C shaped house plan is maybe known best for big houses like villa and mansion. However, this plan shape is actually applicable for all sizes of house, except for the tiny one. If you want the flexibility and its elegant look, you can try these c shaped plans for your small houses.


1. Facing the Courtyard

The idea of having a small courtyard in the middle of the property for a small house is smart. It makes sure the small space gets fresh air every time, while it will be nice for all rooms to have a pleasant view.

This small house has a c shaped floor plan, where the master bedroom and living room are on each opposite of the house. There is one more bedroom next to the master while the living room is just next to the dining room. The kitchen is set in the far end, making it a spacious common room.


2. With 3 Bedrooms!

While u and c shapes are often considered the same, this plan is shown in c perspective for real. The small house has a master and a kid bedroom. There is a private bath and a shared bath splitting the kids’ room with a guest bedroom.

The other corner of the house is set with a full kitchen right next to the living room facing the courtyard. If there is anything about this house it is the spacious and fresh atmosphere. It’s great for a family and its good for a bunch of roommates. 

3. With a Yoga Studio

This small house plan is actually way more fun than the previous ones, while it still is in the same plan shape. The master bedroom occupies one of the house wings while the opposite is set for a gym or yoga studio! How nice. This studio is next to a guest bath, a half bath and two guest bedrooms.

The dining area is set in a spacious spot between the kitchen and the living room, and this house still has a spot for a master sitting room. This plan is best made for a recreation house or maybe for someone who invites friends over very often.


4. Spacious Dwelling

The center look of this house is the living room that sits right next to the entry. The left wing is occupied with bedrooms, one master and two more, and two baths. While it promises privacy, each room is completed with nice view.

The living room is in close range with dining room and kitchen, while the right wing is occupied with a spacious family room and a roomy garage. This is an ideal house for a small family where all activities are made possible.

5. Small House with a Pool

This small house has everything it needs, from the basic needs to luxury leisure. The left wing of the house is set for one master and two more bedrooms, offering privacy for the residents. The dining room is facing both the back patio as well as the front of the house.

On the right wing, there are scullery and kitchen just next to the spacious living room. On the backyard, the patio leads to a pool which makes this house a pleasant one for the entire week.

6. Modern and Open

This small house plan doesn’t look small or cramped at all. In fact, it looks spacious and it has everything. The right wing of the house is for the bedrooms, one master, a kid, and a guest bedroom. The center is more like a spacious multi function room, a storage, utility, and a powder room.

The left wing is for the kitchen, pantry, as well as a kitchen and dining at the far end. A garage is also on this wing on the front part of the house. You can still have a backyard and maybe a pool in this plan. 


7. Small and Comfy

This small house plan can work just well with any style of house you want to build. The entrance faces the backyard patio and terrace. The left wing is for the kitchen, a dining area, and a roomy living room.

The right wing offers more privacy which is why all the bedrooms are there. There are two bedrooms with one shared bath and a master with private bed. In addition to it, this house also still has the utility room, a closet, as well as fresh air and pleasant view for the entire room.

8. Modern Farmhouse

The c shape plan works really well for this farmhouse style home. There is nothing extraordinary or super glamorous about this house, but it is finished in a modern way. It has one master bedroom and two more additional bedrooms.

There are also one private and one shared bath, a utility room, a kitchen with dining area, and a living room. There is a decked terrace at the back, giving this house one more value for being relaxing and fun. Complete it with wall of windows, and you have the nicest house to retire in.

9. A Spacious Backyard Patio

This house is about simplicity and how you can enjoy everything at home. The right wing has a master bedroom with a private bath, a living room, and a home office. Next to it, the dining room is right at the center, facing the patio.

On the left wing, there are two other bedrooms, a laundry room, as well as a kitchen and a utility room. The patio gets a living space on it with even more space for a small pool.

10. Petite House with 2 Bedrooms

This small house uses the entire right wing as a long garage. Meanwhile on the left wing, the house has two bedrooms with a shared bath in a private space. This surely promise peace and quiet during bed time.

There is also a kitchen next to the dining area and a living room. The dining and living are facing the terrace that seems to be completed with some outdoor furniture set. This house can be small but it is actually really nicely planned and fun.

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