Learn: DIY Home Décor Bathroom Small Houses

Last time you check on the bathroom, how do you feel? Is the space only there to keep the toilet, shower, vanity and tub? It could be the tool to bring up the spirit, helping you to start the day. Don’t worry, the cost won’t be high, since you are going to make them all by yourself. Here DIY home decor bathroom ideas for you.

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1. Towel Holder

A limited space bathroom is not an excuse for the absence of the towel holder. Letting it lay on the floor or the vanity is not an option to take. It will make a messy pile; an eyesore for everyone. Therefore, a simple towel holder should be a great way to solve the problem.

Before starting the process, find the supplies first. You will need a wooden ring, golden colored coating paint, clear seal, leather, screw and brass. The wooden ring and leather could be found in the thrift store. The ring is taken from the old vintage bag and the leather from the worn out belt. The other supplies could be bought in the supermarket or building store.

First, prepare the wooden ring. The old ring need to be sanded, making the surface smooth. For the new wooden ring, don’t forget to remove the extensive hook. Then, paint the ring gold. It could be done with a spray or the liquid product. After allowing the painted ring to rest for a minute, spray the clear coat. Apply it evenly to prevent stain.

The next step is attaching the leather. Glue both ends with super glue and allow to dry. Finally, it is time to install the towel holder. Use screw and brass to nail the leather part to the wall. After hammering session, don’t forget to double check whether the screw is mounted perfectly.

Wooden towel holder bathroom small spaces
DIY home decor bathroom ideas. Image: Pinterest.com

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2. Ombre Dyed Tea Towel

It must be boring to see all white in the bathroom. Although the color is great to show cleanliness, a splash of color will surely helps to brighten the mood. Luckily, the ombre style is not hard to apply. Go get the materials and you can start right away!

So, what are the materials? The items you need to buy is the white tea towel (if you don’t have it yet), cloth dye and the gloves. The rest of them (metal spoon and plastic bucket) could be found in the house. For the dye color, it is up to your taste. However, don’t buy too many colors at once. Take one color first. If it works well, then you could make more ombre towel with different colors.

If the tea towel is recently purchased, then you need to wash it first. Usually, the new fabric is protected with certain chemical agent which prevent the dye to be absorbed. Then, it is time to prepare the dye. Make sure to follow the instruction on the back of the packet powder. Use glass instead of the bucket to mix the thick dye liquid. Stir well using metal spoon.

The next step is the dyeing itself. Fill the bucket with water and pour about half of the thick liquid in. After the liquid blends with the water, dip half of the tea towel. Allow the rest of the tea towel to hang outside of the bucket. The goal is to get light color on the middle and gradually darker color in the bottom. After one minute, slightly pull the towel. Repeat this until the third minute.

Now, pour the whole thick dye liquid into the bucket. Repeat the pulling process until all the towel parts are removed from the bucket. Next, rinse the fabric under warm water and gradually turn into cold water. Wait until the water is clear. Let the tea towel dries. Iron it nicely and hang it on the wall.

Ombre Dyed Tea Towel Bathroom decor ideas on a budget for small spaces
Image: diyprojects.com

3. Ocean Candles

For a small bathroom, the decoration should also be small as well. The ocean candles are actually the shell candles. They are easy enough to make and have many shapes to make. Also, these shells look good with or without color spray. A way to go for the pretty bathroom!

The basic supplies for this project are shells, candle wax and wicks. If you want to have the colorful shells, then add color spray to the list. First of all, make sure the shells are clean. Check again for the fine dust or sand in the creek of the shells. Pick the ones with the deepest frame to allow longer lighting. Then, it is time to spray the shells with some colors of your pick.

Now heat up the wax. While waiting, put the shells on top of the empty egg cartoon to hold them in place. Then, bring the wicks to the middle part of the shell. Pour the melted wax inside it. Make sure to hold the wicks so it won’t sink. Allow it to dry for several minutes.

Shells candle decor ideas for bathroom small space DIY

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4. Mason Jar Sconces

Another way to add colors and texture to the bathroom is the wall decoration. Aside from the decoration, the sconces could also hold several toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. It is also a great project, since the materials might be found in the house.

The supplies for this project are reclaimed wood, small mason jars, and leather belt. If the wood is a little bit shady, then add the wood coating spray to the list. Start the process from the wood. Attach the belt to the wood, after measuring the width of the mason jar. Don’t forget to attach the hook at the back as well.

Next, get the wood on the wall and slip a pad as protection. Put the mason jar in the belt. Then, some flowers could be added to the jars. Don’t forget to add some water to keep them fresh!

It is not hard to add personalized items, really! The only things to have is some willingness to do the process.  No need to look for the ideas, since they have been provided for you. Just simply find the materials and you can start. The best of luck for you!

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