10 Narrow Deep Pantry Solutions to Make It Works!

Narrow and deep are two attributes that make a pantry a little more challenging. It is true if you don’t know the products and ways to handle it. If you have this kind of pantry and you really want to work it out, you may want to take all these narrow deep pantry solutions suggestions:

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1. Small Pantry Solutions with Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

Such pantry needs the entire space ultimately. To make sure we can optimize space usage, we should consider installing floor to ceiling cabinet. It offers more space for storage and it makes sure you can store more.

The most common layout will be u-shape with the middle part is left for traffic space. However, L-shaped is also popular for even a narrower pantry. Just make sure to give a traffic space to access your supply and build your cabinet high with tiers and shelves on it.

How to maximize deep shelves

2. Can Rack with Tiers for Small Kitchen Storage

Stacking cans too high is a big risk, but we can’t waste space in a narrow deep pantry. The best way to solve this situation will be getting one of those can rack with tiers. Can rack will fit in even the narrowest space, and the tiers will help you store vertically to optimize space use.

Besides, this rack helps you to stack cans without messy risks and it will be even easier to get one of the cans too. Now the remaining space can be used for other items, and it will be pleasing to see tidy cans in your pantry.

Can Rack with Tiers for Small Kitchen storage

3. Narrow Pantry Storage Tips, Clear Airtight Canisters

These canisters need to be clear so you can check on your supplies anytime. Even though it is clear, it will be important to label each of them to prevent confusion later when you are in a hurry. Being airtight, it will store your supplies longer as you expect them to be.

Get a set that are stackable so you can free up some more space in your pantry. While it is space saving, it also makes sure you can get things easy and fast every time, and you don’t have to go through a pile of stuffs to get one.

Narrow Pantry Storage Tips, Clear Airtight Canisters

4. Narrow Deep Pantry Solutions with Pull Out Drawers

There are narrow and deep pantries that don’t even allow you to get inside for being so very narrow. If you have this too, it will be best to install pull out drawers in your pantry. Don’t be shy, add multiple of tiers of it.

Besides, pull out drawers help you to store and get things without the need to go inside the pantry, and if you add tiers to the top, you will have plenty of storage to go to. So, Always keep kids friendly items on the below tier for safety.  

Narrow Deep Pantry Solutions with Pull Out Drawers

5. Narrow Deep Pantry Solutions with Stackable Bins

If you already have your pantry cabinet or shelves, you will still need containers for your stuffs. One of the best things will be stackable bins. Bins contain multiple items at once neatly and you can always label them for easy finding.

If they are stackable, you will be able to use each shelf ultimately without wasting any space. Your pantry can be narrow, but these bins will make it possible for you to work the entire pantry. Plus, there are long bins that will actually fit the pantry deep layout.

Narrow Deep Pantry Solutions with Stackable Bins
Pantry solutions for small kitchens. Image: Pinterest.com

6. Pantry Oversized Basket for Small Kitchen Organization

These baskets are also popular items today. They actually fit in narrow and deep layout, but they offer a large space for storing. You may have bigger bottles that can be stacked and maybe other awkwardly shaped items too to store, and these baskets should help.

They can go to the below part of the pantry, or they can go to the top tier if the items are rarely used. Don’t forget to label these baskets so you don’t have to check them one by one just to find one item. 

Pantry Oversized Basket for Small Kitchen Organization
Small pantry storage solutions

7. Deep Pantry Hacks, Don’t Forget the Door

It is highly possible that you have just that much of storage space with a deep narrow pantry. You end up having a few more things that need storage. In this case, you should consider using the back of the pantry door too.

Then, simply add wire baskets, floating shelves, or wall mounted bins vertically on the space. It stores your daily needs items, and it will be easy to get them too. It isn’t expensive to make this addition, and you will love the extra space too.  

Deep Pantry Hacks, Don’t Forget the Door

8. Pantry Ideas, Leave the Lowest Shelf Big

In a deep and narrow pantry, storing your appliances can be a little challenging. Also, their bulky and awkward shapes can be a trouble. However, it is highly possible to solve this by leaving the lowest shelf of your pantry cabinet big.

It makes it easy to store your appliances and bigger miscellaneous baskets down there. The narrow space won’t be a nuisance and getting these things will be easy as well. While it will be practical, it will be safe as well with no heavy things are over our heads. 

Pantry solutions for small spaces

9. Narrow Deep Pantry Solutions with Sliding Ladder

Considering that you will use your available space ultimately, and it also means your cabinet can be ceiling high, you need a solution to access the upper shelves. The best answer to this challenge will be a ladder.

A ladder is slim so it fits in a narrow space. It will also fit a deep space when you make sure it slides. While it is space saving it also helps in getting things easier and safer. If you have cabinets on both of your pantry walls, it won’t hurt to add two ladders or an detachable one.

Narrow Deep Pantry Solutions with Sliding Ladder

10. Risers, Under Shelf, and Holder for Small Kitchen Pantry

Get rich on these items. Riser helps you to stack things without the need to stack too many too high. It means you are free of the hustle when you need one particular item. Under shelf is the best help to use the upper space of a shelf by adding drawer attached to the under shelf above.

Meanwhile holder will organize things in best arrangement so each space is used ultimately. Each shelf will be efficient, and you can free up more space for other things in such narrow pantry.

Risers, Under Shelf, and Holder for Small Kitchen Pantry

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