Inspiring 10 Kitchen Worktop Space Saving Ideas. Amazing!

Having a clean and cleared worktop in the kitchen is always appreciated. It allows you more space to work on, and it is always easier to make the kitchen more efficient this way. But those clutters on the countertop though. In case you are in need for space saving ideas, these kitchen worktop space saving ideas will do:

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1. Kitchen Space Saver Ideas with A Giant Worktop Riser

A riser is a very common organizer to add in a shelf. It allows you to use one space in more tiers you added with it. This riser is no different. It allows you use the available space more optimally by adding tiers to use.

This giant riser is an appropriate size for the worktop. It allows you to store dishware you often use on it. While it makes sure there are more vacant spaces on your worktop, the vertical space is all used for storage. It does more on the same space which is great.

Nice kitchen worktop space saving ideas
Space saving kitchen rack

2. Worktop Ideas Multi Tier Corner Unit

This cute little thing actually works more than you ever think. It is best put in the corner to match its design and to make it real space saving. While it swipes off clutters from your worktop, this unit adds extra tiers for storage in your kitchen.

This time, you will store vertically, making sure that the small space can work more and store more. It is anti slip and it has the gorgeous combination of metal and wooden for modern and rustic style at the same time.

Worktop Ideas Multi Tier Corner Unit
Kitchen space saving ideas. Image:

3. Kitchen Worktop Space Saving Ideas with Awkward Corner Shelves

Even an awkward corner in your kitchen can be an efficient space. One of the best space saving ideas for this area will be open shelves. It is easy to add. It is flexible, and it can be made custom to fit the awkward corner.

With the shelves you can maximize the way you use the available space. It is still the same awkward and small space, but it store more now, and you don’t waste any surface for clutters.

Awkward Corner Shelves

4. Kitchen Worktop Wall Mounted Dishware Rack

This is probably one of the best ideas in this list. Instead of stacking your dishware on your worktop, or using plate racks on your worktop, a wall mounted rack will be more space saving. It allows you to use the vacant wall efficiently.

The shelves are made specifically to accommodate and store the plates and bowls. They also add several hooks under the below shelf to hang mugs and cups on it. Somehow, it really looks like a display but it is also an efficient rack. 

Kitchen Worktop Wall Mounted Dishware Rack

5. Kitchen Worktop Space Saving Ideas with Open Shelves

Of course, open shelves need to be added on this list. Open shelves offer many storage space if you are willing to go higher. While it can offer more at the same small space, it is also flexible. You can put almost everything on it with appropriate size.

Adding open shelves over your worktop will not only be space saving, but it makes a practical and efficient work flow as well. Keep the necessities on these shelves near you. It keeps you productive while it saves some worktop space for you at the same time.

Kitchen Worktop Space Saving Ideas with Open Shelves
Space saving shelves for kitchen

6. Upper Cabinet and Shelves

If you have a vacant wall over your worktop, why don’t you save some cooking surface by adding upper cabinet and shelves? The potential storage space will reduce the amount of items on your countertop instantly while they are still within your reach.

The combination of both will make a powerful and efficient system. Open shelves are for items you need to use every day and every time. Items on the cabinet are items you need to store carefully and you use it a little less than the other.

Upper Cabinet and Shelves
Space saving ideas for small kitchens

7. Tall Wooden Open Cabinet for Kitchen Worktop Space Saving Ideas

You only need a narrow wall space but you desperately need a good space saving idea to apply? Get one of these wooden open cabinets. This cabinet is especially tall even though it is narrow enough. Therefore, it can offer a lot storing space in such small space.

While its rustic look is totally charming and stylish, this open cabinet solves the problem. All the clutters can be organized and stored in here. Meanwhile, getting this item every time will be just a breeze as well. It is really efficient.

Tall Wooden Open Cabinet
Space saving racks for kitchen

8. Cooking Utensils Hanger Kitchen Worktop

This is a must item. While you can always use a container or a small rack to put on your worktop, hang them is so much more space saving. It reduces the clutters, it frees up some space on the worktop, and it still offers accessibility for you.

You can get a special rack with a lot of hooks to hang these utensils. In alternative, you can DIY it by adding hooks under your upper cabinet or over your worktop with the help of steel bar. It is simple but it works like wonder.

Cooking Utensils Hanger Kitchen Worktop
Space saving kitchen storage ideas

9. More Baskets for Small Kitchen Space Saving

Above your upper cabinet is actually a potential storage space. If you are willing to organize more, you will clear up your worktop from clutters and too many items. Use baskets, container, or other organizers to keep items you rarely used. Put them over the upper cabinet.

Now the entire space is used efficiently. Most needed items are within reach, other items are on the cabinet, and items you rarely used are just within your reach too, and none of them is on the worktop. It is not only efficient, but it is smart and satisfying too.

More Baskets for Small Kitchen Space Saving
Space saving kitchen storage

10. Kitchen Worktop Organized Drawers

It has been widely recommended recently because it actually helps like a lot. Your drawers can be small, but using the right organizers, it can store so many items you usually put on your worktop. From spices to knife and cutleries, your drawer is the right place to store them.

Add organizers so you can store them in group and categories, and you will find that one drawer can actually store so much. Plus, it keeps them clean of dust while they are still within your reach. Accessibility is wonderful here.

Kitchen Worktop Organized Drawers

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