Top 10 Picks of Narrow over the Door Pantry Organizer for Efficient Space Usage

Yes, over the pantry door is often a forgotten space. Meanwhile, you should actually use the space for storage is you find a gap between the door and the interior pantry shelving. To make it possible, you may need a little help from the right organizers. Here are some ideas about narrow over the door pantry organizer:

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1. Wire Shelving Helping

Wire shelving has always been a popular item when it comes to organizer to use over the pantry door. Wire shelves come in many different sizes and most of them are made to be adjustable. It means finding a fit for a narrow space is highly possible.

You can always set them up vertically to really use the entire space. The wire baskets allow you to see what you store without any trouble too. While wire baskets on this shelf are very much welcomed, adding roller and hooks will be helpful as well.

Narrow over the Door Pantry Organizer. Image:

2. Wooden Open Shelves

This organizer is also something you may want to consider. It is made of wooden to give it strength as well as rustic touch in its styling. There are several layers of shelf so you can actually store more in it. You can always build it tall or just add two of these shelves over the door.

Being open shelves, they let you find specific item anytime without any obstruction. There will be no confusion in getting items and storing them anymore. Plus, you can always adjust the height of each shelf while building one so it fits all of your item perfectly.

Narrow over the Door Pantry Organizer

3. Lids Organizer is Better

Such a narrow space is the perfect place to store your awkwardly shaped pan lids. It is a little challenging to store them until you add these shelves over the door. Basically, it consists of several layers of bars. These bars can be wooden, steel, or wire depending on your preference.

It holds the lid well and there is too little risk for those lids to fall down if you build it right. Storing them back will be a breeze too, and you can always build it high to maximize space usage.

Narrow over the Door Pantry Organizer

4. Mesh Basket to Help

Mesh basket is popular in the kitchen, and it can be added in your pantry. You can add steel suspenders over your pantry door, and hang these mesh baskets on it. These baskets are the best container for your fresh goods including fruits, veggies, and those onions and potatoes.

To make sure you use the entire space ultimately, add several layers of baskets. If there are more baskets than your fresh supplies, you should consider using these to store your paper towel rolls, and other kitchen clothes. It will be practical and it actually looks stylish too.

Mesh Basket
Narrow over the Door Pantry Organizer

5. Pegboard for More on Board

Pegboard has been a great help in the kitchen and pantry. It seems to be a very affordable organizer and it actually solves a lot of challenges in storing. Add a pegboard over your pantry door, and make sure to cover the entire space you need.

The pegboard is easy to use especially if you add other smaller organizers like hooks, magnetic folders, and other containers too. It can actually store them all, and you can store different kind of items too. It will be easy to store and it will be easy to access each item.


6. Captain Hooks for Narrow Over The Door Pantry Organizer

Of course, since you don’t have any space anymore, over your pantry door is the right place for your hooks. Actually, hooks will help a lot. You can hang your measuring cup, pots and pans, and even your spices jars. It will store so many items and keep your pantry neat.

However before you can hooks in here, you may need to add several steel strips where your hooks will be at. Adjusting the gap between each layer is probably needed too to cater your need to store items with different length and shape. 

Captain Hooks

7. Never Forget Woven Basket

Woven basket is also a great item to add when you are thinking about the right organizer over your pantry door. A basket can carry all, in which you can literally toss items in it and get over with it. Of course, it will be best to set a basket for one category only. Put label on it.

While it stores a lot, woven baskets actually enrich your pantry look. It naturally looks rustic and natural, and it simply adds a homey and warm feeling in your space. You can actually get an organizer and look at the same time with this.


8. Organizer Rack Never Crack

This rack is available in many types from magnetic to the conventional one. The best thing about this rack is that there is more than one organizer in here. You will get a container for your jars or bottles. You can put your rolled items in here too, while it also has hooks where you can hang as well.

It is commonly compact enough so adding it over your pantry door is totally easy peasy and it actually solves your organizing and storing challenges. 


9. Plastic Organizer Rules!

Of course, you can’t forget this item on the list. Plastic organizer is always a considerable option while it is unexceptionally affordable. You only need to hang it right over your pantry door and it is ready to use.

It commonly comes with a lot of pockets and it fits for a smaller or a bigger item. One pocket is enough for a wine bottle and it can store up to two spice jars at once.


10. Hang Your Rattan Baskets

Like those woven baskets, rattan baskets will be a very helpful organizer. Instead of laying them there somewhere, hang them over the pantry door. Use some hooks and suspender if you need to.

Assign one basket for one category to make it easier for you to store and find your item. It will store a lot and it will look so great anywhere. Your pantry will look chic and very beach cottage.


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