Best 10 Narrow Cupboard Storage Ideas that are Good Looking!

Do you have only a narrow space for your cupboard storage? No worries. There are actually many narrow cupboards that still make a nice and stylish storage at the same time. It can work in your kitchen or any other part of the house. Take a look at these fun narrow cupboard storage ideas below.

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1. Pull Out Utility Narrow Cupboard Storage Ideas

Your kitchen deserves one like this. This is a very narrow one, and it can be built just near your sink to make it even more convenient. It is narrow enough, but if you complete it with shelves and maybe rod to hang your napkins and sheets, it will be an ideal one.

On the top shelves, you can store your small items like brushes and all, while the lower shelf can store the solutions bottles and extra products too. So, now everything is stored well and it will be easy to find and grab them too.

Pull Out Utility Narrow Cupboard Storage Ideas
Narrow cupboards. Image:

2. Small Appliances Cupboard Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you have this narrow of space in your kitchen, you should consider transforming it into a small appliances cupboard. It can goes from your floor to the ceiling for space efficiency, and make sure to add tiers of shelf for it.

The shelves help you store more items on it. While you use only a narrow space, you can actually clear your counter top effortlessly. With everything has its own place, your kitchen will be a lot more efficient and effective at the same time. Besides, you can always DIY this cupboard if you are up to it.

Small Appliances Cupboard Kitchen Storage Ideas
Narrow cupboard with doors

3. Narrow Side of Cabinet Cupboard

Don’t waste any space. That is the rule for any space and home. If you in need for one additional cupboard for your utilities, you can use your side of cabinet for it. Build one, a narrow one, and complete it with any organizer you may need.

This cabinet has hooks in it so you can hang the cleaning tools, and it has shelf too to store your solutions bottles. Now these items won’t just clutter anywhere in the house. So, it will be easy to find them, and they get their own place for storing too.

Narrow Side of Cabinet Cupboard

4. Narrow Cabinet with Divider

Have you ever think of this idea before? It is actually really brilliant. You can use a narrow space and make a nice small cupboard on it. Because it is really narrow, it will fit best for slim items in your kitchen.

With divider, this cupboard is great for storing your cutting boards, baking sheets, pots and pans lids, and more slim but wide items. Simply slide them on each space, and you just organize the toughest item in the kitchen. You can even store more if you use both divider and shelf in it.

Narrow cupboard cabinet storage with divider
Narrow cupboard cabinet storage with divider

5. Narrow Cupboard Daily Cooking Drawer

It is important to keep most used items near and close to your range. It is why people tend to let some of the spices out, some pasta, flour, and more. They need it for daily cooking and they don’t want the hustle to dig into the pantry all the time. Sure, this clutters.

To solve the clutters, you deserve this little and narrow cupboard. It has drawers to store your spices, pastas and flour, as well as your cooking oil and vinegars. The drawers are clear to make it easier to find things, and it is just close to you.

Narrow Cupboard Daily Cooking Drawer

6. Cupboard of It All for Small Space Kitchen

This cupboard uses only a narrow space in the kitchen, but it is surely a large space of storage. It is built tall, from the floor to the ceiling, and it is on a pull out design to make it easy to access. The cupboard is completed with several tiers of shelf with wire fences on it.

It can store all your breakfast needs, and it can even store almost all your cooking supplies in here. It will be neat all the time effortlessly, and your kids can find their snack fast without ruining the pantry.

Narrow corner cupboard
Narrow corner cupboard

7. Herbs and Spices Cupboard Storage

This narrow cupboard storage ideas is a nice addition to any kitchen especially one belongs to an avid home cook. So, this cupboard is usually built near to the stove to make it convenient and easy to grab them fast.

The shelves and raiser make it possible to store a lot amount of herbs and spices containers, and it still have more spaces for the oils and vinegars too. It doesn’t take a lot of space in the kitchen but it does store a lot in it. Wonderful.

Very narrow cupboard storage ideas for small kitchen
Very narrow cupboard storage ideas for small kitchen

8. Narrow Utility Cupboard

This is another idea of how you utility cupboard can be in your kitchen. It is a narrow one, so it doesn’t use a lot of space in your kitchen. However, it caters your need for storing space. As you can see, you can hang the brooms and all on one of the cupboard walls.

The solutions and small items can go into the wire organizer below. So that, now the entire awkward shaped tools and utilities are stored properly. Plus, getting and storing them will be a breeze now.

Narrow Utility Cupboard

9. Tableware Narrow Cupboard Storage Ideas

People commonly store their tableware in a drawer, but it doesn’t mean they can get into a narrow cupboard. To the contrary, this cupboard makes just a decent place for them. So, the cupboard has several drawers.

Each drawer has organizer in it that divides the space that fit the tableware. Everything has its own place now, making it easy to store and making it fast to find them too. Plus, this cupboard is tall enough for multiple tiers drawers for each of your seasonal or themed tableware.

Tableware Narrow Cupboard Storage Ideas

10. Wine Narrow Cupboard Storage Ideas

Of course, each bottle of wine doesn’t need a lot of space for storing. In fact, a narrow cupboard will suffice. This open cupboard is an excellent example. It is very narrow that the width is enough for a bottle.

There are tiers of shelves so each bottle can go into one. You can store multiple bottles with the height while storing and finding a bottle will be a breeze. 

Wine Narrow Cupboard Storage Ideas

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