Pros and Cons of Small Kitchen to Maximize Your Kitchen

Having a small kitchen or planning to have one? Well, it seems that a small kitchen is favored by many people nowadays. However, this kind of kitchen isn’t fit for all. You should know your needs before deciding to have a small kitchen. Furthermore, you also need to know the pros and cons of having a small kitchen and some ideas to make it more comfortable.



Having something small doesn’t always mean that it is bad. A small kitchen may be a perfect one for you, especially if you live alone and don’t really use the kitchen to prepare your daily meal. These are more pros opinion of having a small kitchen.

1. Space

If you live in a flat or studio apartment, having a small kitchen will give you extra space for other rooms. You can just put one kitchen cabinet, electric stove, coffee maker, and a refrigerator, that’s it. It will be more perfect if you can combine your kitchen and your dining room into one. More space that you will get!

2. Work Faster

Small kitchen means that you can work and cook faster. You know exactly where you save the equipment and also the spices. Your cooking time will be more efficient since you can reach the refrigerator within seconds and come back to your stove.

3. Less Energy Needed

If you can work and cook faster, it means that you need less energy in preparing the meal. Sometimes cooking can be exhaustive, so small kitchen will help you by reducing less energy.


A small kitchen is practical, it is indeed. However, for some people, a small kitchen isn’t really suitable. For example, a full-time mom with two or more children needs an extra space to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A small kitchen will give her no help at all. It means that a small kitchen also has some cons too.

1. Space

The space in a small kitchen will definitely be small, maybe only one or two persons fit in that kitchen. The walk alley maybe not as big as the other kitchen so you will feel be cramped.

You also should consider the size of the cabinet and working space. If the table is too big, it will disturb the workflow and you cannot move easily. It can be a nightmare to come into the kitchen.

2. Less Storage

Small kitchen, small space, and it also means less storage. If you live with your family, it means that there will be more plates, mugs, glasses, and other cutleries. In addition, you also should save extra pans, pots, and other cookware.

A small kitchen will be a bad option for you. You will have no enough storage for them all. Don’t forget that you should keep the spices, food, or anything that cannot be kept in the refrigerator.

3. Overstuffed

If you only need a microwave and a refrigerator in order to cook, then a small kitchen will do for you. Yet, if you need stove, blender, mixer, oven, freezer, and other tools; a small kitchen can be overstuffed and will leave no working space.

Some Ideas for Small Kitchen

You should limit many things if you want a small kitchen. Please rethink about your need, whether a small kitchen is okay or you indeed need a bigger one. However, if you already have a small kitchen and cannot have it remodeled you can try these ideas so you can maximize the function of the kitchen in the minimum size.

1. Island is A Big No

Many people like to have an island in their kitchen. They said that it can be an extra working space and also a decorative aspect in the kitchen. However, an island in a small kitchen is a big no.

It will make your kitchen more cramped than before. You need to minimize your walk space in order to make an island and then it will slow down your speed in cooking. You need to rethink again to have an island in your small kitchen.

If you still want an island, go have it but with one condition. This island will be functioned as cooking space and also a dinner table. So you can put two or three stools or chairs. It will save the space because you don’t need to have a separated dining table.

Small kitchen island for small space


2. Get the Most Space-Saver Cabinet

The cabinet choice is important for a small kitchen. If you can, get the space-saver cabinet. As one example, choose the cabinet with a sliding door so you don’t need more space to swing open the cabinet door.

Think about having the cabinet under the workspace too. It can provide more storage but you should be smart about the height. Don’t choose a cabinet that you cannot reach or it will be useless.

Creative space saver cabinet under workspace small kitchens

3. Try Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is the kitchen that is made on the factory, not the carpenter-made one. They come with a wide range of size so you can find one for your small kitchen easily.

This kind of kitchen usually comes with an advanced technology because the producer also thinks about making you easier in working. The plus point is that you don’t need a long time to install it.

This modular kitchen sounds like a right answer for a small kitchen but it can cost you more than the carpenter-made one. You need to prepare the money and also try to look for the modular kitchen producer with cheaper price.

Kelly L shaped modular kitchen design


4. Build One Wall Kitchen

This idea is suitable for you who live in a studio-type apartment. One wall kitchen means that you will have one bar-kitchen installed into one of your wall, just that. Your kitchen seems bigger because there is no partition from your kitchen to other room.

However, you can have the dinner table in the side of the kitchen so you will have the partition without really blocking the view.

One wall kitchen design ideas

Image: Mikael Saikkonen

So, are you ready now to have a small kitchen? Please consider the pros and cons first before deciding how your kitchen will be. If you already have a small kitchen, use those ideas to maximize your minimalist kitchen.

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