Great Long Narrow Cabinet with Doors to Transform Your Room Sophistication

One among a few things that can transform a room look instantly is the long narrow cabinet with doors. It can be the long and tall one, or a long horizontal one. They don’t only add your storage potential, but also add style in your interior. These cabinets will explain you why and how:

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1. Farmhouse Style in Grey

This cabinet offers one of the most enchanting farmhouse looks. The cabinet is finished in soft grey with washed and brushed detailing to give the real old and distressed accent. It gives the room a fresh accent with subtle stability too.

This firm looking cabinet offers three doors that cover two layers of shelves in the interior. Above this part, there are also three drawers to store smaller items. The combination of the shelves and the drawers create a complete and subtle look, giving this cabinet a real high value.

Farmhouse style in grey cabinet with doors

2. Floating Piece Long Narrow Cabinet with Doors

It is probably one of the most featured when it comes to modern interior. This long narrow cabinet has six doors on it, and each door covers the two and three layers of shelves. Of course, with this length, storage capacity is enormous that you will be thrilled.

The cabinet is finished in sleek white paint to give it a bright and modern style. The top is finished in wooden shade to get the cabinet a warm and welcoming look, which is often needed in a simple and cold modern piece. Plus, it is a floating cabinet that is so in trend today.

Floating Piece Long Narrow Cabinet with Doors
Long narrow cabinet with doors. Image:

3. Simple Humble

If you want to add such cabinet in a modern or chic room, this cabinet makes the best candidate. It features only two doors, and behind each door, there are two shelves hide. The shelves should be more than enough for storage, and accessibility is awesome in this simple design.

Nothing is too complicated or sophisticated in this cabinet. It is just in a humble line but it makes the best part of the cabinet. It looks clean and new. It is fresh and easy to fit anywhere. And it looks stylish effortlessly.

Simple humble long narrow cabinet with doors

4. Bold Blue Glam

This cabinet is perfection. First, it is finished in a dark blue shade for the three cabinet doors, while the side and top of it is finished in matte black. This combination alone is dope, and added with the vintage royal shape, this cabinet is totally stylish and elegant.

This dark and bold style is then enriched with gold handles which actually is the reason behind its total glam look. Its golden feet only emphasize the extravagant finish on this piece, making the cabinet a perfect centerpiece of the room.

Bold blue glam long narrow cabinet

5. Black and Gold Elegance

Gold is no longer a color that can be matched with classic details only. Instead, it can be glamorous in a modern way. This long and narrow cabinet features three doors and the entire surface is finished in matte black to add the modern style.

Each door covers two interior shelves and accessibility is made easy with these gold handles. The handles have the same finish as the cabinet feet, which make the entire combination an elegant one with bold feeling and modern taste. The textured finish on the doors though, so sophisticated.

Black and gold elegance cabinet with doors

6. Fun Scandinavian Long Narrow Cabinet with Doors

Scandinavian is a favorite style in today’s modern house. As the other Scandinavian pieces, this long and narrow cabinet offers a simple line of design. There is nothing complicated on the shape, and the finish is made even simpler.

This white cabinet features two doors to hide the interior shelves. A modern rectangular handle is added on each door for accessibility, and the entire structure is supported by its four wooden legs. The combination of white and wooden finish makes this cabinet a fresh and casual one. It should be easy to fit it with the rest of the room.

Fun Scandinavian Long Narrow Cabinet with Doors

7. Modern in Wooden

Everything in this cabinet is wood, from the material to the finish. The top and side is finished in natural wooden shade. The cabinet features two doors. One of them is finished in brown wooden finished and the other one is finished in white to keep it light and bright.

The cabinet also features three drawers and only the top one is finished in white. The modern design line makes a cute and refreshing combination paired with wood. Nothing is heavy on this cabinet appearance, and storage potential is as great as the accessibility.

Narrow cabinet with doors modern in wooden

8. Retro Cabinet with Modern Twist

Of course, this shape is also popular during the 70’s but this cabinet appears with fun and refreshing twist. Instead of finished in funky colors, this one is finished in black. The two cabinet doors get gold handle each, just the drawers on the left.

This modern black color is then paired with gold feet in which gold is a more popular shade in today’s modern style. The combination of retro and modern is a successful one in this piece, offering you a unique and attractive look to add.

Retro cabinet with modern twist

9. Tosca for a Touch of Summer Fun

This long and narrow cabinet has this striking finish that will catch your eye and attention immediately. There is nothing complicated on the overall design. It is a long cabinet with two doors hiding four interior shelves and three drawers. Small and round feet are added for balance.

The most interesting part of this long narrow cabinet is its tosca finish. Every inch of the surface is finished in the same color, making this piece a fun, fresh, and bold piece at the same time. Sure, based on the design, it is a great addition for a modern room, but a vintage room will be a great pair too.

Tosca long narrow cabinet with doors

10. Plain and Neat Long Narrow Cabinet with Doors

IKEA has done a good job on this one. This long narrow cabinet features three parts, and each part has a pair of door. Behind the door, hide two shelves which make a plenty storage for you. For each two doors, there is a round handle to access the shelves.

The simple design is supported by steel slim feet which are tall enough. The line is sharp and there is nothing complicated about this cabinet, including the mono color finish for this piece. 

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