10 Small Countertop Cabinet with Drawers with Best Look for Your Kitchen

A kitchen cabinet that offers sturdy countertop and has drawers on it is a big benefit for a kitchen. The countertop will serve as addition cooking surface, and the drawers will add your storage space in the kitchen. And then, If you look for an addition, these small countertop cabinet with drawers may fit your kitchen. Check it out.

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1. Small Countertop Cabinet with Drawers, Alexandria Island

This countertop cabinet is specially designed to be able to serve as a kitchen island too. It has granite countertop for the job, and it has three cabinets and two drawers on it. The top will be as reliable as your regular island, which is a good news.

The drawers should be great for storing your utensils, cutleries, and maybe dish towels so they are close enough to you. The cabinets under are completed with adjustable shelves, so it should be a good place to store bigger items like your small appliances.

Small countertop storage cabinet, Alexandria island
Small countertop storage cabinet, Alexandria island. Image: Pinterest.com

2. Wooden Countertop Drawers, HOMCOM Rolling Island

This cabinet is also a mobile island as it gets four wheels on it. It makes a great option if you need a piece you can move around. The table top is made of rubber wood, so it is strong enough for a counter top.

Then, the cabinet is also completed with drawers and cabinets under, which is a great addition for storage space. The best thing about this island is that the design also features a drop leaf for expansion. So, it really makes a practical kitchen cabinet and a reliable island. 

Small countertop cabinet with drawers

3. Classic Small Countertop Cabinet with Drawers in Grey

The kitchen cabinet has a marble countertop to deliver strong and sturdy surface for kitchen duty. It is even strong enough to get an additional shelf on top of it. Under the top, this cabinet gets two smaller drawers and a big one. All are deep enough for storage.

The best way to use the storage space will to store your small appliances and long handle utensils. This way, the cabinet helps in reducing the use of space in your small kitchen and you get to grab them fast when you need to. From small wooden countertop shelf image below, you can understand how interesting it is.

Small kitchen countertop organization ideas
Small kitchen countertop organization ideas

4. Black and White Small Countertop Cabinet with Drawers

Black and white can never be wrong anywhere including in your kitchen. This black granite counter top makes a perfect surface for the kitchen cabinet. Besides, it is strong for the duty and it looks totally stylish at the same time.

Behind the cabinet door under, there are three pull out shelves that actually make the best spot to store your tableware, from plates to bowls. So, it makes food preparation comfortable and practical one, especially with the table wares are within your reach. Moreover, with its good look too, you can’t resist this cabinet.

Black granite countertop with drawers
Black granite countertop with drawers

5. Vintage Kitchen Cabinet

The cabinet has this elegant vintage look that just very charming, and it offers more than its look. Besides, the cabinet has a strong marble surface top, which will be totally reliable for a kitchen duty. But, the perks come with those drawers and one big shelf on it.

There are three drawers on the top which will come in handy for your cutleries, spices, as well as dishes towel. There two bigger drawers on the below right, and one bigger shelf on the left with divider for your cutting boards and baking sheets. Pretty and efficient.

Vintage Kitchen Cabinet

6. Freestanding Countertop Cabinet Birch Land Island

This is another cabinet that can serve as an island too. From the design, we will agree this wood and white finished cabinet is a traditional and farmhouse one. The wooden finished top will be a sturdy surface for your kitchen.

Meanwhile, the below part consists of so many drawers and two shelves. You can literally store so many of items in here, making your small kitchen even tidier than ever. Plus, the side shelves there, it will make a practical storage for spices, wine, and oils too.

Small countertop cupboard

7. All White Countertop, Cabinet, and Drawers

This cabinet looks light, elegant, and clean at the same time. It is small enough but the marble counter top will cater your need for heavy duty job in the kitchen. It looks good, and it works like wonder too.

Below the top, there are three drawers in different sizes. The top drawer is small enough which is suitable for smaller items storage. The two below are a little bigger. You can store some ready to use food supplies, and maybe your small appliances too. Pair with upper cabinet for even more storage space.     

Small countertop organizer
Small countertop organizer

8. Pastel on Rustic, Decorative Countertop Storage Drawers

This small kitchen cabinet is just too gorgeous to miss, but it offers more than its look. While its light wood finished top and the blue rustic pastel finish for the below part is just enchanting, it has one big cabinet, one smaller, and two drawers on it.

The cabinet doesn’t only add a rustic touch on your kitchen, but it offers a lot of storage space too. Don’t worry about the surface, it will be strong enough for cooking duty, and it is practically small enough for even a tiny kitchen. 

Decorative Countertop Storage Drawers
Decorative Countertop Storage Drawers

9. Modern Minimalist Countertop Drawers

If you are up to something modern and sleek, this cabinet is your winner. This is because, it is finished in marble top in grey and wood paint for the rest of the cabinet. And also, the drawers will provide plenty of storage and the top should be strong enough for even heavy duties.

The design is fashionable and calm, and you must love the minimalist line of the cabinet too. It fits for a modern kitchen with sharp interior design that remains efficient too. It is when you combine value piece and style all together.     

Modern Minimalist Countertop Drawers
Modern Minimalist Countertop Drawers

10. Minimalist Microwave Cabinet

This small countertop cabinet with drawers makes a perfect microwave or breakfast cabinet entirely. Furthermore, it is small but tall enough for a lot of storage space. The finish is just gorgeous and stylish, offering calm and light modern touch on the interior, and the design line is sharp and clean for modern taste.

The storage space will be plenty with all of those drawers under the top where you can store all you need for morning coffee to a pleasant dinner. So, as a bonus, this cabinet takes only a small space of your kitchen.

Small countertop corner shelf
Small countertop corner shelf

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