How to Make Efficient Pantry Storage for Small Kitchens

Designing pantry storage can be a little tricky for small kitchens. Space is actually luxury, but you have to make do so you can store everything to make your kitchen efficient. If you need ideas, these recommendations aren’t only space saving but also efficient in terms of daily use. Check these pantry storage for small kitchens out.

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1. How to Organize Small Kitchen with Drawer Divider

A divider is all a drawer needs. You can DIY the divider, but you can also buy it at the stores. A divider categorizes your items, like spoons, forks, knives, spices jars, and everything else. Once you divide, you won’t face any difficulty in finding each item fast.

While it makes the system much more efficient, it is space saving too. You will be able to store more items from more categories in one drawer only with a divider. It means you free up some more space in the kitchen for other things.

Small kitchen pantry storage
Small kitchen pantry storage

2. Incorporate Baskets Pantry Storage for Small Kitchens

Baskets make powerful tool when it comes to small kitchen pantry storage option. There are many kinds of them, from woven to wooden and wire baskets. Which one you choose should be based on your preference and need.

It stores smaller items that are hard to group and keeps them tidy and neat. You will love how your pantry storage looks. In addition to it, storing and getting items will be a breeze with baskets, so get several of them, preferable ones that are stackable for more space saving trick.

Pantry options for small kitchen
Pantry options for small kitchen

3. Pull Out Drawer Kitchen Storage Ideas

Pull out drawer has become a popular storage type for kitchen cabinet despite the room size. There are more tiers in one cabinet with this, and it means more space efficiency which is good for a small kitchen.  It stores more so you can free up some other space in the room.

Pull out drawer also provides a good storage system that allows you to store items easily and to get them out fast too. There will be no more messy digging to find stuff, and storing is made more organized now.

pantry storage for small kitchens
Kitchen pantry designs for small spaces

4. Small Kitchen Layouts with Open Cabinet for Spices

Open cabinet is always welcomed including in a small kitchen. This cabinet can be made with low and shallow shelves, which will fit for a small corner. Being open, it allows you the easiest accessibility all the time, which is perfect when it comes to spices.

While it offers a great accessibility, perfect measurement can make sure you have it space saving too. It can store more jars and containers of your spices collection, so they don’t clutter on your countertop. It will work and look even better if your jars and containers are the clear ones. 

Small kitchen pantry designs
Small kitchen pantry designs

5. DIY Kitchen Storage Below the Cabinet Shelves

Adding more storage option is always wise in a small kitchen. Instead of sticking with only the cabinets, you should consider using the vacant space for open shelves. Your backsplash area is one of the best places for it.

It offers storage for items and utensils you need daily. You can get them fast, and store them back in a breeze too. Plus, open shelves can work with organizers too and adding hooks below it is also highly recommended. If you are in a budget, you can always DIY these shelves.

DIY Kitchen Storage Below the Cabinet Shelves
Small pantry cabinet for kitchen

6. Pantry Storage Wheeled Kitchen Island

A portable kitchen island like this comes in handy for a small kitchen. The size can be specifically adjusted to the room size, and it adds extra practicality. It offers shelves on it so you can store several items on it. Accessibility will be just as smooth as the others so it makes a perfect piece.

Considering the small kitchen, the addition of wheels makes it more convenient. You can tuck it away somewhere when you don’t need it, and you can make sure it close enough to you while you are cooking or serving. Practical!

Pantry Storage Wheeled Kitchen Island
Kitchen small pantry

7. Vertical Wire Basket Pantry Storage for Small Kitchens

Several fresh goods don’t need to stay in your fridge or cubby. Instead, it will be better to keep them out as long as they don’t get direct sunlight. In such case, you should free up some space in your cabinet and fridge, and put your fresh goods in baskets.

Wire baskets are popular, but other materials are fine too. Arrange them in a vacant wall and make sure it is a vertical arrangement for more space saving hack. Now it is easy to grab them, and you have more storing space available too. 

Vertical Wire Basket Pantry Storage for Small Kitchens

8. A Narrow Drawer Kitchen Pantry Storage

Every kitchen deserves at least one of this. A narrow drawer offers a lot of storage space, especially when you enhance it with several shelves. To make it work best, it is important to consider the items you want to store in designing one.

Besides, it makes a great storage for your oils and spices, and it fits great too for your cooking essentials. It is narrow enough to be added in any small vacant spaces, and it will offer practicality too when you add wheels on it. 

A Narrow Drawer Kitchen Storage
Kitchen pantry cabinet small

9. Pantry Storage for Small Kitchens with Cups Holder

We must agree that cups, mugs, and glasses can be awkward in shape when it comes to storing them. Stacking isn’t wise due to the fact, but not stacking is totally inefficient in space usage term. This is why cups and mugs holder will help a lot.

So, add a vertical one, and hang on your vacant wall. You can store as many as you want without risking the space usage efficiency in your cubby. Plus, storing and getting the cups anytime you want is made far more convenient now.

Pantry Storage for Small Kitchens with Cups Holder

10. Corner Cubby

The corner part of your kitchen cabinet is always considered an awkward place, and we always end up not using the space efficiently. So, one of the best ways to use it is to transform it into a corner pantry. Use the L shaped space for your shelves.

Build several tiers of shelves, from the floor to the ceiling to make sure each space is available to use. It offers a lot of space while accessibility will be nice too. So, no more waste of space, and more items are well stored.

Small kitchen organization ideas pinterest
Small kitchen organization ideas Pinterest

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