Small Basement Kitchen Design Ideas

Basement can be transformed into many others including a kitchen. Things can be a little tricky when your basement is small. You may think you don’t have enough space for things you want, but it’s wrong. Here are several small basement kitchen design ideas you can consider.



1. Movie Night Kitchen

As aspired on its name, this kitchen is intended to amuse you during the movie night you hold. It can be your own movie night or a night with some friends on your loop. The point is to make a small kitchen in which you can grab your snack and drink.

It doesn’t need a lot of space. First, you need the floating cabinets above your counter. You can keep some ready-to-eat snacks like chips and peanuts and canned drinks. Under the shelves, you should have a sink and a countertop where you can put your microwave for popcorn making.

Movie theater small basement kitchen design ideas

2. A Tucked Away Kitchen

Let’s say there is no more space, but it is possible to make a small hole on the wall, kind of tucked in the wall to be specific. Instead of leaving it useless, order a kitchen set that will fit in this space. Maybe, you can add a countertop with microwave shelf and a small fridge on the side.

On the countertop, you can place some containers for snacks or other things. If you still have some space, you can add floating shelves and add some decors on it. While it will be fully functional as a kitchen, it can be decorative at the same time.

Basement bar small kitchen design ideas tucked away

3. Cabin Like Chic Kitchen

Kitchen here doesn’t always mean a full kitchen in which you can cook main course. In alternative, you should consider using a small space of your basement as your wet bar kitchen. This will be a perfect kitchen if you need a getaway space for a while.

Of course, you will need a small sink. You also need to add hanging shelves for your beverages. Keep it clean and sleek to use the space optimally. As for small tips, don’t overdo the setting and don’t keep too many things in it, be specific.

Little kitchen ideas for cabin chic basement kitchen design

4. Beach Style Kitchen

Beach style goes well with rustic, simple, and sleek kitchen. You can use the small space by adding cabinets and countertop. One sink will be enough, and make sure to accommodate your needs on the cabinet. Build custom shape to make sure it fits while fully functioning.

The best option will be a wet bar with only beverages and maybe simple snack to serve, but you can do whatever you’re up to with this kitchen. If possible add some hanging shelves for more storage space while adding lighting will make it stylish.

BEACHY Small kitchen basement ideas

5. Industrial Chic Kitchen

Industrial is an interior style that you can adopt, especially with it being extremely popular today. The point is on how it looks and functions properly, not how much space you will use. Use the small space and add industrial elements like steel colors and modern look on cabinet.

Building custom cabinet will make sure you can have backup kitchen in the basement. For a little twist, add chic touch on it like mosaic backsplash for a little life in the kitchen. While being efficient, this kitchen will be nice to look at too.

Industrial chic kitchen basement design ideas


6. Bar Kitchenette

This kind of kitchen will look great while it fits great in your small basement. You need custom built cabinet to make sure everything is well accommodated. However, you can consider adding wall hanging storage for your wine bottles, and vertical is the best way for it.

For a family friendly setting, add a bar table with stools in front of it too. Your kitchen now serves full function while it welcomes friends and family to join you in the basement. You can also choose light and natural colors for a little light in darker corner.

Bar Kitchenette basement kitchen


7. Simple and Bright

There is nothing more fitting for a small basement kitchen but simple design and bright colors on it. Make sure to maximize the space by adding wall hanging cabinet and custom built shelves in it. It makes sure the cabinet accommodates ultimately while looking stylish.

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For the best look on a small space, choose bright color like white and grey, navy blue, and all the pastel colors. It makes sure the kitchen looks clean and nice while it doesn’t look gloomy and dark in the basement. Add some green plants for decoration to make it even more inviting.

Colorful kitchen basement design ideas

8. No-Wall-Hanging-Cabinet Kitchen

The idea is to keep it simple yet functional. Instead of adding wall hanging cabinet as well, you should consider to use only the usual cabinet with countertop and sink on it. Make sure it accommodates your small oven or microwave too for better use.

As for the wall, add only shelves from wooden bars for example, so you can put and arrange your plates and mugs on it. While it makes it faster and easier for you to get it, it is easier to clean while it looks like a decoration at the same time. It looks simple but it is fully functional.

Open brick no wall hanging cabinet small basement kitchen

9. Staggered Kitchen

Do you want to add a kitchen in your small basement but you only have an awkward corner? Just go with the corner and add a staggered kitchen instead. Yes, you won’t have an even line of countertop, but it won’t be a problem at all.

Don’t forget to add wall hanging cabinets that are consistent with the rest of the elements to add some more storage. Make sure to combine stylish colors like marble and black, and wooden and shiny surface to make it appears stylish. It can be in an awkward corner, but it will be a stylish and functional kitchen.

Very small kitchen basement with compact cabinet

There are more than enough ideas to use. The key is to find design that will works best on your basement. Pay attention to the details like how much space you have, what is the targeted function and atmosphere, and what do you think about the lighting. So, which design suits you best?


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