10 Super Good Looking Narrow Pantry Storage Ideas That Actually Efficient Too!

Having a narrow pantry can be a little challenging. You need to store so many items, but space comes as luxury though. The way you store will affect your pantry system. Without a good system, your storage will waste a lot of space. Steal the following narrow pantry storage ideas to get it right:

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1. Heaven of Baskets and Containers

Yes, never forget that you can get significant help from the baskets and containers. They are available on many different sizes and styles too. They can organize small items neatly, and if you assign each category on one basket or container, your system will be so nice.

Storing back is easy, and accessing items will be a piece of cake. Plus, it allows you to use each available space ultimately. No more wasting your storing spot. If you want the look too, be selective on style and pick a theme color.  

2. Riser, Under Shelf, and Hooks Rules

A storage that is used wisely is an efficient one. You can consider using riser to stack several items that are too risky or to awkward to stack. You also need to use under shelf so you can use that little gap for smaller items.

In addition to it, you can also add hooks under the shelf so those awkwardly shaped cups can be stored and organized. If you can arrange it neatly, it will look nice especially when your stored items are in theme or the same color theme.

Narrow pantry storage ideas with riser under shelf and hooks

3. Plates Organizer is Better

Rather than piling up your plates and facing the hustle every time you want to take one on the below out, it will be better to put them on a special organizer. This organizer comes in many different design, material, and color. Many are even stackable.

Store your plates in a particular order. You can arrange them based on size, color, and designs, or your system can be the combination of it all. While it makes an accessible system, it will actually look sophisticated as it displays your dish wares collection. 

Narrow pantry storage ideas with plates organizer

4. Show It Off with Clear Containers

Pantry storage is considered complete if it has clear containers in it today. It is actually a reasonable thing. Clear containers don’t only contain your stored goods and supplies, but they also show it off. You can see what you store instantly.

Clear containers help in creating an efficient system in which storing more goods will be automatically easy, and getting items will be even easier. It makes your pantry well organized, and as it shows so many colors, it transforms your pantry to a good looking space. 

Narrow pantry storage with clear containers

5. Super Drawer Divider

If you have a few drawers in your narrow pantry, you should consider using dividers inside it. Divider will create small interior compartments in which you can store your items in order. There are many sizes available so you can get appropriate sizes for all items you want to store in there.

Drawer divider makes sure you can find each time instantly because you already group them. It also allows you to store as many items as possible without creating hidden mess. When you pull the drawer out, it will be totally Instagramable that you wont to show it off all the time.

Super drawer divider

6. Organizer for Awkward Item

What are the possible awkward items in the pantry? There are many of them including canned goods, wine and oil bottles, and many more. To make sure your pantry storage is efficient and accessible, you need a special organizer.

Get the right organizer for the bottles, and get specific organizer for the canned goods too. It makes sure your system works in which storing and getting an item is a breeze. Plus, these organizers are sophisticated and often stackable. They will make your pantry a cute and efficient one. 

Organizer for awkward item

7. Stack It High

Of course, you want to use the right containers in your pantry. It will be preferable if you get stackable containers. They allow you to stack them, of course, so you can use most of the available space for storing. Never waste a space in a narrow pantry and that is a rule.

While it is space saving, these containers can actually give the satisfying look. Every time you open the pantry door, you will feel satisfied with all the supplies and the beautiful stack is just really impressive.

Narrow high pantry storage

8. Clear, Clear, Clear!

We all love clear organizers in the pantry. Like this spice rack. This rack has several layers of clear shelf and they all look chic, modern, and very stylish at the same time. It will be a good addition for your pantry, and it is possible to add it over the door.

The clear shelf should be paired with clear spice jars too. It makes sure you have no obstruction at all whenever you want to get a specific spice. Plus, it looks so stylish just as it is. You will feel good every time you look at it.

Clear narrow pantry storage

9. Wire Basket Magic

Wire basket will be a great addition in your narrow pantry. Wire basket is strong so it makes a great container for heavy goods. It is also airy with those wire gaps, and it is why it makes the best container for your fresh goods.

To make it space saving and efficient, stack your wire basket. It frees up some space in your pantry while it will look totally attractive and fresh with those colorful goods. Not everything needs to go to your fridge anyway.

Wire basket magic storage

10. Section for Everything

To create an efficient storage in your pantry, you need a system. One of the best to invest a system that actually works is by providing interior sections. Divide your shelves, which one is for packed goods, which one is for spices and oils, which part is for the small appliances.

It will put your items in order and it will make it easier to store things and to get one item particularly every time. Get as many sections as possible. When you have sections, your pantry will be easily transformed into a good looking one as well.

Nice narrow pantry storage

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