

Rustic vintage home decor ideas living room

5. Outdoor Feeling

This idea rarely comes into someone’s mind but it is actually recommended by designers. It is recommended to bring outdoor items indoor for some fresh air indoor. For example, you can bring in several rocks and arrange it on your hall. While it makes great lining, it is fun to look at.

In alternative, you can consider attach it to reclaimed wood using special glue, like the Gorilla glue. Then, you have rustic and nature-feeling coat hanger in the entryway. It is cheap, charming, and creative.

Reclaimed wood wall living room decor ideas

6. Mix Patterns and Colors

Why do you have to decorate your home with buying something new in mind? You can use things you already have instead. Open your storage and find ideas there. You can add vibrant accent as decoration by using contrasting pillow cases for the sofa.

In alternative, you can also use white background, for example, with floral or asymmetrical patterns on your linen. While it pops out, you don’t have to buy new things. Simply make a new combination and use it in your home. It’s simple and cheap.

Colorful living room decor on a budget

7. Make Clusters of Candles

Here is an idea that will appear useful every time you need to set up romantic mood. If you have many surfaces and they are empty, fill them with clusters of candles. Candles look good together especially when you plan the color carefully. You can go with the same color or a combination of simple palate.

Put them in clear glass or in a bowl and make sure each surfaces get several level of candle heights. While it will be fully functional, your home will look elegant and romantic at the same time.

Shabby Chic Living room Decor ideas with candle sticks

8. Photo Galleries

If you have too many vacant walls at home, this is your solution. Vacant wall will add empty feeling. Instead of cheerful, your home feels sad and not alive. Making photo gallery for each wall is a great idea. While it looks alive, it doesn’t take a lot of effort nor money.

Pick a theme for each wall and hang the best photos in your version. This wall may display wedding theme, while the other one displays birthdays. Be consistent with frame size and color on each wall. You can use various sizes of frames on each wall but make sure the setting is balance and right.

Living room photo gallery wall decor ideas

9. Bring In the Wicker

Wicker belongs to the outdoors. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t work well indoor too. On the contrary, fill the sunniest corner of a room with a pair of this. Such corner makes the best place for wicker while the wickers will change the room mood to casual and relax.

In addition to the wicker, consider adding cheerful colored upholster. You can prefer on several colors like green, yellow, soft brown, or sandy beach for the upholster. While it makes great combination, it improves the interior value instantly. It looks well finished and styled.

Wicker furniture indoor living rooms

10. Hang Your Plates

Yes, this is a fabulous idea. Plates are known to be great display for a vacant wall and it works wonderfully not just for the dining room but the other rooms too. Check out your storage and see if you have a set kept there. If you do, take it out.

Arrange the plates in any form or setting that pleases you. Fill the empty wall with these plates and make sure you pay attention on the color palate as well. Soon, you will find your home looks a lot happier and more alive. Meanwhile, it doesn’t take a dime to make.

DIY wall plate display decoration ideas

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