10 Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Space to Build on Your Backyard

Having an outdoor kitchen is a lot of fun. If it is your main kitchen, it helps in freeing some space inside. If it is your second kitchen in the house, it makes a fun feature on your backyard, for a little barbecue fun and summer gathering. These kitchens look brilliant you may want to copy them. Find outdoor kitchen ideas for small space here. Check it out.

1. One Line Outdoor Kitchen for Small Space

This modern kitchen has all the right elements for a small space. It is set up against only one wall in the space, which means more space is freed for other use. The cabinetry is finished in pine wood hues for bright touch on the small spot, and the entire appliances are lined up neat.

It is also near the window that reflects the natural light while it helps in exhausting the smoke resulted from smoking. It looks clean and effective which makes the best look for a small space.

Outdoor kitchen designs for small spaces
One line outdoor kitchen designs for small spaces

2. Mini Wooden Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Being an outdoor kitchen, the use of wooden element on this kitchen is just right and logical. It feels fresh and airy and it looks very stylish at the same time. Its concrete metal finished top makes a heavy duty top for your cooking duty while the wooden structure provides enough strength on it.

More shelving and the addition of wheels on one of the cabinet make the entire concept even more flexible. Maneuvering will be an easy task and inviting more people into the small space will be totally possible now.  

Mini Wooden outdoor kitchen ideas for small area
Mini Wooden outdoor kitchen ideas for small area

3. Stone Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Space

This idea is brilliant and interesting at the same time. Being an outdoor, this kitchen uses the same material as the porch. Stone based kitchen looks very natural, airy, and stylish at the same time, and it just feels nice on such small dimension.

The trick is to build it on only one wall of the backyard, leaving some spaces vacant so you can have comfortable maneuver space while cooking. It makes a perfect spot for a little family barbecue, enjoying the summer, and drink some beers with friends.

How to make a small outdoor kitchen with stone
Outdoor kitchen small space ideas. Image: Pinterest.com

4. Cute Little Outdoor Kitchen Nook

This kitchen makes an adorable addition to your backyard. The entire kitchen is built and set up on the custom built shelving on the wall. It provides space for your burner, and there is a separate top for prepping and plating.

Underneath, there are shelves to store your cooking stuff or your fire wood as seen in pictures. It is simple, clean, and it uses only a narrow wall on a weird corner of the house. It seems like the indoor kitchen is a shame now right, it is just so cute and so smart. 

How much does a small outdoor kitchen cost
Outdoor kitchen for small patio

5. Linear Small Outdoor Kitchen with Sink

There is not much space for a full kitchen in this area, but the house owner makes it work. The outdoor kitchen is made linear on one side of the space and it offers everything you need for one. There is a grilling or cooking spot, a bar which can be replaced with sink, and some storage.

The best thing about this kitchen is that it is clean and simple, providing enough space for you to move around it while you can still have serving area too. It is going to be a favorite spot in the house. 

How to design a small outdoor kitchen
Small space outdoor kitchen

6. Tall Farmhouse Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Space

It is a wonderful idea for an outdoor kitchen in a very small space. The entire kitchen is built from distressed wood finished in white washed away shade to put bold statement on farmhouse style. Considering that it is located in a small space, the kitchen is built tall.

There are more and more cabinets and storage on the wall, diverting the eyes to look above instead of around. There are even more storage space underneath the cooking top and it is smart for such small kitchen. Plus, it feels a lot like summer. 

What every outdoor kitchen needs
Outdoor kitchen for small backyard

7. Bright Corner Small Modern Outdoor Kitchen ideas

Look at this kitchen. It doesn’t have much space. In fact, this is a mini kitchen. However, this kitchen still looks spacious and airy thanks to its white finish on all the surfaces. There is a grill spot, and next to it, there is an added peninsula.

This peninsula is a smart addition because it can function as an extra cooking top as well as serving area. It is space efficient and it looks very stylish at the same time. It reminds us on a fun summer and happy gathering with friends.

Bright outdoor corner kitchen ideas for small space
Built in grill ideas for small spaces

8. Cottage Delight Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Space

The kitchen wall is clearly built from old wooden planks, but it is enough to determine the kitchen. It gives a natural background for the kitchen that is also built from distressed egg crates as well as a wooden board for the top. Do you know what makes it looks good?

It is the entire wooden material, the plants, and the airy feeling of being on outdoor. Your kitchen feels bigger than it actually is, and this kitchen is actually can be moved fast when you need to. Look at those wheels down below. 

Wooden plank outdoor kitchen ideas for small space
Small yard outdoor kitchen

9. Boho Delight on Your Outdoor Kitchen for Small Backyard

Who doesn’t love this outdoor kitchen? It looks bold in navy blue, which looks great in this open space, adding airy atmosphere in the small kitchen. It gets all the necessary points on it while it remains space efficient, which we love best from the entire concept.

Completed with all the hut looking accessories, the plants and the rug on the floor, this is a fun space with a lot of sunny feeling on it. No one will realize how small the room is. Be free on decoration to add the boho feeling.

Outdoor kitchen ideas for small backyards
Outdoor kitchen ideas for small backyards

10. Cottage Style Outdoor Kitchen Small Space

Nothing expensive or out of ordinary on this kitchen, but it looks gorgeously rustic and idyllic. The entire cooking counter is built from reclaimed wood finished in grey for brighter hue without covering its natural cracks.

It gets large shelving options underneath the cook top, some hooks to hang your cooking tools, and vintage faucet attached. Everything is simple and rustic with a touch of farmhouse leaving here and there.  

Natural cottage outdoor kitchen ideas for small space
Outdoor kitchen ideas small space

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