You Want Organizing Spices In A Small Kitchen?

The tricky part of organizing spices in a small kitchen is that you need them all the time. You need to be within your reach, but you just don’t have too much space. Don’t fuss. There are many ways you can try actually, and one that fits you may be one of these terrific ones.

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1. Leave Spices Hanging Under Kitchen Cabinet

Of course this is a fun and good idea. You can always add several hooks under your kitchen cabinet or an open shelf over your cooking top. Then, hang your spices jar on these hooks. You will love how it turns out because it can transform your kitchen into a colorful space.

The other perks will be its easy reach and cheap installments. You can always grab the spices you want right away and correct your cooking. You can get the hooks at the dollar store and add it yourself. 

Spice organizer for narrow cabinet

2. How to Organize Spices By Type with Magnetic Spice Organizer

O look at how fancy and fun it looks. This kind of organizer is very popular today since Martha Stewart recommended it. It commonly comes with the tins to make sure the whole system will work effectively. Basically, it allows you to store several tins in a line of magnet.

Just pull it off the magnet strip to get your spice, and attach it again easily for storing. The best part of this organizer is that it can be attached just anywhere you find convenient. So make sure to attach it near you for easy access on your spices.

Magnetic Spice Organizer
Organizing spices in a small kitchen

3. Organizing Spices in A Drawer Insert

This insert can be a simple addition, but it helps a lot in your small kitchen. It makes sure you can line up your small jars of spices in the drawer, and this time, you can store so many of them. You can always choose a drawer nearest to your cooking area for best system.

Choose an insert that comes in round shape. It helps you to prevent spilling and rolling in the drawer so you can save some more space, being efficient, and being neatly clean at the same time.

Organizing Spices in A Drawer Insert
Small spice cabinet organization

4. Spice Wall Shelves Small Kitchen Organizing

Nothing is better than this spot. There is usually a wall near your cooking top, and it is commonly vacant. This wall will be the best place for your spice shelves. Use smaller jars and store all of those jars on these shelves.

It has several tiers of shelf so you can store so many of your spice jars. When it comes to get the spice while cooking, this shelf will make it easier. Finding it will be fast and storing it back will be even faster. Your small kitchen is more organized and it stays clean.

Small spice rack organizer
Small spice rack organizer

5. How to Organize Spices DIY with Wire Rack

The old fashion solution is often one of the best ones. This wire rack is proven to be strong and durable, even for a messy and hectic cook. Being wire, it exposes your spice bottles or jars too, so finding a specific spice will be a breeze.

You can hang this rack almost anywhere, but near your cooking top is always a preferable spot. It will be fast to get your spice, and it will be practical to store them back. Get one with several tiers to offer you even more space for many spices containers. 

How to Organize Spices DIY with Wire Rack
How to Organize Spices DIY with Wire Rack. Image:

6. How to Store A Lot of Spices with Wooden Wall Organizer

This spice organizer is just a lot of fun while it remains efficient as well. The organizer allows you to have multiple of small shelves so you can store one small jar of your spice in each. It will be a piece of cake to store and take out the spices this way.

In addition to it, you will love the warmth color of its wooden material. It adds rustic touch in your kitchen. Combined with the color of your spice, it just transforms your kitchen to a nice and creative space.

Organizing spices in a small kitchen

7. Organizing Spices in a Small Kitchen with Riser Rack

This isn’t the right competitor for organizer with vertical tiers, but it should work just well too if you don’t have so many spice and herb containers. A riser allows you to keep enough containers on each level which is a fit for a small kitchen.

The level is getting higher further back, and it allows you to spot particular spice every time. It looks great on your counter top if you have the space, and it works great inside your cabinet too. Make sure to choose one longer for more spices and herbs containers.

Organizing Spices in a Small Kitchen with Riser Rack

8. Small Kitchen Storage with A Pull Out Spice Drawer

This kind of drawer is highly popular in a small kitchen. It uses just the narrowest space but it is deep enough for a long shelf on each tier. You can use the same design for your spices and herbs storage.

Make sure it has the shelves and tiers, and adjust the size of each shelf to your storage needs. It can store so many containers, and it will be a great access for being near the stove. Now your small kitchen will be well organized and effective.

Pull out drawer spice organizer for small cabinet
Pull out drawer spice organizer for small cabinet

9. Revolving Spice Storage Containers Rack Organizing

In a small kitchen, going vertical is always wise including for this spice rack. The spice rack is made durable and it actually revolves so you can browse on every side. Your herbs and spices containers will go to its circular organizer for best storing.

Finding a particular spice can be challenging because you can see the inside of your container only a little, but it won’t be a problem if you label the lid. You can store many containers in a small and narrow space.

Spice rack organizer for small cabinet
Spice rack organizer for small cabinet

10. How to Organize Spices in A Lazy Susan

This item seems to be one of the favorites when it comes to a small kitchen. Besides, it can be your spice organizer too. First, it allows you to search in a fun way as you get to swirl the organizer. Second, it saves more space because you can store many containers on it.

It will be better to get one that comes with tiers if you are an avid cook with so many containers to store. It fits best in your cooking top as well as in your kitchen cabinet.

How to Organize Spices in A Lazy Susan

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