10 Small Apartment Kitchen Organization Ideas That Provide Big Storage

Living in a small apartment is actually a wise decision today considering the minimum hustle to keep and clean it. However, it can be challenging sometimes when you have tons to store, especially in the kitchen. Considering that a small apartment has a small kitchen too, these small apartment kitchen organization ideas will enhance your storing space:

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1. Small Kitchen Organization with Put Your Spices in a Drawer

If you are an avid home cook and you have so many spices in your apartment, putting them all into only one drawer is necessary to free up a lot more space. It is possible. Make sure to store every of your spices in the same size jars, and label each jar.

Then, store those jars inside one drawer. To make it possible, use organizers like wooden organizer or inserts in your drawer. It helps in arranging the jars so the drawer can store more. Plus, it helps you in finding the right spice every time.

Drawer for apartment kitchen storage
Drawer for apartment kitchen storage

2. Apartment Pantry Solutions with Plate Holder

This simple item actually helps a lot. Plate holder makes sure you can keep many more plates in one place without stacking them. Stacking often results in unbalance weight in one side of your cabinet, not to mention the hustle to get just one plate in the future.

Plate holder organizes your plates neatly and tidily and it will be easy to get them as well. The fun fact is that this plate holder can actually go into a deep drawer too if you want to. 

Apartment Pantry Solutions with Plate

3. Apartment Kitchen Storage Ideas, Side Organizers

Every small apartment kitchen organization needs this. It allows you to store most frequent used items within your reach without cluttering the kitchen surface. It is best to store your paper towel roll, cooking tools, napkin, and more.

The best thing about this organizer is that it can be attached to any side including your fridge sides. For the fridge, you can use the magnet one, and as for the cabinet sides, you can use the regular one that needs nailing. Don’t be shy to add tiers as well as long as you have the space.  

Side organizers for small apartment kitchen storage
Side organizers for small apartment kitchen storage

4. Use Clear Containers for Apartment Kitchen Organization

Clear containers are considered must have items today for its benefits when it comes to apartment kitchen needs. You need to store everything in your kitchen supplies, and these containers offer variation of sizes to cater your need. Don’t limit yourself on one size only.

These containers clear out a lot of storing spaces as you can stack them too, and it will be super easy to check on your supplies before grocery shopping too. Meanwhile, adding label on them will make it simpler for you to spot particular items you look for.

Apartment Kitchen Ideas with Clear containers

5. Small kitchen storage with Drawer Inserts and Organizers

Your drawer is a big storage space. You can actually fit in more items in one drawer and not having any difficulty in finding them later, if you use organizers. Organizers or inserts will help you to group and sort items, and arrange them into a tidy system.

It makes room for more and it makes a wonderful display so you don’t have to make a new mess just because you need to find an item. Without you knowing it, more surface will be cleared and more space will be available for storing. 

Small kitchen storage with Drawer Inserts and Organizers

6. Kitchen Organization Storage Above Counter Shelves

There is no reason why you shouldn’t use the available space on the wall right above your counter. It is still space and you can use it for even more storage. The best way to use this space will be adding shelves on it.

Floating shelves are popular alternative as it offers fast way to store and get things for day to day needs. In addition to it, wire basket shelves are also great alternative as it contains a lot of items at once, and they are easy to add on the wall.

Kitchen Organization Storage Above Counter Shelves

7. Enhance with Risers and Under Shelf Organizer

If you look carefully, we always have that vacant space in the cabinet and it is commonly in the upper part. Well, we despise a long stacking and the hustle to get things from the stack. But we don’t have to go through that anymore.

Enhance and double your cabinet storage space using the riser and shelf organizer. Riser helps in storing things on top of other things by adding layer on the shelf while under shelf organizer  helps in adding a tier under a shelf. Get both.  

small apartment kitchen organization ideas with risers
small apartment kitchen organization ideas with risers

8. Wall Knife Storage for Small Apartment Organizations

This is actually a brilliant idea that gets more and more popular. The storage is actually magnetic which makes a fitting one for steel including knife. You can add this on the wall near your cooking surface and attach your knife collection on it.

It frees up some space on your surface without preventing you from getting your knife fast and easy while cooking. In addition to those all, this organizer adds accent to your kitchen that serves an effortless décor.  

Wall Knife Storage for Small Apartment Organizations

9. Use Every Available Wall for Small Apartment Storage

There is no need of being polite and modest when it comes to using your entire kitchen wall. You kitchen is small so space comes as luxury here. If you still need some more space for storing, use even the most awkward wall for it.

Add wire baskets, rods and hooks, and magnetic organizers on it, and store items you need every day on those. In alternative to wire baskets, you can also use floating shelves and organizer baskets, depending on your preference. 

Use Every Available Wall for Small Apartment Storage

10. Kitchen Apartment Organization with Peg Board Rules!

Peg board is a popular alternative whenever you need to hang stuffs. Your pots and pans, cooking tools, napkin, spices rack, and more supplies can be stored on this board. There are more than enough styles and models too to match your kitchen interior style.

Go for a long vertical board and place it in most unlikely space like on the wall in the back of the kitchen door. Now you can store more and clear a lot of clutter in your kitchen, and getting those stuffs will a lot easier from now on. 

Peg Board small apartment kitchen organization ideas
Pegboard for small apartment kitchen organization ideas. Image: Pinterest.com

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