10 Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas That Actually Really Work!

Are you find narrow kitchen cabinet storage ideas? Is it really possible? Well, yes. Storage can be done with an ideal sized or with a narrow one as long as we know how to enhance it with the right organizers and position. If you are eager to learn more, you should check out the following ideas:

1. Narrow Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Every narrow kitchen deserves to have this pull out cabinet. It is narrow too and it can be added even in the slightest gap in your kitchen. The key is on the shelving. There are three shelves in this cabinet, and the middle shelf is the biggest one.

It has storage for the cooking utensils, spices, and more. You can add the same cabinet in your kitchen. Adjust the shelving with your need, making sure it stores items you want to keep in there. If you want to, you can even store your dishes in there by adding the right wire rack for storage.

Pull Out Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas:

Narrow Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Storage
Narrow cabinets for kitchen

2. Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas Under Shelf Wire Basket

This IKEA wire basket is a clip on basket that can be stacked up on your shelf while it will be highly possible to insert and place it under your shelf. The second way needs to be considered because it means more space for you.

We often pile up items just high enough so they won’t fall apart and create a mess, true. But with this kind of basket, you can use that available space under the shelf the right way. Your kitchen can be narrow but your storage is smarter.

Narrow Kitchen Storage Under Shelf Wire Basket
Narrow Kitchen Storage Under Shelf Wire Basket

3. Drawer Shelf for Narrow Kitchen Storage

One of the best ways to optimize the use of space in every corner your kitchen is using the drawer shelf or organizer. It looks like compartments that can be added in each drawer. Each compartment should cater your need to store particular items.

For best result, make sure you know what items go into the drawer, and then take notes on their sizes and shapes. Your drawer shelf or organizer should be made based on this note. Now you can store even more things in one drawer and find them much easier.

Drawer Shelf for Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas:

Drawer Shelf for Narrow Kitchen Storage

4. Add Open Shelves as Kitchen Storage

Considering that your kitchen is narrow, it is extremely important to actually use every inch of wall you have, especially if you have so many to store. With a vacant wall, you can always add open shelves to store things you need to get every day fast.

Don’t be shy on the number of tiers because you can go as high as you want and you can. Items you use the rarest should be on higher tiers, and life will be much easier and cleaner in your kitchen from now on.

Open Shelves Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas:

Creative small kitchen storage with add open shelves
Open narrow shelves for kitchen

5. Dowel Rods Organizers for Kitchen Storage Without Cabinet

Sometimes, you can add even more storage in a space you never think of, like the side of your fridge or kitchen cabinet. It doesn’t have to be something heavy, big, or complicated either. All you need is a couple of dowel rods to attach.

Adding a few tires of these rods also means adding new organizers for your lids, kitchen napkin, and more of your cooking tools. It will be practical for storing and accessing, and it will be a cheap project as well.

Dowel Rods Organizers for Kitchen Storage Without Cabinet
Narrow kitchen wall shelf

6. Narrow Kitchen Storage Ideas with No Space Left Behind

You must not let any space remains unused. For example, there is always a narrow space in front of your kitchen sink. This space can be used as a small drawers or cabinet to put your knick-knacks and smaller items. For best, keep things you use often on the sink in it, so you can grab and store back fast.

It looks simple and anti-mainstream, but it helps in reducing clutters on your counter top. This is good because it also means you have more cooking surface. Every narrow kitchen deserves more cooking surface.  

Narrow space kitchen sink storage ideas
Narrow Kitchen cabinet storage ideas

7. Kitchen Cabinet Storage Crockery Drawer

Storing all the tableware can be space consuming, and this isn’t good for a narrow kitchen. You need more surface for cooking and preparing, and you need to store supplies too in the cabinet. This is when a deep crockery drawer helps.

A deep drawer will store even the widest plate, but you also need organizers in it, like pegs. Moveable pegs are best because you can always modify the position. This makes it possible for you to store all in a great order. Now you have more space and surface all at once.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Crockery Drawer

8. Clear Containers and Label in Small Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Clear containers are must have items in all sizes of kitchen. Store everything in these, and make sure that you get the right sizes too. Yes, you are going to need multiple of sizes to make it work, it helps in keeping the cabinet clean of clutters.

It also needs to be clear containers. Why? It is because you need to see if you still have enough supplies of it. It helps when you are going to shop. For the last touch, label everything. It helps in finding item fast and prevent confusion later.

Clear Containers and Label in Small Kitchen Storage Cabinet
Organizing Narrow kitchen pantry ideas

9. Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Storage with Spice Drawers

If you love cooking so much and you have so many kinds of spices but your kitchen is too narrow for a fancy display, this is an answer to your problems. Store all of your spices in small jars, and arrange them with organizers inside a drawer.

Choose a drawer that is the closest to you when you are cooking, so you only need to pull out the drawer when you need to grab one and to store it back. Don’t forget to label each jar so you don’t grab the wrong one in a hurry.

Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Storage with Spice Drawer

10. Shelf Risers for Kitchen Cabinet Storage

While under shelf organizer help, shelf riser can bring the same function in a different way. Sometimes, a cabinet is high enough but we don’t want to stack things too high. We don’t want the hustle to stack and unstuck truly, not to mention the possible mess it may create when fall down.

To use the entire available space in a shelf, use the risers. It allows you to store things on top of things, but without the hustle when you need to use some of them.

Shelf Risers for Kitchen Cabinet Storage
Shelf Risers kitchen cabinet storage. Image: Pinterest.com

Finally, that is my best think to you about narrow kitchen cabinet storage ideas. For other inspiration, if you have tiny house or small kitchen, maybe you need information about tiny home kitchen storage ideas here.

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