Top 10 Picks on Small Cabinet with Drawers for Kitchen That Fits Any Space

Adding a small cabinet with drawers will be beneficial for your kitchen. You get another storage space while the addition shouldn’t make your kitchen felt cramped for being small enough. But, what about the design? Which one is best while it looks good too? Check out these pieces small cabinet with drawers for kitchen for some inspirations.

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1. Rustic in Glam Chic

The lower kitchen cabinet is actually pretty small and it has the gorgeous look. The entire cabinet is finished in white, and the top is finished in wood. The combination of these shades creates a warm and bright feeling, which is a plus for a small kitchen.

The glam feeling is derived from its gold handles, which adds a little spark on the entire look. The cabinet has four drawers, and one of them is big and deep enough for wine bottles. It also has a cabinet and a small wine chiller on the side.

Rustic cabinet with drawer for kitchen

2. Small and Tall Cabinet in Mushroom

If the door is closed, this cabinet will look like a regular one with several shelves in it. Meanwhile, this cabinet actually features only four layers of shelves. The last two rows on the bottom are actually drawers.

It is narrow enough for a kitchen cabinet, but it is also tall enough to provide enough space for storing. This cabinet will fit any size of kitchen, while it looks stunning in mushroom shade. Apparently, this color is hot right now, giving your kitchen a little up to date style. 

Small and Tall Cabinet in Mushroom
Small cabinet with drawers for kitchen

3. Cute Little Farmhouse Cabinet

If you are looking for a small and homey felt piece, this small cabinet will do you great. It has a wooden top that is strong enough for kitchen duties. Meanwhile, the below drawers are super cute. The frame is finished in white while the drawers are finished in pale pine wood shade.

The left and right side of the cabinet is filled with three rows of drawers. The middle part is three layers of open shelves, and these open shelves are completed with wooden containers for the fresh goods.  

Cute Little Farmhouse Cabinet

4. Modern Cabinet with Marble Top

This small cabinet is compact enough even for a tiny kitchen. However, it is built nice and strong, offering good strength for all the kitchen duties. The marble top will provide additional surface you can use, and it offers a little storing space.

Below, there is a small drawer to keep smaller items you need to grab fast. Under that, there is a cabinet, in which when you open the door, you will find two layers of pull out drawers inside. It is just simple and nice, it gives your kitchen an additional value.

Modern Cabinet with Marble Top

5. Heaven of Drawers Cabinet

This lower cabinet is set near the fridge so it does the beverages table duties. The hard top serves a stable surface to prepare for you beverages. Below the top, there are two small drawers to keep smaller things like spoons and others.

Below the drawers, there are two cabinet doors that hide four layers of wooden pull out drawers. It is shallow enough so it makes a great fit to store your kitchen fabric too. On the outside, it looks elegant and nice, and the white finish gives it a bigger look.

Heaven of Drawers Cabinet

6. Contemporary Cabinet with Minimalist Finish

If you ever need to add a cabinet that is compact enough for your small space, this piece is the best choice. This cabinet only has one drawer, but it also features two rows of open shelves and interior shelves too.

The entire surface is finished in plain white shade to give it a bright and neutral finish. So, it won’t be hard to fit it in any kitchen space and style. Plus, while it is very compact, it actually offers big enough storing space.  

Contemporary Cabinet with Minimalist Finish
Small cabinet with drawers for kitchen

7. Cabinet of Drawers with Cooking Top

This cabinet isn’t necessarily big, but it should be tall enough for a breakfast counter. The cabinet looks like it has interior shelves, but it doesn’t. The cabinet has two layers of interior pull out drawers that are apparently used to store the kids’ snack. Below, there is another drawer that is big enough for kitchen items storage.

It is finished in ocean blue shade that comes contrastive to the rest of the kitchen cabinet, and it is also completed with dark and bold counter top to balance it.

Cabinet of Drawers with Cooking Top
Small cabinet with drawers for kitchen. Image:

8. Super Narrow Drawers Cabinet

This item has been a popular piece now more than ever. It is really narrow as it is specially designed to fit a very narrow gap in the kitchen. The most interesting part of this cabinet is that it is light but durable, and it has four drawers and wheels.

The entire features make this cabinet a small but practical and flexible one. While storing items will be served well by the storage space, you can actually move the cabinet anywhere you want without any significant obstruction, thanks to the size and wheels.

Super Narrow Drawers Cabinet
Small cabinet with drawers for kitchen

9. Super Simple Sideboard Small Cabinet with Drawers for Kitchen

This sideboard cabinet is a very simple piece with nothing complicated on the design. Looking at it at glance, we already know that it is a regular cabinet. The best thing about such design is that it is familiar enough for us to add a homey feeling in your kitchen.

It can be an additional storage in your kitchen as it has two drawers, two interior shelves, and an open shelf at the below layer. Finished in pale wood on the top, and bright white for the cabinet, this piece should help a lot.

Super Simple Sideboard Cabinet

10. Beach House Cabinet in White

This cabinet looks very humble but nice at the same time. It looks like it is built of several wooden planks, and it is finished in bright white shade to make it looks bright and neutral. The cabinet is pretty much multifunction looking at the design.

It has three layers of small drawers on the left, and it has interior shelves on the other side covered with two cabinet doors on it. It offers enough storage space and it looks really awesome at the same time.

Beach House Cabinet in White

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