Simple Vertical Garden Design Ideas for Small Space

Owning a house with beautiful garden is everyone’s dream. Sadly, not all could afford the big house with huge garden at the front. Do the others who love in small space have to give up on the garden? Not really. A vertical garden would make the long dreams come true. Learn the steps and trick to make it as pretty as normal garden.


1. Fancy Block of Plants

Outdoor space will be a lot more fun with blocks! It would be even prettier with some mini succulents plants. This idea fits well for those who are eager enough to start the project but too busy to do the daily care. To make this, the house owners will need cinder blocks. The blocks come in several sizes. The smallest would be 8 inches while the biggest is 16 inches. The house owners could pick the one that fits to the space.

Another important material for the fancy block is liquid nails. It helps to glue the blocks together without leaving any trace. Start with a sketch. Try to imagine the form of the block that is going to be built. In the process, don’t forget to add some pockets for the plants. Allow the glue to dry overnight, and then fill the pockets with soil. When it is ready, put the succulents or the other plants on the soil.

Cinder Block Succulent Planters Vertical Garden Ideas Outdoor Small Space

2. Gutter Bars

Got no place to put the pots? Then try to find an empty wall. It is a great space to grow some plants, only if the house owners know how to. First of all, measure the width of the wall. It will determine the size and length of plastic gutter. Then, count how many bars that could fit on the wall. Remember to give enough space between the gutter, so the sunlight could slip in and the stem could grow well.

Install curved hook on the wall, make sure the gutter could fit to the space. It shouldn’t bounce too much. Drill holes on the gutter to provide drainage. Cover it with stones, so the soil won’t block the holes and water could slips in. Pour the soil and put the plants on the gutter. Not sure about what plant to grow? The best advice would be simple vegetables like lettuce. During harvest time, the house owner could have a feast.

Rain gutter vertical garden design ideas

Rain gutter vertical garden design ideas. Image: LOWE’S

3. Hanging Trellis

Take a look at the picture of growing plant. Not all of them will grow nicely in a pot. Some of them require thread or stick to grow up. Love this kind of plants? Then make a hanging trellis! It takes less than a day and last for years! The structure of trellis is made from wood with 90 degree truss. Build two identical trellises and install a bar on the tip. Hook the pot to the bar and give plenty space for growth.

Be careful when choosing the plants, though. Several plants just grow up, no fruits on the pot. However, some others are not just growing the leaves, but also the fruits. Tomatoes, for example, will have ripe fruits hanging from the stem. Pumpkin is different. The fruit grows under the soil, so the hook on the trellis bar should be strong enough to hold the weight.

Hanging Trellis vertical garden small home space ideas


4. The Floating Bottles

One trash that often found in a household trash and could also be recycled is plastic bottle. Turning it into pot will surely save the cost to purchase the new items. Don’t be afraid to play with different size and colors. It is what makes the floating bottles beautiful. The first thing to do is hammering a nail on top of the wall. Then, tie the string to the nails and pull down. Make a hole on both ends of the bottle and connect them to the string.

Before making a bundle, balance the bottles. It is important to prevent any plant with rotten roots because of watery soil. Cut the middle part of the bottle, providing space for the soil. Don’t forget the drainage: drill some holes on the bottles. When the floating garden is ready, put the plants and watch them grow. Don’t forget to spray some fertilizer and anti pests regularly.

Hanging bottle vertical garden diy



5. Mini Vertical Garden

Those who live in a limited space might know how it feels to stand on high building. Now, if the house owner lives in 10th floor, is it possible to have a garden? Not really. Any apartment room has the patio, surrounded by the fence for the tenant’s safety. Use the fence as the media to mini garden. Go around the house and try to find any unused box. Instead of throwing it away, put connectors on the back and hook it on the fence.

For pretty appearance, the house owners could re-paint the box. Next step to do is choosing the plants. Since the plant will stay outside the room, the person might forget to water or fertilize it. In this case, the perfect plant would be herb. Spraying too much water or fertilizer will take away the natural taste of the herb. A good starter will be basil, lemongrass, mint, chamomile, lettuce and oregano.

Mini vertical garden plants


6. Pallet of Pots

Many ideas of vertical garden includes wall. Some people are hesitated, since the wall in their house might not be strong enough. Believe it or not, not all small houses ignore the importance of having pretty walls. Those who are still obsessed with vertical garden could opt to the pallet. It could be made from unused wooden box. Simply build the box into open shelves.

Rustic pallet pot rack plants vertical garden


Arrange the small pots in the pallet. If needed, use the top shelf of the pallet. Instead of having green plants, it would be prettier to bring small flowers. Want a little coordination? Match the color of the flower to the pot. For example, the house owner loves white flower. Find some flowers with different height and texture.



Vertical garden is basically stacking several pots, so they don’t take too much space. The ideas above give the house owners several good samples. Make sure to follow the instruction carefully. Enjoy pretty garden in the limited corner. Are you ready to try?


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